Leçon inaugurale de l'Executive Programme en Immobilier 2018/2019

Jean-Paul Loozen, Academic Director Exec. Programme en Immobilier 10/10/2018
Plus de 150 personnes étaient présentes à Kanal Centre Pompidou le 9 octobre pour la Leçon inaugurale de l'Executive Programme en Immobilier 2018/2019.
L'allocution de rentrée par Jean-Paul Loozen, Directeur Académique, fut suivie d'un exposé par Yves Goldstein, Directeur Fondation Kanal, sur les enjeux et perspectives du futur projet de musée.
L'Executive Programme en Immobilier rempli cette année encore la classe puisque 51 participants venants de tous horizons (architectes, juristes, real state...
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Information and Cyber Security Professional Certification

Georges Ataya, Professor & Academic Director at the Solvay Brussels School 22/10/2018 IT

This month, the WHITE PAPER of the European Cyber Security Organisation came out, with a special focus on the Information and Cyber Security Professional Certification and Education.

We are happy to see our school proudly representing Belgium among other countries as a leading education and expert in Information Security and Cyber Security certifying top professionals in five domains of knowledge with three modules each. The major concept behind these modules relies on Digital Trust and Transformation founded...

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La Formation Professionnelle au Coeur de la BMMA et à Charleroi

Philippe Biltiau, Academic Director, Solvay Brussels School 07/09/2018 Marketing

Depuis 27 ans, la BMMA (Belgian Management Marketing Association), la Solvay Brussels School et Havas, organisent un Executive Master en Digital Marketing et Communication.

Ce programme de 17 jours étalé de novembre à mai est actualisé chaque année de répondre aux demandes des participants soucieux de se perfectionner dans les nouvelles technologies du digital au sein du marketing et de la communication. 

Grande nouveauté: la formation sera accessible en français à Charleroi. 

Pour lire le reste de...

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L’essor des espaces de travails digitaux: Quand la technologie, la culture et les comportements s’entremêlent

Isabel De Clercq, Lecturer Exec. Programme en Transformation Digitale, Founder connect|share|lead 24/08/2018 Innovation

A l’ère du numérique et de la digitalisation, les technologies et les comportements humains ne peuvent plus être perçus comme des éléments distincts. Plus que jamais, nous disposons d'une diversité d'outils digitaux qui nous permettent de transformer radicalement notre manière de faire les choses au quotidien : nos façons de consommer, travailler, se divertir, explorer sont complètement bouleversées. Notre société, nos cultures et nos organisations s’en retrouvent transformées.

Si auparavant nous associons...

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What is it like to be an Executive Master student in International Association Management?

Asja Kamenica, Programme Manager EMIAM, Solvay Executive Education 27/06/2018 Management

Master the international association management techniques with Solvay Executive Education!

Following an Executive Master in International Association Management (EMIAM), you will have the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills required to face the daily management challenges, and to grasp the main fundamental strategic and functional areas in management. The programme also allows you to share the best practices across the association sector.

The HQ Magazine, our trusted partner, interviewed a couple...

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Finalisation of Basel III regulation

Tommy De Temmerman, Policy Officer, Bank Regulation & Supervision at DG FISMA 06/06/2018 Finance

You have heard of the Basel III regulation on banks introduced after the 2007 financial crisis. You may even have heard of the so-called Basel III finalisation (called by some Basel IV) package of rules that pitched European versus US banks' interests.

Check the short note on the subject by Tommy De Temmerman, who follows these issues at the European Commission, as Policy Officer, Bank Regulation and Supervision at DG FISMA and co-teaches with Mario Nava, the course of European Integration and Bank...

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Break through the glass ceiling and be the actor of your future

Elke Robbrecht, EMBA Alumni at the SBS-EM 15/05/2018 Management

A civil engineer by training, Elke Robbrecht first began working in energy, a sector she finds it fascinating but following an MBA at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, enabled her to take her career in a new direction - business and finance.

Learn everything about the tipping point in Elke's career in our new article.

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"L'Executive Master in Management m'a permis d'élargir mon horizon et ma façon de penser"

Mehdi Mellah, Avocat-Associé, Holmes Kirby, Participant 2016/2017 27/02/2018 Management
  • Quelle est votre impression de l'EMM ?

Rien n’est laissé au hasard : comme le programme s’appuie essentiellement sur le travail en groupes et moins sur les cours ex cathedra on pourrait croire que les participants sont laissés à eux-mêmes, mais rien n’est moins vrai. Il y a une vraie logique derrière, façonnée sans aucun doute au cours des années, qui pousse les participants à sortir des sentiers battus.

  • Si vous deviez retenir 3 choses, quelles seraient-elles ?

La diversité et la richesse des...

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Développer une Culture Analytique

Martine George, Academic Director, Executive Programme in Business Analytics 26/02/2018 Business Analytics

Le business analytics est devenu si important tant pour la prise de décision que pour la découverte de nouvelles idées, que de nombreux dirigeants d’entreprises voudraient maintenant l’étendre à l’entreprise toute entière. De nombreuses organisations renforcent leurs ressources technologiques pour devenir plus analytiques et adaptent leurs politiques de recrutement afin d’attirer davantage de talents dans ce domaine.

Malgré ce désir grandissant d’adopter l’analytique par le biais de nouvelles technologies et...

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Value Creation in an Integrated Approach

Roxana-Emanuela Dude, Account Manager of Company-Specific Programmes 15/02/2018 Leadership, Management

In November and December 2017, the Company-Specific Programmes department of Solvay Executive Education and BESIX Group co-created and organised a series of dynamic workshops, part of the Unleash Design Bootcamp

This initiative reunited and encouraged professionals from across different departments in the group to interact, generate ideas and find creative solutions to real-life common challenges in their areas of concern. The Besix Bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for them to rise to challenges and...

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Trainings for professionals: 3 success factors you should not overlook

Olivier Witmeur, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the SBS-EM 07/12/2017 Management

As any good HR manager, you have probably spent a long time assessing the needs of your management teams in order to identify the right skills and training objectives.

You evaluated timeless and promising proposals from several specialised institutions, business schools, and universities. But here is one question:

Do you have any certainty that the new skills your team learns will be applied from day one when they come back?

To answer this question, you will have to take a step back and look at the big...

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Quelle est la différence entre collaboration et coopération?

Alain Goudsmet, Director of Mentally Fit Institute, Conférencier EMM 16/01/2018 Management

Comment susciter les dynamiques collectives intra-team et inter-team ?

Regardez la vidéo d'Alain Goudsmet et découvrez la différence entre les notions de collaboration et de coopération au sein de l'entreprise. 


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8 good reasons to take an Executive Education Management programme

Asja Kamenica, Programme Manager at the Solvay Executive Education 09/01/2018 Management

Now more than ever, the continuing education plays a crucial role in the development of our lifelong learning skills. It represents a perfect opportunity for all working professionals, managers of organizations and heads of departments to discover new key areas of management capable of propelling them even further in their career.

Read the article « 8 good reasons to take an Executive Education Management programme « to discover how a professional training can help you take your career to the next level!


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It's not just digital and it's not only transformation

Alex Papanastassiou, Integration Manager at Emakina Group, Guest Lecturer at SBS-EM 20/12/2017 Innovation

Over the course of the past few years, we've been witnessing a growing interest in the impacts of digital on companies and on human societies in general. We see considerable attention on technology and tools presented as outside the realm of and independent from culture. There is also considerable focus on the idea of transformation and on the ways in which it can be achieved to help businesses and institutions remain relevant in what is often referred to as the digital era. However, the challenge facing...

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10 Takeaways from the 2017 Lisboa Web Summit

John Metselaar, Professor of Management Practice in “Leading Innovation” 01/12/2017 Innovation

"I recently attended the Web Summit in Lisbon - a 60.000-attendees, week-long, full immersion into "The New Digital"!

This extraordinary annual event proved to be an eye-opening experience so much that I decided to summarize my top-10 impressions in a blog:


  1. The “tech world” is a parallel universe!

The average age of the 59,000+ participants must have been around 30 years old. At 56 I felt slightly out of place but got over it quickly! It soon became crystal clear to me that the current generation’s...

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Cybercriminality: From rule-based to anomaly detection

Sandro Sinigaglia, Topic leader & lecturer, Executive Master in Information Security Management 30/11/2017 IT

Watch our video and find out how to protect your assets against cyber-attacks using 3 key steps!

To protect our businesses, we need to know very well our landscape and apply the best practices and strategies in our fight against hackers, cybercriminals and even nation states who might use our information to their own advantage:

  1. Prevent: prepare in advance a defense model
  2. Detect: identify what you could omit or not handle very well
  3. Respond: act in case of the attack.

If you have an interest in such hot...

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"Quand la Philo s'en Mêle"

Philippe Biltiau, Academic Director at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management 08/11/2017

Le journaliste Fabrice Lambert s'est intéressé à notre Executive Programme en Management et Philosophies et à l'apport de la philosophie aux pratiques managériales. Il en a fait l'objet principal de son article intitulé "Quand la philo s'en mêle" paru dans le magazine Trends Tendances du 19 octobre 2017.

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What is Revenues in the Marketing Canvas?

Laurent Bouty, Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing, Transformative CMO, Consultant 19/10/2017 Marketing

In his article, Laurent Bouty, the Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, highlights the importance of revenues in your marketing strategy as they are highly influenced by the Total Experience you give to your customers/clients. The stronger your Total Experience is, the most revenues you can generate in the long run. 

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Discover the new version of Marketing Canvas

Laurent Bouty, Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing, Transformative CMO, Consultant 28/09/2017 Marketing

Laurent Bouty, Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, explores in his article the key concepts and dimensions of the new version of Marketing Canvas: MARKETING CANVAS 2.0. 


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Maîtriser l'approche client dans l’ère digitale

Benjamin Beeckmans, Professor of Entrepreneurship & Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication 12/10/2017 Marketing

Benjamin Beeckmans, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management and also at the Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, explains us the module "From Place to Access" which deals primarily with the necessary coordination between the online and the in-store customer.

See the full article. 

Published in "La Libre Entreprise" – Saturday, October 7, 2017


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La Dream Team

Alain Goudsmet, Directeur du Mentally Fit Institute, Conférencier EMM 10/10/2017 Management

Alain Goudsmet, chargé de conférences à l'Executive Master in Management (EMM) et Directeur du Mentally Fit Institute introduit le concept de Dream Team pour une organisation. Il y définit également la différence entre le leadership et le membership 

Pour plus d'informations, visionnez notre vidéo.

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GROW through Value-Focused Marketing

Jean-Pierre Aerts, Professor of Executive Master in International Association Management , Solvay Executive Education 02/10/2017 Marketing

What is marketing ?

Surprisingly, few people know how to correctly answer this question. Most believe that marketing is communication, though communication is only a tiny fraction of it. By going back to the origin of the word, we understand that MARKETING is choosing a MARKET and doING what is needed to impact it.

MARKET-ING, therefore, involves a vast number of management disciplines in which you might get lost, unless you have a powerful methodology to coordinate everyone's efforts.


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Comment la méthode des cas de l'EMM m'a aidé à évoluer sur le plan professionnel

Nicolas Rogiez, Area Director, Engie 29/08/2017 Management

La méthode des cas telle qu’appliquée lors de l’EMM est surprenante. Partant d’une méthode connue, la déclinaison de cette dernière selon deux angles différents a été pour moi une véritable remise en question.

Le premier angle, la résolution du cas en travail personnel a créé avant tout l’obligation de remettre en question toutes sortes d’acquis.
Les cas balayent des sujets et contextes si variés qu’ils forcent à sortir de sa zone de confort, autant que de son domaine d’activité. Il faut alors tenter...

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The FNF: Bridging the Art and Science of Financial Management

Dr. Dominique Eggermont MD, Senior Medical Advisor, JV NOVARKA – Chernobyl New Safe Confinement 15/09/2017 Finance

It is difficult for me to explain how ‘intellectually starved’ I was before cherishing the mental challenge this programme represents. Not only have I come to grasp the basic tenets of finance, but this Course has generated in me a new hunger for knowledge in the field of Financial Management.

The programme faculty come from diverse backgrounds, with different interests and experiences both professionally and academically. Its approach not only shows a tremendously high standard of professionalism but also,...

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Can a CISO act as a DPO?

Georges Ataya, Academic Director IT, InfoSecurity, GDPR Management Education 14/09/2017 IT

The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes, in certain cases, the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Public and private sector organizations are struggling with the need for them to create an additional responsibility or merge it with the existing Chief Information Security Officer function (CISO). When responding to interrogations, I regularly advise the inquirer to verify three basic criteria:

The first involves the availability of an overall CISO, driving Information...

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Innovation: The Driver of Growth in an Organization

John Metselaar, Professor of Management Practice in “Leading Innovation” 25/09/2017 Innovation

Innovation stays at the base of growth in every organization.

It has never been more important to innovate in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Making a company more innovative means working on four key pillars: Leadership, Strategy, Process & Culture.

In this video, John Metselaar, Professor of Management Practice in “Leading Innovation” and former Head of Innovation at Procter & Gamble Belgium, explains the main drivers and benefits of implementing innovation within an...

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L'athlète d'Entreprise

Alain Goudsmet, Directeur du Mentally Fit Institute 14/09/2017 Management

Alain Goudsmet, conférencier à L'Executive Master in Management et Directeur du Mentally fit Institute, explique comment le manager peux améliorer ses performances au travail en retrouvant le sens de son travail

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