Solvay Executive MBA: 10 Key Highlights You Need to Know About

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional classroom teaching alone is no longer enough. At Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, we believe in the power of lifelong learning and learner-centred education (LCE). Our Executive MBA programme goes beyond the ordin...

Tena Krmpotić |Author

Tena is the Programme Manager of the Executive MBA at Solvay Brussels School.

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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional classroom teaching alone is no longer enough. At Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, we believe in the power of lifelong learning and learner-centred education (LCE). Our Executive MBA programme goes beyond the ordinary, providing a transformative educational journey designed to shape well-rounded, visionary leaders. Join us as we explore the key highlights that make the Solvay Executive MBA experience truly exceptional.

1. Experiential Learning and Lifelong Learning Journey

Experience a dynamic learning environment where theoretical concepts meet practical application. Engage in case studies, simulations, and real-world projects that challenge you to apply your knowledge to actual business scenarios. Moreover, our commitment to lifelong learning extends beyond certification. After completing the programme, you can select three additional courses from our MBA catalogue at no extra cost, allowing you to continue your quest for knowledge. 

2. Building Lasting Connections

Network, network, network! At Solvay Brussels School, we understand the power of connections. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to forge invaluable relationships with fellow classmates, top-level speakers, and industry experts.

    • Our business lunch series brings top-level speakers into your classroom. Connecting with leading experts has never been easier.
    • Become part of the alumni network of over 37.000 people from day one and meet like-minded individuals during our annual gathering, the Solvay MBA Day.

3. Focus on Sustainability

At Solvay, we believe in learning for a better world. Through our Sustainability Lab, you will contribute to your corporate or socio-economic environment using a problem-based learning approach. In addition, as part of our sustainability policy, our United Nations' SDG Scholarships reward change makers whose actions contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Join us in making a meaningful impact and shaping a sustainable future.

 4. International Exposure and Enriching Study Tours

Immerse yourself in a highly international environment, with participants and faculty hailing from over 20 different nationalities. Expand your global perspective through enriching study tours in Munich, the thriving hub of European entrepreneurship, as well as in Brazil and Mexico. These study tours, conducted in collaboration with esteemed institutions like Insper and Ipade, offer unparalleled international exposure and an opportunity to gain insights into diverse business landscapes. 

5. Personalised Support and Career Advancement

Our Career Advancement Programme is designed to focus on your individual growth. With the guidance of a dedicated personal coach, the support of your classmates, and the vast network of Solvay Schools Alumni, we ensure that everything falls into place for your success. Uncover your unique leadership style, refine your skills, and emerge ready to make a transformative impact in your chosen field.

6. Executive-Friendly, Intimate Classes

We understand the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. That's why our Executive MBA programme is designed to take place over one extended weekend every three weeks for a period of 18 months. This flexible schedule allows you to pursue your MBA without compromising your professional and personal commitments.

This is also coupled with a small, focused classroom approach, making sure you benefit from a personalised approach from the both Team and Faculty.

7. The Advisory and Corporate & Venture Strategy Lab

Experience the transformative power of our Advisory and Corporate & Venture Strategy Lab. Building upon the skills acquired in your Core classes, these labs provide an immersive platform to delve into the realms of innovation, sustainability, and strategy. It's your chance to embrace experimentation, unleash creativity, and bring your ideas to life as practical business solutions. Seize this opportunity to test, explore, and refine concepts, transforming mere ideas into tangible outcomes that drive meaningful impact.

8. Higher Earning Potential

While earning potential varies depending on factors such as industry, job role, and experience, an MBA can increase your market value and open doors to highly rewarding positions. Based on our EMBA employability statistics survey of 2022, which indicates an impressive overall annual salary increase of 39% and a 58% promotion rate, we can confidently assert that pursuing an EMBA has the potential to propel your earning potential to new heights.

9. Leadership Development

Leadership is a crucial aspect of any successful business or entrepreneurial endeavour. This is why we place a strong emphasis on developing leadership skills. Through specialised courses, workshops, and mentorship opportunities, you will gain valuable insights into effective leadership strategies, decision-making processes, and the art of inspiring and motivating teams. These skills will not only empower you to excel in your current or future managerial roles but also give you the confidence to lead your own business venture. 

10. Unmatched Expertise

Solvay Brussels School is globally recognised for its excellence in business education and research. Joining the EMBA programme means becoming part of a reputable institution with a long-standing tradition of academic rigour and top-level faculty. Enhance your professional credibility and open doors to new career opportunities with the unmatched expertise and prestige associated with the Solvay Executive MBA.

10+1. Top Ranked Globally

Last but certainly not least, selecting the Solvay EMBA signifies a resolute commitment to internationally acclaimed educational excellence. Our programme boasts prestigious rankings by the FT Financial Times, QS Quacquarelli Symonds, and BW Better World - the latter especially acknowledging our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

When you choose the Solvay EMBA, you're securing a certification that stands proudly among the global elite in the world of business education.


Embrace the opportunity to join our community and unlock your full potential as a visionary leader in the global business landscape! We are ready to welcome you to our latest cohort this fall.

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