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Who is this training for?



Are you the founder, a member of the management committee, or an executive leader of a family business or scale-up, regardless of your industry?


The programme equips you with the necessary tools and methodology to effectively drive the growth of your small or medium-sized business.


Admission Requirements

  • You are a leader, member of the management committee, or executive of a scale-up or SME with a growth project.
  • Minimum of two years in operation, with a minimum of five employees (or other statuses).

“In a constantly evolving world, small and medium-sized enterprises must quickly adapt to meet the new challenges of a digitised and globalised economy.”


Daniel Spindler

Academic Director

Your benefits

What can you expect from our training?

1. A Personal Development Blueprint

The programme enables you to enhance your leadership abilities, sharpen your entrepreneurial instincts, and benefit from personalised coaching.


2. A toolkit to effectively manage growth

Deepen your understanding of finance and management, enhance your strategic vision, and cultivate your leadership abilities.


3. An opportunity to expand your network

The programme emphasises the importance of interactions among participants and with the trainers. These interactions will allow you to enrich your own perspective, exchange ideas with experts and other business leaders, and thereby expand your network.

1. A roadmap for long-term growth

By embracing a "bird's-eye view" of your company, you can take proactive action and incorporate your growth objectives into a long-term strategy.


2. A top-notch leadership team!

The methods and tools acquired during the training will enable the company to have a more efficient, motivated, and focused leadership team that is dedicated to defining and implementing a coherent strategy.


3. Preparation for tomorrow's challenges

The programme empowers executives to better understand and master the financial, digital, managerial, and strategic challenges of the coming years.


A comprehensive training to drive the growth of your business


The training is built on an interactive teaching methodology, incorporating a wide range of methods and practical scenarios. It combines real-life case studies, working on your own business, guest speaker testimonials, and group projects.

Divided into 10 courses, master the 5 essential management themes in a small group setting to implement the growth of your business.
Theme 1
Growth management

This first theme comprises of 4 courses:


  • Growth Strategies and Management


  • The Agile Strategy


  • The Strategic Marketing Plan


  • Digital Marketing

Theme 2
Financing growth

This second theme consists of 3 courses:


  • Growth Enterprise Finance


  • Growth Planning and Investment Decisions


  • Growth Dashboards

Theme 3
Digital transformation

This third theme consists of one course: 


  • The digital impact on businesses.

Theme 4
Human management of growth

This fourth topic encompasses one course: 


  • Boost your teams for growth

Theme 5
The manager and communication

This fifth theme encompasses 1 course: 

  • The art of persuasion.

Teaching methodology

Learning dynamics


The program brings together participants with diverse profiles from different sectors of the economy each year. All of them are entrepreneurs or members of the management team.


Entrepreneurship is their shared passion, and their goal is to acquire the theoretical and practical tools that will enable them to develop a growth-focused strategy for their SME.


The personal dimension

The Dirigeant et Développement programme is built upon an engaging and interactive learning experience. In-class and group discussions, led by expert trainers, foster an active and practical approach to tackling cases and materials.


The collective dimension

The exchange of experiences and expertise among participants is a valuable pedagogical asset of the programme and an excellent way to build a network of dedicated professionals.


Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching (6 hours) allows you to concentrate on specific and prioritised questions identified during the programme. Its aim is to enhance your leadership abilities and gain a better understanding of your personal role as a leader.


What our participants say

Catherine Pleeck
Good Stories

“We have all the tools to have enough confidence in ourselves, in our project and also ensure that the risks are limited to get started correctly. That allowed me to get started and still be here after several years.

Roxane & Agathe Gernaert
Knees to Chin
"We come out of this training with new objectives and equipped with the necessary tools to achieve them! Nothing is more enriching than being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, it allows us to create links, share and learn a lot through the experiences of each."
Patrick Menache
CEO & Founder
Macnash Associates

”This programme has established important milestones in my journey as an entrepreneur. The speakers taught me what mistakes not to make. When we want to create an association, we sometimes suffer from a lack of realism, we miss things that we refuse to see. I stay in touch with Solvay veterans and, very often, they call me for an opinion. I attach a lot of importance to this relationship of trust.”

Yeba Olayé

”This programme was a real asset to get me started. I not only received an effective toolbox to think about my project in a solid way. I was able to benefit from practical advice and tailor-made coaching which allowed me to develop a clear vision of my project as well as a clear understanding of my strengths. This training marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure. Being part of a network as stimulating and active as the Solvay Entrepreneurs network allows me to advance successfully at each stage.”

The programme in numbers

(Program statistics since 2014)



Participants have between 5 and 10 full-time employees.



of the participants have been running their businesses successfully for over a decade.



of the participants have businesses in the services sector.



 of the participants have businesses in the commerce and artisan sectors.


Learn everything about the programme

There are a lot of reasons why you would choose the Finance for Non-Financials programme - too many for this webpage! Learn everything there is to know about the programme before you embark on this transformation with us:


  Full curriculum
  Teaching strategies
  And more!

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How do I finance my training?

Brussels-based SMEs have the opportunity to receive regional assistance, which can cover up to 50% of registration fees, under certain conditions. Aid applications must be submitted to the Region a maximum of 1 month prior to the start of the programme. For more information, visit this link.


Flemish-based SMEs also have the opportunity, under certain conditions, to benefit from regional assistance that can cover 20 to 30% of registration fees. More information here.