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Gestion de la Réputation

7 days to establish, enhance, and safeguard the reputation of your organisation.







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Who is this training for?



  • Are you a CEO, startup leader, or aspiring CEO?
  • Are you a strategic leader (executive committee member, board member, director, manager, high potential employee) involved in your organisation's strategy? 

This programme provides you with the keys to put your organisation in the spotlight.


Key admissions criterium

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience is required.


Your benefits

Invest in your corporate communication.


The quick wins

Develop the right instincts and a strategic vision for your reputation by honing your critical thinking skills and enhancing your practical abilities in storytelling, stakeholder mapping, utilisation of new social networks... and even assembling the perfect outfit!


A concrete action plan

Each session welcomes renowned guests to enhance your learning with testimonials and concrete cases of reputation management, engaging you in debates with our guests. At the end of the training, you'll develop a solid action plan for your organisation, benefiting from feedback from other participants and programme experts.


Crisis Management

When a management team is faced with a reputation crisis, it is essential to have individuals within their ranks who have direct control over the issue, can effectively respond to it, and ensure that these responses are disseminated throughout the entire organisation. Our programme is perfect to train these individuals.

"A new parameter has emerged at the top of a company to measure its success: its reputation. In just 7 days, this Executive Programme will provide you with all the tools necessary to build and establish your reputation among all your stakeholders, and even protect it in times of crisis. Through theory, examples, practical exercises, and networking opportunities, you will gain invaluable insights and strategies to shape and safeguard your company's reputation."

Thierry Bouckaert

Thierry Bouckaert

Academic Director and Senior Advisor at Akkanto


The secrets to building a stellar reputation


The Executive Programme en Gestion de la Réputation revolves around seven days of engaging discussions. At each session, you will have the opportunity to meet two influential individuals who have successfully harnessed the power of their reputation. They will share their experiences with you, helping you reflect on your own employer branding.
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Day 1
Precept of reputation and measurement tools

8 hours

Exploring reputation management, encompassing its definition; measurement using RepTrak; analysis of touchpoints; emotional/rational balance, and examination of positioning-related behaviours.


Day 2
Define my values and translate them into words and deeds

8 hours

Defining and expressing my values (ETMA), managing the mirror effect, ensuring coherence between values and positioning.

Day 3
Determine your internal and external stakeholders and understand them

8 hours

Developing stakeholder mapping, identifying influential actors, and implementing influence strategies.

Day 4
Getting your messages across: the art of storytelling

8 hours

Refining storytelling techniques, crafting messages around three core pillars, and bolstering credibility through the use of numbers and examples.



Day 5
Getting your messages across: “tailor-made” for each audience

8 hours

Tailoring the message to each audience, managing traditional media, embracing autonomy as a personal medium, and mastering social media and its nuances.

Day 6
The benefit of the doubt in times of crisis

8 hours

Reputation management in times of crisis, anticipating challenges, striking a balance between empathy and competency, and mastering the Kubler-Ross curve.

Journée 7
Reputation at the service of change management

8 hours

Teaching methodology

Practical and first-person learning experience

Each course begins with the analysis of a current case, followed by a transition to supported theoretical frameworks with the help of examples. The programme offers a concrete strategic approach, promoting the direct application of theoretical concepts to real-life situations.

The programme features discussions on reputation management with renowned guests, enhancing its interactivity through debates between opinion leaders and participants alike.

The training provides a practical toolkit to assist you in defining your positioning, values, and strategy. Peer discussions on concrete projects and personalised one-on-one support ensure an approach tailored to each participant.

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How do I finance my training?

A 10% discount will be applied starting from the second registration of employees from the same company within the same year.

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