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Develop and enhance your skills through executive management practice and innovation.
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Executive Master in Management

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Who is this training for?



  • Are you a CEO, executive, team leader, department head, or legal professional looking to secure a strategic position in your organisation?
  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to enhance your managerial skills to develop your organisation?


The Executive Master in Management immerses you in the world of top management, empowering you to become a true leader in your field.


Key Admissions Criteria

  • Hold a postgraduate degree and/or demonstrate sufficient professional experience and an entrepreneurial spirit in carrying out responsibilities.
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience.
  • French Proficiency and passive knowledge of English.


Your benefits

Develop a strategic vision

A powerful boost to enhance the efficiency and performance of your managerial actions and vision, with a strong emphasis on innovation.


Expand your skill set

The Executive Master in Management is a comprehensive update and enhancement of the pillars of managerial function such as strategy, marketing, finance, and leadership. It empowers you to give a significant boost to your efficiency and the performance of your managerial actions.


A deeper understanding of the challenges

The Executive Master in Management encompasses all aspects of corporate governance and addresses the latest challenges in the field, particularly digital transformation, through the expertise of professionals with direct experience in the business world.


The ability to analyse and make operational judgments.

The Executive Master in Management helps develop your analytical skills, the ability to aggregate complex parameters, and diagnostic capabilities for decision-making. You will naturally find your place in various group or company architectures to effectively implement your capacity for making impactful decisions.

The programme

The keys to top management 

The Executive Master in Management is divided into two distinct blocks. You will begin with case studies on specific skills before gradually transitioning to cross-cutting issues that address the global challenges faced by today's top managers.
BLOCK 1 : Specialised skills
4 fundamental challenges
Module 1

Analysis of strategic challenges in a dynamic market, integrating management into corporate strategy and decision-making.

Module 2

Financial statement interpretation, financial diagnosis establishment, identification of needs, and creation of an investment and valuation plan.

Module 3

Analysis, value creation, and marketing strategy definition.

Module 4

Self Management, developing your own leadership style, team management, and conflict resolution.



BLOCK 2 : Transversal topics

3 strategic pillars

Module 5
Digital Transformation

Integration of key challenges and the resulting business opportunities. In addition to theoretical and operational knowledge, we help you assimilate the digital culture and its best practices.

Module 6
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Learn how to anticipate and navigate the challenges of the contemporary entrepreneurial environment, while exploring examples like Airbnb, Netflix, and BlaBlaCar. Embrace innovation and entrepreneurship at the core of your business approach, whether you're an entrepreneur or a manager.

Module 7
Growth & Sustainability

Exploring aspects such as integrated innovation policy, incubating new business models, outsourcing activities, growth hacking, and determining the level of sustainable development with a consistent financial structure.

Teaching Methodology

A first-person learning experience

The Executive Master in Management is rooted in a fundamental principle: it is through practice that a manager's skills are honed. Therefore, the programme is built upon an innovative method that places you at the core of the learning experience: the case method.


Objective: Analyse and solve complex real or fictional problems that encompass all managerial dimensions of the company. As you delve into these challenges, you will enhance your autonomy, analytical thinking, synthesis skills, and leadership abilities, while also deepening your specific competencies. Step into the shoes of a business leader, determining the strategic and operational directions for all the cases presented to you.

Throughout the year, an array of three immersive seminars are organised:


  1. Introduction: a comprehensive seminar serving as an introduction to the Executive Master in Management
  2. Airline Manager Game: a hands-on simulation in strategy and management
  3. Role-playing: a seminar focused on strategy and finance

Starting in January, you will collaborate in a team of four to five individuals to develop a business plan that revolves around a unique theme, resulting in diverse projects akin to a Business Case.

This business plan is an opportunity to sharpen your ability to carry out new projects in a company, with the assistance of a seasoned coach.

EMM Statistics

The programme in numbers



is the average professional experience of the participants.



of the participants hold a position in top management.



alumni of the programme worldwide.


What our participants say

Hakima Darhmouch

"I wanted to acquire new skills, particularly in finance, to complete my training in communication. I turned to the Executive Master in Management for its practical side, in particular thanks to the case studies which constitute an immersion in the life of the company in terms of strategy, market positioning, marketing choices and pricing policy...They allow us to evaluate our ability to identify solutions and opportunities and make decisions.

We live in a world that forces us as managers to develop and share a vision, a guideline. The Executive Master in Management provides the keys to building this global vision."

Benjamin Windal
Chief Strategy and Innovation

"The Executive Master in Management has considerably enriched my range of skills and knowledge, both in the field of finance and the digitalisation of businesses, as well as in marketing and leadership.

At the same time, I was able to create a dynamic and supportive network of contacts during this training. We know we can contact each other for questions that arise during the career.

Finally, and what is most important to me, this training opened my mind: today I am constantly looking for feedback in order to develop and perfect my role as a manager."

David Fortems
LS Service Director
"To continue to develop and evolve in a rapidly changing world, it is essential to train. The Executive Master in Management program was, for me, the best way to broaden my skills. The case method used is very interactive and collaborative. It allows everyone to argue, react, interact, and above all to open up to other areas of skills. Challenge, personal development, rigor, excellence, quality of courses... all These words sum up the Executive Master in Management."
Christophe Severs
Senior Vice-President, Strategy
"When you have 15 years of experience, you learn through action, rather than in books. The Executive Master in Management is based on a method dedicated to practice and supervised by excellent lecturers, all active on the market. Some of the presentations by lecturers are simply brilliant. My reading grid of complex matters linked to business management has evolved, as has the way in which I lead my teams. I have also been able to develop my sensitivity to communication aspects and HR."
Marielle Rogie
Head of Communication and Marketing
Brussels Airport Company
"I wanted to progress in my career, by enriching my financial and economic background in the broad sense. A manager must quickly understand the issues that concern his organisation, get to the essential, demonstrate critical thinking and, above all, recover in question when necessary. The Executive Master in Management helps us to integrate this dimension, to take a step back from our role. The training gave me a taste for team management."

"Growth is at the heart of every business today. The Executive Master in Management embraces this strategic dimension by addressing all its components. From the keys to an integrated innovation policy, to the effects of growth on your operational organisation, the incubation of new business models, the outsourcing of activities, growth hacking, and even the definition of the level of development supported with a constant financial structure."

Karim Chouikri_Executive Master in Management_EMM

Karim Chouikri

Academic Director

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Partnership and scholarship

The Belgian Business Development Seminar (Séminaire Belge de Perfectionnement aux Affaires (SBPA)) is committed to making a contribution to the effort of adaptation and training by embracing all aspects of management. The SBPA enthusiastically partners with the Executive Master in Management by awarding a scholarship of varying amount, providing individuals with the opportunity to enroll in the programme for continuing education.

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What are the criteria for obtaining the certificate?
To guarantee the quality of the programme, a significant personal investment is required from all participants.

The certificate is issued provided:

  • You have been provided a complete programme (minimum 85% attendance at the three seminars, group preparations and sessions on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings)
  • You have completed at least 85% of the individual preparations
  • You have obtained an evaluation of min. 13/20 for writing group work and the business plan.
What is the selection procedure?

The selection is based on:

  • Assessment of the online application file;
  • One or more interviews.

Each application is subject to a positioning interview which validates the candidate's profile, the experience acquired, the quality of the professional project and motivation.
The selection takes place throughout the year.

How do I finance my training?

The programme benefits from a scholarship system from the BBIS (Belgian Business Improvement Seminar). Contact Séverine Stoquart, Programme Manager, for any questions relating to financial aid.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th registrants from the same company in the same year benefit from discounts of 10%, 15%, and 20% respectively.



Subject to renewal of the regional agreements


  • Brussels Region - Paid Training Leave: Paid educational leave allows workers (private sector) to train during the day or in staggered hours while retaining their salary. Employers receive reimbursement from Brussels Economy and Employment, based on certain criteria. The employee must submit the certificate of enrolment (specific certificate for educational leave issued by the school) to his employer within 20 days of the start of the course. This certificate must be delivered to the employer either by registered mail or with an acknowledgement of receipt. In case of a late registration after the launch of the programme at the latest within 8 days of the registration. (for more information: Economie-Emploi)

  • Flanders Region - SME Wallet: The SME e-wallet is oriented towards practitioners of ‘liberal professions’ and SMEs whose operational headquarters are located in the Flemish Region. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: VLAIO)

  • Flanders Region - Paid Training Leave: Under certain conditions, employees in the private sector are entitled to Flemish training leave. They are allowed to be absent from work to attend training or to prepare for evaluations, while their wages continue to be fully paid. The employer can be reimbursed a lump sum as compensation for the wage costs. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: Vlaanderen)

  • Flanders Region - Training Vouchers: You are an employee or you work as a temporary worker and you live or you work in Flanders/Brussels. You can request your training voucher via the WSE counter and you should preferably request the cheque before your registration, so that you can use it to pay your registration fee. (for more information: Vlaanderen)

  • Wallonia Region - Training Vouchers: Full or part-time employees from SME which has a maximum of 250 workers as well as self-employed. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: Forem).