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Who is the programme aimed at?



Lifelong learners in the Accelerated Management Programme, which is also the entry point to our Executive MBA, are chosen from diverse professional backgrounds spanning various industries and sectors.


This includes high-potential employees recently appointed as managers and seasoned professionals transitioning from technical roles (e.g., engineering, IT) or staff positions to more supervisory or managerial responsibilities.


Whether from international organisations or small-owned companies, this diverse cohort enhances the richness of our programme.

Key admissions criteria

  • Higher Education Diploma (Bachelor/Master/Other)
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience
  • English proficiency


Why the Accelerated Management Programme?

Your individual and collective benefits


Develop a deep understanding of major business concepts and acquire essential practical and theoretical management skills.

This programme is level 1 of our Executive MBA! On top of lifelong learning with our EMBA participants and getting access to our international and top-level professors, you get the opportunity to fast-track your admission to the EMBA upon completion of your AMP.

Build and maintain your future long-term professional connections.  Develop a network that extends beyond immediate opportunities, fostering relationships that not only endure but also evolve as your career progresses.

Top-of-the-line guests are also invited for additional workshops and sessions such as the Business Lunch Series.

Help your company apply our proposed strategic frameworks and tools to achieve your long-term objectives.

Learn to respond to the current market’s challenges while driving innovation and optimising organisational change.

Master the cross-functional management principles and gain a clear overview of the organisational challenges in several key functional areas.


Overview & Modules

The Accelerated Management Programme comprises 6 long weekends - spread over 6 months - of intensive general management training for working professionals with some or no previous training in management. It provides a broad-based, practical introduction to the main concepts and practices of management, combined with practical insight that is ready to be applied directly to the workplace.


Begin your transformational journey by building key knowledge and skills in six management areas. Optional refresher courses in Mathematics and Business Statistics and Excel for Finance and Database are offered in October.

Module 1

The course will enable learners to understand and apply 10 very effective tools to build strong leadership, understand what kind of leadership their organisation and people need to generate great results and adapt their behaviour as a leader. Learners will decide what tools they will adopt (or not) and adapt to their leadership style.

- Taught by Etienne Van de Kerckhove

Module 2
Financial Accounting

By emphasising the rationale for, and implications of, important concepts in accounting, this course helps develop your ability to conceptualise transactions and provide accurate accounting summaries.

- Taught by Benjamin Lorent

Module 3

The course provides an overview of marketing in a customer-driven firm, focusing on the key marketing skills needed to succeed in all business functions.

- Taught by Virginie Bruneau

Module 4

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts and tools used in Finance. It covers the principles of financial management, financial markets, and evaluation. At the end of the course, learners will have a good understanding of the key theories and practices that are essential to making informed financial decisions.

- Taught by Afrae Hassouni

Module 5

This course adopts an integrated approach to strategic management, focusing on business and corporate aspects. We cover frameworks for analysing international market competition, corporate and business strategy, strategic alliances, diversification, and conglomerates. Additionally, we provide conceptual tools for addressing challenges in service, high technology, and e-commerce industries. 

- Taught by Jean-Pierre Bizet

Module 6
Project Management

The course introduces you to the world of project management. It explains the strong link between strategy execution and project management, provides the essential skills required to be a good project manager, and shows how a project’s outcome can be influenced by other elements.

 - Taught by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

More tools under (y)our belt. 

The pillars of learning

All learnings of the Accelerated Management Programme are based on key characteristics. They involve maximum exposure to up-to-date fundamental management concepts and business trends, to help you understand everyday corporate challenges and needs.


A varied schedule of lectures, case-study discussions, and group exercises engage you in problem-solving, exploring new ideas, and developing your creative and critical thinking to craft the best solutions. A set of management tools and key resources (e-books, online references, cases, articles, etc.) are provided so you can apply them immediately and long after the programme’s completion.

Academic Tools

A future-oriented learning climate

Solvay Brussels School’s Accelerated Management Programme is delivered by academics and experts in their field through a wide variety of learning practices including self-awareness, interactive lectures, short classroom exercises, case studies, group discussions, role play, and many practical examples. By lifelong learning with our Executive MBA participants, you increase your networking opportunities and widen the exchange of good practices.


Deep dive into Sustainability

The Accelerated Management Programme fully commits to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are a blue-print to make our planet more sustainable by 2030. In most modules, your professors will bring you up to date on the latest aspects of how to do business sustainably.


Industry Connections

Our Business Lunch Series connect you with exceptional leaders in the industry and their real-world expertise, offering a platform for meaningful engagement, learning, and networking.


A stepping stone towards our Executive MBA

After completing the AMP, why not continue your transformative journey by stepping right into Solvay Executive MBA? As the AMP covers Management Essentials, you can seamlessly transition into our Executive MBA at Level 2: Leadership Essentials, with your AMP tuition deducted.


What our students say

Caroline Aelvoet
Benelux Sodexo Belgium
“I hold a legal position, and I wanted to broaden my vision of the company, to better manage its components and better assist it via the opinions I give. The content of the Accelerated Management Programme attracted me because of its very rich content, its international dimension, the quality of its participants, and the fact that it was perfectly compatible with my professional life. I’ve been able to put directly into practice what I learned there as part of Sodexo's global expansion. The Accelerated Management Programme has enabled me to better understand the philosophy behind this type of evolution and communicate it in a coherent way to my team.”
Marie Hurtgen
Senior Manager
SABIC Ventures

"In order to shift from a technical to a managerial position, I was looking for a general management training that was lacking in my scientific background (...).

The modules are taught by experienced people from the private sector. The Accelerated Management Programme provides you with numerous networking opportunities, an eye-opening experience on the possibilities ahead, and a sound basis in the pillars of management that I intend to develop in my career."

 AMP Statistics

The programme in numbers



of the participants are women



of the participants have a professional experience of 7-10 years.

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What are the admission criteria?

To enter the programme, participants must hold a university degree and be proficient in English. Candidates are selected based on their application form and an interview.

Financial Aid


  • Early bird: Early bird applicants who submit their applications before the end of the early bird date will receive a discount on the tuition fees.
  • Alumni of the Solvay Brussels School, Solvay Lifelong Learning, Université libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees. 



  • Complete our Accelerated Management Programme to benefit from a discount and directly access level 2 of our Executive MBA.


Subject to renewal of the regional agreements

  • Brussels region - Educational Subsidy: Self-employed, or employee working for SME in Brussels, under certain conditions, are entitled to an Educational Subsidy. You have to submit the subsidy application within 30 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: Economie-Emploi)

  • Brussels region - Paid Training Leave: Paid educational leave allows workers (private sector) to train during the day or in staggered hours while retaining their salary. Employers receive reimbursement from Brussels Economy and Employment, based on certain criteria. The employee must submit the certificate of enrolment (specific certificate for educational leave issued by the school) to his employer within 20 days of the start of the course. This certificate must be delivered to the employer either by registered mail or with an acknowledgement of receipt. In case of a late registration after the launch of the programme at the latest within 8 days of the registration. (for more information: Economie-Emploi).

  • Flanders region - SME Wallet: The SME e-wallet is oriented towards practitioners of ‘liberal professions’ and SMEs whose operational headquarters are located in the Flemish Region. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: VLAIO)
  • Wallonia region - Training Vouchers: Full or part-time employees from SME which has a maximum of 250 workers as well as self-employed. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: Forem).
Certificate Awarded

At the end of this programme, you will obtain a university certificate