Advanced Master in Biotech
& MedTech Ventures

Postgraduate course in the management of Biotech and MedTech companies, co-created with leading Belgian and international life sciences partners.
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Advanced Master in Biotech & Medtech Ventures

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Who is the programme aimed at?



Our programme welcomes recent Master’s or PhD graduates and junior professionals from all disciplines, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to acquire the in-depth knowledge and business acumen needed to take on a (C-level) executive role in an early-stage Biotech or MedTech company.

The Advanced Master’s programme allows you to gain extensive, hands-on experience in interactive classes taught by industry experts, as well as in a real-life setting through an internship and capstone project.


Key admissions criteria

  • Master’s or PhD degree from a recognised institution (you may apply during your final year of study)/
  • or Bachelor's degree + work experience
  • Young professionals looking to transition into a management position
  • English Proficiency


What's in it for you?

As a C-level executive in a Biotech or MedTech start-up, the company's future is in your hands. In addition to creating value for investors or shareholders, bringing your therapeutics or medical devices to the market can tremendously impact the health and quality of life of patients worldwide.


The Advanced Master in Biotech & MedTech Ventures is co-developed with key academic and industry partners from the Belgian and international life sciences ecosystem. Thanks to this unique collaboration, 75% of classes are taught by industry leaders, giving you direct and exclusive access to a wealth of expertise.

This Advanced Master has a unique focus on developing the technical and business-oriented skills needed to lead early-stage Biotech and MedTech companies to success. You will learn how to develop a product, build a team, secure different types of funding to support the company’s growth, build a sustainable business model that balances profitability with societal impact, and much more.

To be able to manage a company successfully, you will need more than a solid scientific basis and business acumen. The programme will also help you to develop your soft skills, enabling you to communicate effectively and build strong personal relationships with your team, investors, clients, or other business contacts.

The curriculum's modules correspond to the development phases in the early life cycle of a Biotech or MedTech company. You will learn how to address the specific managerial challenges of each of these phases in practical use cases and assignments. Your newly acquired skills will also be put to the test in a real-life setting in an internship and a capstone assignment. 
The extensive hands-on experience gained in the programme will enable you to transition seamlessly into a leadership position upon graduation.
What's more, the success of our thriving Belgian life sciences ecosystem leads to a clear shortage of entrepreneurial talent capable of taking on management positions. This means graduates will be in great demand.
Our career service will also help you in building your career. In addition to providing a direct link to the industry, our dynamic team will assist you in realising your full potential through a wide range of seminars, coaching sessions, workshops, events, and other resources.
Connect with Belgian and international life sciences leaders of today as they teach your classes; forge a strong bond with your fellow classmates who will join you as the industry leaders of tomorrow.
Become part of the Solvay Alumni Network, one of the largest business networks in Belgium and beyond,-with members in more than 65 countries around the world. Participate in its events, expand your network, and never stop learning and evolving.
Diversity in class in terms of gender, academic background and culture also enhances your student experience. Benefit from our international faculty and the multicultural environment you will be studying in, right at the heart of Europe.

The number of students in each class is intentionally kept small, ensuring maximum participation for each student, personal interaction with the faculty, and easy access to the Advanced Masters academic or administration team.


Experience our teaching methods: hands-on and participant-centred. Courses are mainly structured into real case studies, workshops, seminars, simulations, presentations, group work, field projects, company visits and on-the-job learning.

“Even the most innovative technologies need people capable of building a business around them in order to succeed. Thanks to this programme, the next generation of entrepreneurial talent will be ready to hit the ground running and build the Biotech and MedTech ventures of the future.”


philip verwaugen

Philip Vergauwen

Academic Co-Director

Ready. Set. Go. 

Overview & Modules

The Advanced Master in Biotech & MedTech Ventures helps you develop the skill set needed to manage early-stage, tech-driven companies.
You will acquire a deep understanding of what it takes to develop an innovative idea into a market-ready product, how to attract the necessary funding,
and how to build a successful business from both a strategic and an organisational perspective.


The curriculum comprises 5 intensive 10-day modules (combined with off-site study).

Module 1
Fundamental Concepts

Learn about creating value for patients, Scientific Innovation and IP, Processes, Stakeholders, Sources of Financing, Market Analysis, Entrepreneurial Management, and more fundamental concepts for your journey.


Dates: From Saturday 21 September to Wednesday 2 October 2024

Module 2
Initiating Product Development | Seed Stage Funding

This course covers topics including preclinical development, regulatory agencies for medicine and medical devices, market segmentation and growth, biotech/medtech pricing, the creation of a first business model, and the establishment of a startup organisation through recruitment, management roles, and networks.


Dates: From Saturday 23 November to Wednesday 4 December 2024

Module 3
Initiating Clinical Development | Series A Funding

In this module, the focus is on digital health with considerations for future product profiles, scientific innovation and intellectual property (Part II), manufacturing for clinical batches, additional regulatory aspects, patient-centred medicine and device development, optimised clinical development, fund-raising and investment, investment models and strategies, and entrepreneurial management (Part II).


Dates: From Saturday 25 January to Wednesday 5 February 2025

Module 4
Consolidating the Company and the Governance | Series B funding

This module emphasises building a strong organisation, clinical development with a focus on the clinical data set for a registrational trial, creating a data collection and development plan, business modelling, and exit strategies for Series B funding, approaching the market for Series B, and considerations for shareholders and governance.


Dates: From Saturday 5 April to Wednesday 16 April 2025

Module 5
Finalising the Clinical Development | Preparing Market Access

Our final module covers regulatory submission preparation, healthcare market access for drugs, treatments, and devices, pricing considerations, the payer's perspective, governance with a focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics, entrepreneurial management (Part III), process and project management skills, exploration of healthcare markets in Asia (China, India, and Japan), developing manufacturing capabilities, and strategies for business development in Series C/D and IPO dealmaking.


Dates: From Saturday 14 June to Wednesday 25 June 2025


The programme in numbers

What you need to know

Some key insights about our students.



of our students scored a professional opportunity upon graduation.



are recent graduates.



is their average work experience.



are junior professionals.



international students


What our students say

Scott Russell
Biotech & Medtech ventures
"Life sciences is a very complex journey whether you're in the biotech or the medtech space. But actually understanding what the process is, the risks to avoid, the steps to take...has been a very eye opening process. And then coupled with that, actually meeting people in the industry that are very willing to support us on that journey [has] been amazing."
Ysabella Yennes
Graduate Development Programme - UCB
"Being a woman, scared that I was too young and inexperienced, and also not having any economics background to join the programme were my fears. And then when I interviewed to enter the Master's, I listed my fears and they reassured me and said I wasn't the only woman in the programme, also, the fact that I had no economics background was not important because the point of it was to learn. So I definitely learned a lot...You learn, and in the end, the important thing is building your future. So I've learned so much." 
Shahin Satouf
Healthcare Business consultant
"We gain a lot of experience, really, from our fellow students, because each of them, has their own experience and project. So we get more insight and more inspirational stories!" 

Useful to know

Applications & Admissions

Required documents for your application:

  • Online application form (inclusive of a cover letter)
  • CV
  • Copies of University degree(s) and all academic transcripts
  • Copy of ID/Passport
  • Profile picture

All documents have to be provided in English. 


If the applicant deems it relevant, they can support the application with:

  • Letters of reference
  • Proof of English proficiency for non-native speakers
  • Any other certificate (GMAT, GRE, etc.)

Admission procedure:


Step 1

Complete and submit the online application form together with the required documents (there is no application fee).


Step 2

If eligible, an interview with the Academic Directors will be scheduled.


Step 3

Receive feedback on your admission. If positive, you will have 2 weeks to finalise your registration by paying 20% of the tuition fees deposit.

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Izabel Medeiros
New Services Programme Director
Volvo Financial Services

"Before the MBA, I had a much more narrow perception of my abilities and myself. This has totally changed... I apply the Solvay approach to solving business cases every day in strategic programme management at Volvo Financial Services. My coursework on stakeholder management and process improvement is fundamental to my job as well."

Dietrich Moens
CEO & Co-Founder
"Apart from providing real practical tools and insights, Solvay Executive MBA professors and coaches offered in a way some consulting advice as their feedback on the assignments, as well as during class discussions and the coaching sessions, translated into directly actionable new concepts that I could apply to my startup...A lesson that I wish I had known earlier: 'Start before you are ready', enrol in the Solvay EMBA, trust yourself and others and you will be amazed by the results.'"
Anke Sieg
Global Payer Value Strategy - Asset Lead

"It is an eye-opener and provides the toolkit to become a great leader. The key is to apply them every day, going beyond your comfort zone...It was a very enriching experience to go back to school, to take some quality time for personal development and to deeply immerse myself in a new environment, new context and new personal network."

Srilakshmi Amarnath
Transformation Leader
"The Solvay Executive MBA excels at providing a holistic view of today’s business challenges and equipping us with practical solutions for addressing real-world issues."
Jarlath Lally
Global Marketing Director
Global Invacom Group
"I was looking for an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the things that struck me about Solvay  Brussels School was that emphasis in the EMBA programme... A sustaining gift from the programme is that I have a strong network that has grown exponentially on the back of the contacts I made within the programme"
Corine Buffoni
Sales Director

"The programme is delivered in a highly interactive fashion via a very dynamic teaching style where you truly feel that you are at the real centre of a concrete and pragmatic learning experience. Light is shed upon often the most complicated economic and financial theories. As a result, I have learned to distinguish between finance accounting and incorporating the time variable into my way of doing business. I am now better prepared than I have ever been to take investment-related decisions."

Didier Bernardi
Client Development and Go-To Market Advisory
Sustainable Business Catalyst
"My experience with the Sustainability Fundamentals was both enlightening and empowering. I now possess the tools necessary to address sustainability issues in a holistic manner, and I am excited to apply my new skills to my consulting and business practice, creating strategies that integrate sustainability considerations. This programme has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in equipping me with the skills and inspiration needed to contribute to a sustainable future."
Gaëtan Auvray
Risk Process Manager
"As a worldwide renowned construction company, BESIX attaches great importance to Risk Management. From this perspective, the programme gives a comprehensive outlook on the different disciplines involved in Enterprise Risk Management. Besides the training modules, it also gives the opportunity to exchange with the other participants on how risk management is organised in their companies and enables you to expand your global network!"
Caroline Aelvoet
Benelux Sodexo Belgium
“I hold a legal position, and I wanted to broaden my vision of the company, to better manage its components and better assist it via the opinions I give. The content of the Accelerated Management Programme attracted me because of its very rich content, its international dimension, the quality of its participants, and the fact that it was perfectly compatible with my professional life. I’ve been able to put directly into practice what I learned there as part of Sodexo's global expansion. The Accelerated Management Programme has enabled me to better understand the philosophy behind this type of evolution and communicate it in a coherent way to my team.”
Marie Hurtgen
Senior Manager
SABIC Ventures

"In order to shift from a technical to a managerial position, I was looking for a general management training that was lacking in my scientific background (...).

The modules are taught by experienced people from the private sector. The Accelerated Management Programme provides you with numerous networking opportunities, an eye-opening experience on the possibilities ahead, and a sound basis in the pillars of management that I intend to develop in my career."

John André
Operations & Supply Chain
Freelance Director
"In today's increasingly competitive economic environment, it has become imperative to make the right financial choices. I was looking for advanced, structured training that would enable me to have a clear understanding of the latest financial tools as used and recommended by the experts. I've found it!"
Denisa Kurtagic
Threat Analyst
Ministry of Defense of Montenegro
"My expectations were high. I knew already that it would be something advanced but it took me by surprise how great it is to be among these top level cyber managers and experts. You get to meet a lot of people who work in the field that otherwise you wouldn’t. I get to spend time with the best of the best in the cyber world and learn a lot. Definitely worth applying for the programme. I managed to do it from Montenegro so everything is possible!"
Siska Hallemeesch
Cyber Security Consultant - Manager
"The course was a great learning experience and it opened for me a new career opportunity in Cybersecurity. I learned a lot from the discussions and exchanges on information security topics, and I was able to build an expanded professional network to advance my career in Information Security."
Simon Coomans
Marketing Manager
“The Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communications course offers a great mix of new insights and tactics, which are easy to grasp and to implement in my job. During the 17 days, I got to work closely with passionate marketers, learn the latest trends in Digital Marketing and gain the confidence to switch careers.
Olivier Dupuis
Generis Advertising Agency
“I had been hoping to flesh out a professional deployment project through my own company, and I now have some solid foundations that I can build on. The Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication is perfectly designed for marketing and communications managers. By offering a 360° view, it allows the participants to create their own links between the various digital marketing fields, and to refine their vision. It includes a perfect balance between theory, workshops and case studies. Most of the speakers are business creators or managers of business units, who share their passion, know-how, and vision with talent and generosity.”
Philippe Buyle
Head of Digital
JCDecaux Belux
The Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication is a comprehensive programme bringing together a panel of academic leaders and renowned speakers. It provides a current and global vision of the evolution of the 2.0 enterprise. It has allowed me to gain more confidence in my daily work, and to integrate numerous references, working methods and marketing tools necessary to approach the digital transformation in a thoughtful way.
Chiara Gasparotto
Deputy CEO
"I grew within the organisation I work for, and I have been given the great responsibility and pleasure to become the director of one of our units. The Executive Master in International Association Management definitely gave me the vocabulary and principles I needed. It changed my job and my vision of it, helping me to better work on the creation of value and the engagement of volunteers."
Loredana Simulescu
Executive Director
Biomedical Alliance in Europe
"Thanks to the Executive Master in International Association Management, I learned and put into practice key theoretical concepts which make the foundation of a strong management of associations. The case studies covering important topics offered me the possibility to transfer the knowledge into my daily work.  Also, the master is a unique opportunity to meet peers and build strong connections with leaders from various disciplines and sectors in the world of nonprofit associations."
Jan Lichota
Manager Association Bureau
"The Executive Master in International Association Management helps us to acquire vital in-association governance tools. From member management and the judicial landscape to the latest HR trends, the training offered gives you a full overview of the most recent shifts in the association sector, the position currently assumed by communication, the part played by psychology within the organisation, and the complications created by often conflicting interests.
The programme also underlines the importance of leaders in such a set-up. For relatively inexperienced association leaders or those hailing from the corporate world, the Executive Master in International Association Management provides a one-off chance to update their knowledge of the area."
Scott Russell
Biotech & Medtech ventures
"Life sciences is a very complex journey whether you're in the biotech or the medtech space. But actually understanding what the process is, the risks to avoid, the steps to take...has been a very eye opening process. And then coupled with that, actually meeting people in the industry that are very willing to support us on that journey [has] been amazing."
Ysabella Yennes
Graduate Development Programme - UCB
"Being a woman, scared that I was too young and inexperienced, and also not having any economics background to join the programme were my fears. And then when I interviewed to enter the Master's, I listed my fears and they reassured me and said I wasn't the only woman in the programme, also, the fact that I had no economics background was not important because the point of it was to learn. So I definitely learned a lot...You learn, and in the end, the important thing is building your future. So I've learned so much." 
Shahin Satouf
Healthcare Business consultant
"We gain a lot of experience, really, from our fellow students, because each of them, has their own experience and project. So we get more insight and more inspirational stories!" 
Justyna Kaminska
Financial Markets
"I chose Solvay because of the location, the design of the programme, and the field visits that were very appealing. In my opinion, the  Advanced Master in Financial Markets leads to any job within the MNAIP or VC. However, from my personal perspective, you are also very well prepared for any job within the banking industry."
Adline Lewuillon
Congress Operations Senior Manager
"The Executive Master in International Association Management offers a unique combination of theoretical concepts widely supported by practical case studies. The Solvay professors bring their invaluable insight (and sense of humour), and join forces with association experts. Together, they cover all key elements of international association management, and help you bring this deep strategic knowledge to the practical field."
Raquel Izquierdo de Santiago
Managing Director
"After almost 3 years in a managerial position within an association, I was looking to learn something new but also gather feedback on my way of working and identify ways of doing things better. The Executive Master in International Association Management provided the perfect fit for my professional situation. Our association is relatively small in size and I am involved in a large number of projects therein, from governance to finance, as well as event organisation. The programme successfully covers all these bases in a truly comprehensive manner."
Panos Marinis
Senior Risk Analyst
Goldman Sachs

“Apart from a robust knowledge of how financial markets work, my communication skills have been improved by interacting with colleagues from all over the world. The fact that our coursework resembled the tasks that I was later given in my professional life was essential for a successful transition from my academic life.”

Galib Akash
Structured Finance Associate

“Coming to Solvay, meeting different people and enthusiastic professors who are looking to help candidates at a personal level helped me not only improve my finance knowledge but also change my approach, helping me secure a full-time job in investment banking. The reputation and the rigorous curriculum of the programme proved to be a key factor in my interviews as I was able to display my finance abilities and understanding of the current state of matters in the industry.”

Julie Van Eeckhout
Financial Analyst
National Bank of Belgium

“The programme prepares you in the best possible way to enter the job market and this is also helped by the career coaching service, the interesting field visits and the networking possibilities. My job opportunities were much broader after this advanced master. It definitely helped me get a job right away at the European Central Bank.”

Dimitra Pappa
Senior Account Executive

“I will always feel grateful to Solvay as it pushed me to reinvent myself. Coming from a different background, I knew the programme would be a steep climb, however, my professors inspired me and helped me apply my core strengths to the field of Strategy and Innovation. Midway through this journey, I realised that I wasn't just coping with the courses...I had actually developed a passion for the field..."

Romain Jeannaud
Transversal Strategist
BNP Paribas Fortis

“The Advanced Master programme is a blend of everything you need to start a career in business. The focus on directly actionable knowledge makes the learning curve very steep but also very enjoyable. You will be challenged and you will like it.” 

Benita Lukusa
Social Entrepreneur

“What makes this programme stand out is the school's international and multicultural environment and the fact that our lecturers are people with outstanding experiences.”  

Yan Christiaens
Senior Consultant
Roland Berger

“To be prepared to enter your professional life, you need the best education and a curious mindset that can help you face this path and make it as enjoyable as possible. After a few months, I can say that Solvay Brussels School with its teachers is the best choice that I could make. The atmosphere, the network and all the people studying there are very friendly and always eager to help. A tremendous year on both personal and professional development.”

Laurens Boeckx
Project Manager Digitalisation

“Apart from the countless group projects, presentations and company visits, the programme has allowed me to develop essential entrepreneurial abilities, master key managerial concepts and build the right team-player mindset to cope with a continuously changing environment. I’ve had the honour to be carefully guided in creating my own venture with a fellow student, to lead a group-based three-month internship at a fast-growing digital marketing scale-up in Brussels and to be part of a consulting project for EY. ”

Olivia Dejonghe
Associate Consultant
BAIN & Company

"The training has been essential for our office to create a common understanding of sustainability and help us integrate sustainability into all our work. Even though I have a background in environmental science, this course was really enlightening. Not only did it refresh some of the basic principles behind climate change, biodiversity, etc., but it also provided very relevant perspectives on public and private ESG governance through specific sessions, case studies and guest speakers. Insightful!"

Olivier Gillerot
BAIN & Company

"Sustainability is on the agenda of all our clients today. To have meaningful and impactful discussions on the topic, many people lack the basic required knowledge though. The Sustainability 101 course does provide this basic knowledge and also offers a robust framework to think forward and act systemically on ESG issues. The course combines a solid academic background with action-oriented experience sharing. Also, it gives access to a rich set of data, literature and analysis on the topic. The course is a great minimum level setting for everybody who is concerned by the societal challenge of our world. And who would not be?"

Nicolas De Mot
Global & EU Payer Strategy Lead
"I studied chemistry and the scientific approach is very important to me (gathering and analysing data, defining models, creating insights, etc.) But when I started working in management I wanted something more actionable. And for me the programme in business analytics was the best way to combine these two things: getting the scientific approach and the business impact that you can create. It gives you a broad view of what business analytics can be: the different tools, the different technologies, the right connections and how to leverage that in your own company."
Stanislas Fransman
Business Data Analyst - Data Governance Officer

"I had very little experience with more advanced analytics, so for me, the programme is an eye opener on the potential of this discipline. And more particularly it helped me to work better together with data scientists as I have now a better understanding of their language."

Nicolas Claus
Global BI & Analytics Manager
"The programme covers a very large scope. Solvay gathered all the specialists and subject-matter experts around each of the areas in this programme and that makes it very interesting. As an IT manager, I now better understand the different contexts and interests in the other domains such as data analytics, marketing or business."
Richard Rose
Risk & Customs Compliance Manager
Porsche Cars GB Ltd
"I attended the Solvay School of Economics Enterprise Risk Management Programme to further my knowledge of Risk Management as a new Risk Manager. The training was very well organised and conducted by recognised lecturers in the subject who relayed a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered in a manageable and structured format. I have been able to adopt all aspects of the course and successfully integrate them, which importantly has developed the Risk Culture in the business. I would recommend the course to other professionals looking to gain further knowledge of Risk Management and how to put it into practice."
Yvain Cornet
Pulsaart by AGC
The empowerment of my team increased! So much in fact that my boss and other teams joined the program as well to get the same result.
Magali Carlier
Talent & Learning Manager
Week after week, I saw myself transforming and adopting new habits. I handle things more peacefully today and I am more available for my team members. The team manages things more peacefully as well and is now able to take a step back to better analyse things.
Olivier Leblanc
HR Director
This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes and feel better. This course is part of our recurrent programmes to shift our culture.
Freddy H.
Information & Cybersecurity Manager
Ah, Solvay, the best investment. There's a lot of talk about digital transformation, but the real transformation isn't there. Solvay is a force that transforms your world: there's a before and an after to Solvay!
Hakima Darhmouch

"I wanted to acquire new skills, particularly in finance, to complete my training in communication. I turned to the Executive Master in Management for its practical side, in particular thanks to the case studies which constitute an immersion in the life of the company in terms of strategy, market positioning, marketing choices and pricing policy...They allow us to evaluate our ability to identify solutions and opportunities and make decisions.

We live in a world that forces us as managers to develop and share a vision, a guideline. The Executive Master in Management provides the keys to building this global vision."

Benjamin Windal
Chief Strategy and Innovation

"The Executive Master in Management has considerably enriched my range of skills and knowledge, both in the field of finance and the digitalisation of businesses, as well as in marketing and leadership.

At the same time, I was able to create a dynamic and supportive network of contacts during this training. We know we can contact each other for questions that arise during the career.

Finally, and what is most important to me, this training opened my mind: today I am constantly looking for feedback in order to develop and perfect my role as a manager."

David Fortems
LS Service Director
"To continue to develop and evolve in a rapidly changing world, it is essential to train. The Executive Master in Management program was, for me, the best way to broaden my skills. The case method used is very interactive and collaborative. It allows everyone to argue, react, interact, and above all to open up to other areas of skills. Challenge, personal development, rigor, excellence, quality of courses... all These words sum up the Executive Master in Management."
Christophe Severs
Senior Vice-President, Strategy
"When you have 15 years of experience, you learn through action, rather than in books. The Executive Master in Management is based on a method dedicated to practice and supervised by excellent lecturers, all active on the market. Some of the presentations by lecturers are simply brilliant. My reading grid of complex matters linked to business management has evolved, as has the way in which I lead my teams. I have also been able to develop my sensitivity to communication aspects and HR."
Marielle Rogie
Head of Communication and Marketing
Brussels Airport Company
"I wanted to progress in my career, by enriching my financial and economic background in the broad sense. A manager must quickly understand the issues that concern his organisation, get to the essential, demonstrate critical thinking and, above all, recover in question when necessary. The Executive Master in Management helps us to integrate this dimension, to take a step back from our role. The training gave me a taste for team management."
Bastiano Ranalli
Lawyer Estate Planning

"By enrolling in the Executive Master in Tax Management, I was able to acquire considerable and in-depth tax knowledge while working at the same time. The practical and transversal learning as well as the experienced, specialised, and above all very accessible teaching staff allowed me to acquire the reflexes necessary to practice my profession as a tax lawyer.

The Executive Master in Tax Management allowed me to complete my civil training in law and notarial science and to acquire in-depth knowledge in all aspects of taxation, while developing a network and opportunities."

Chloé Godfroid
Tax Lawyer
Harvest Law Firm
"The Executive Master in Tax Management allowed me to have a global and transversal vision of taxation, which I lacked when I finished my master's degree. The training helped me to be rigorous and organised in my profession and to have good reflexes in my daily practice. From a personal point of view, the Executive Master in Tax Management also means great encounters and a close-knit and diverse group, which helps each other not only in the training but also in our respective practices."
Erel Cavit
ECE Accountancy & Tax
"Knowing and mastering each subject of taxation had become obvious if I wanted to professionally reach a very high level. The Executive Master in Tax Management allows me to remain competitive on a professional level. If I want to remain credible in taxation in in general and in expertise in particular, I must stay up to date and always add more arrows to my bow. The conference managers also push us in this direction by encouraging us to be creative in order to solve all types of cases. "
Yeba Olayé

”This programme was a real asset to get me started. I not only received an effective toolbox to think about my project in a solid way. I was able to benefit from practical advice and tailor-made coaching which allowed me to develop a clear vision of my project as well as a clear understanding of my strengths. This training marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure. Being part of a network as stimulating and active as the Solvay Entrepreneurs network allows me to advance successfully at each stage.”

Roxane & Agathe Gernaert
Knees to Chin
"We come out of this training with new objectives and equipped with the necessary tools to achieve them! Nothing is more enriching than being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, it allows us to create links, share and learn a lot through the experiences of each."
Patrick Menache
CEO & Founder
Macnash Associates

”This programme has established important milestones in my journey as an entrepreneur. The speakers taught me what mistakes not to make. When we want to create an association, we sometimes suffer from a lack of realism, we miss things that we refuse to see. I stay in touch with Solvay veterans and, very often, they call me for an opinion. I attach a lot of importance to this relationship of trust.”

Catherine Pleeck
Good Stories

“We have all the tools to have enough confidence in ourselves, in our project and also ensure that the risks are limited to get started correctly. That allowed me to get started and still be here after several years.

Christine Thioux
ATH & Associates
“My job pushes me to continually question myself. My clients are managers of multinationals and owners of SMEs. For many years I have observed that more and more of them are in search of meaning. They seek to know what their usefulness is and how they can help businesses and the world evolve in a more positive way.

The great wealth of the Executive Programme en Management & Philosophies is to bring together recognised top managers – often people who are not very available, or even untouchable – and renowned philosophers to have them debate without taboo. In my opinion, it is the first training which combines deep questions of philosophy, those of ethics, the meaning of life... with those of management and pure economic issues, to invite us to rethink our practices and to make ourselves more creative.

Beyond the year of study, a dynamic of constructive and continuous critical thinking is initiated. This is not at all training for utopians. It’s a unique programme, very pragmatic, closely connected to the reality on the ground.
Frédéric Nolf
Director of Human Resources and Sustainability
“In addition to my position as HR Director, I also take care of the sustainable development program at IBA. These two aspects of my role lead me to always question the meaning of what we do. I found it important to revalidate a certain number of managerial principles from a moral and ethical point of view.

The Executive Programme en Management & Philosophies allows us to confront our thinking with philosophers rather than the formatted business world. Chatting with Luc Ferry or André Comte-Sponville offers exceptional insight into the role of the company.

This programme allowed me to progress in my thoughts, to open new avenues, to integrate new references in an economic world where the sole profit of the company is no longer enough.
Laurence Vandenbrouck
General Counsel
RTL Belgium
“In the company I work for, there is regular management training. I realised that these were crossed by the question of “how”. How to be a good boss? How to be empathetic? How to motivate your teams? It was certainly useful but something was missing for me. Making people happy at work is certainly an interesting program, but I needed to know what it was to be happy and even understand what work was.

It is to answer these metaphysical questions that I registered. It was a way of moving from how to why. During the sessions, seeds are sown in the mind, they continue to grow by initiating another look at reality.”
Eugénie Mennig
Participant 22-23
Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate
"The integrated project of the Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate was an incredibly enriching experience. Not only did it allow me to put the theoretical courses into practice, but it also made me aware of the existing constraints for implementing new perspectives and approaches in the field. The constant dialogue with different stakeholders, each bringing their own expertise, has been a real source of inspiration and learning.

Thanks to the evolution of our integrated project, I had the opportunity to explore and understand different aspects of real estate development throughout the year. This immersion allowed me to develop essential skills, both professionally and personally."
Bernard Van Dieren
Participant 22-23
Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate

“The Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate equipped me with knowledge, confidence and contacts in the sector. Concretely, this allowed me to personally study several real estate development projects and to initiate different approaches to acquire land suitable for the development of mixed and innovative projects.

This training is essential for any real estate professional wishing to contribute to the current transformation of the sector. It offers both access to an unrivaled professional network and the opportunity to meet very high quality speakers.”

Isabelle Linkens
Executive Director of the Lobbes, Nivelles and Tubize sites
CHU Helora
It is both dynamic and intense training which allowed me to better understand hospital operations. We start again from the study of organisations by quickly delving into the specificities linked to healthcare institutions, both in the financial, organisational, qualitative and managerial areas. A sample of the Belgian hospital world is represented both in the teaching staff and among the participants, leaving a prominent place for the multidisciplinary approach.”
Lionel Dieu
Fund Manager
EDFI Management Company

I‘ve picked the programme in People Leadership to have a little bit more of a theoretical background and to get the keys and concepts on how to lead, motivate and coach colleagues and people who are part of my team so we can reach common goals together. 

Claire Bernard
Head of Talent Acquisition

What I found super interesting in the People Leadership Programme is that it's a perfectly balanced mix between theory and concepts and also practical cases and knowledge and experience sharing. I, of course, like, the fact that both trainers come from the private/public world, which makes it for me more interesting and relevant. Also, the rhythm of the education is adapted to professional life. 

Adrien Dufour
Managing Director
Clinique Saint-Luc Bouge
I discovered a transformative approach to reputation during the programme. The experience showed me that reputation is much more than a catchy logo or slogan; it's the imprint you leave on the minds of your customers, partners and employees. Many thanks to the coordinators, passionate experts and inspiring participants who made this training an unforgettable human adventure.
Elisabeth Van Damme
External Communication & Governmental Affairs Director

The Executive Programme en Gestion de la Reputation perfectly combines theory, practice and inspiring testimonials from renowned personalities. Thanks to this course, I was able to deepen my knowledge and develop new skills.


I would highly recommend this incredibly rewarding programme to anyone wishing to acquire solid expertise in reputation management. The courses are captivating, relevant and offer real added value for career progression. Translated with (free version)

Anouk Renard
Ayres Propreties
The Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate has had a significant impact on my professional life. This programme has enabled me to master the concepts of sustainable real estate, making me more confident in advising my clients and helping them build sustainable buildings.
As a business leader, my vision has evolved. I now have a better understanding of economic, environmental, and social issues, which allows me to better support property developers in their projects and effectively guide them in constructing sustainable and high-quality buildings.
Jean-Paul Guarrera

The Executive Master in Management (EMM) has profondly impact my personal and professional life. As an electronics engineer and founder of my own company, Conceptualize, I enrolled in the EMM following an unsuccessful fundraising attempt to gain deeper insights into my mistakes.


An engineering role demands rigour and precision, while a managerial position requires adaptability. The greatest challenge is reconciling these two approaches. The EMM has guided me through this transformation with training in essential soft skills and management techniques tailored to today's dynamic business environment.


Previously a highly directive leader, I have evolved into a more collaborative one, embracing generational shifts. This programme has sharpened my skills in financial management and marketing, reshaping my perspective on the market. The EMM has broadened my horizons and successfully revitalised my business ventures.

Djaouida Chatem
Finance and Supply Chain Manager

Thanks to the Executive Master in Management, I've strengthened my resilience, developed active listening skills, and learned to take a step back. This has made me more aware of societal and human issues.


The "méthode des cas" was the highlight of the programme, providing a cross-disciplinary approach to the subjects studied while reflecting on real-world professional challenges we face daily. This is what enhances the Executive Master in Management!

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