Fueling Your Career Growth: Insights, Connections, and Lunch with EMBA Business Lunch Series

Marianna Rousaki | Content & Social Media Coordinator 16/11/2023 alumni testimonials, Executive MBA

Embarking on a new endeavour, the Executive MBA programme has introduced in the latest year a refreshing concept to elevate the learning experience for its participants: the EMBA Business Lunch Series!  This initiative brings top-level speakers right into your classroom, offering a powerful blend of insights, networking opportunities, and a well-deserved break amid your busy learning days.


Why a Business Lunch?

The concept of a business lunch within our EMBA was conceived to enrich your educational journey and we have designed it to be a valuable addition to your curriculum:

  1. Diverse Perspectives: Guest speakers contribute a different viewpoint on specific topics, enhancing your learning experience beyond the conventional classroom setting.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Past the academic realm, the business lunch provides a unique platform to connect with and learn from seasoned experts. This networking could potentially open doors to future job opportunities or mentorship.
  3. Real-World Application: Guest speakers bring real-world examples, demonstrating how theoretical concepts or classroom theories can be applied in practical business scenarios.
  4. Cultural Inclusion: The concept introduces diversity and inclusion to the learning environment, offering perspectives and insights from various cultures, professional backgrounds, and experiences.


Highlights from our Recent Business Lunches:

Business Lunch 27/10:

Nicolas Denis from McKinsey & Company joined our lunch session and shared insights from his research on the challenges and opportunities associated with Belgium's net-zero transition. It was inspiring and really interesting hearing about where Belgium can aspire to leadership positions in the world and how it can seize opportunities for green growth! 

Business Lunch 11/11:

In a dynamic session during the Entrepreneurship class with Alexander Hahn, this Business Lunch featured three speakers: Monica Santalena, organiser of an entrepreneurial competition for the young generation, presented her impactful work and introduced our participants to the projects of two competition winners: Philippe de Liedekerke discussed sports initiatives at IFRE –  the development of an application measuring the performance of amateur football players and increasing their chances of being hired as a professional football player. Simon Gillet from Mineralio delved into STEM topics, discussing his start-up that recycles mussel waste, as well as his interior design products and business. 


Participant’s feedback: it’s a win! 

Our EMBA learner, Benjamin Dumont, shared his excitement about the EMBA Business Lunch Series: 

"Solvay Business School's Executive MBA programme has launched a unique concept to elevate the learning experience for its participants – the Business Lunch Series. It not only deepens our grasp of theoretical concepts but also underscores their practical application in the real world, enriched by the wealth of experience, expertise, and knowledge generously shared by seasoned leaders within our cohort. I am especially looking forward to the upcoming session with Vincent Van Dessel, CEO of Euronext Brussels, that will occur during our Macroeconomics class. The programme actively prioritises a comprehensive education, moulding us into versatile business leaders equipped with a globally informed perspective."


As the EMBA Business Lunch Series continues to unfold, it promises to be a key catalyst in your journey towards becoming a well-rounded and globally informed business leader - stay tuned for our next ones! 

More info on the programme : Executive MBA

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