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Notice of Completion

Upon completion of your programme at the Solvay Lifelong Learning


As per  the Decree of 07 November 2013, defining the higher education landscape and the academic organisation of studies (Décret Paysage) of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Solvay Lifelong Learning of Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management - Université Libre de Bruxelles award the below certificate upon completion of your programme. 

There are two types of programmes offered at Solvay Lifelong Learning, which are: 

  • 0-9 European Credits Transfer System (ECTS) or non-certifying programmes
  • 10 European Credits Transfer System (ECTS) or certificates 


University Certificate / Certificat d’université

The University Certificate is a non-degree programme* (article 15 § 1er 16° décret «paysage»). This means that it does not confer an academic degree. The aim is to supplement or broaden your initial training, acquire a specialisation, perfect your knowledge and keep you up to date in your field of expertise. This type of programme has a minimum of 10 credits and leads to the award of a University Certificate.

Be aware that: 

  • University Certificates might open rights to study visas if they bear a minimum of 54 ECTS.**
  • University Certificates might open rights to training subsidies and leaves (more information on this page)


Non-Certifying Programmes (Attestation)

A document which, without conferring an academic degree or awarding credits, attests of the participation to a course and where applicable, the associated assessment and its level (article 15, §1, 8° Décret Paysage). 


Be aware that: 


  • Programmes awarding attestation do not open rights to study visas.
  • Programmes awarding attestation  might open rights to training subsidies and leaves. 


*A degree as per Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles is either a Bachelor, Master, Master of Specialization or Doctorate.

** Subject to Belgian Immigration Policies


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