Executive Master en Management des Institutions de Santé et de Soins

Expand your role as a manager in hospital and healthcare settings.







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Who is this training for?



This Executive Master is designed for individuals currently working or preparing to take on management responsibilities in the hospital and healthcare sector.


Admission Requirements

  • University degree (bachelor's or master's) or Doctorate title.
  • Have at least three years of experience in a role related to the internal management of a healthcare institution or one of its services, or an institution related to the management or regulation of the healthcare system.


Your benefits

Expand your knowledge in the healthcare industry.


Analysis of sector mechanisms

The programme provides a comprehensive analysis of the internal mechanisms governing the operation of healthcare institutions and their regulations.


Accounting and management control

The programme empowers you to incorporate specialised methods of accounting and management control into healthcare institutions.


Analysis of external constraints

The programme also encompasses the recent evolution of external constraints that impact the healthcare system.


A tailored programme to meet your needs


The Executive Master en Management des Institutions de Santé et de Soins equips participants with the skills to effectively manage healthcare and care institutions, taking into consideration the ethical and therapeutic demands of modern medicine, as well as the managerial, financial, and organisational constraints of an ever-changing sector. It includes a series of seminars on current topics in hospital, healthcare, and social-medical management.

Seminar 1
Health legislation
Seminar 2
Economy and health systems
Seminar 3
Organisation, human resources management
Seminar 4
Epidemiology and hospital data management
Seminar 5
Efficiency, quality of care
Seminar 6
Strategy and marketing
Seminar 7
Accounting, management control and health financing

Teaching Methodology

A methodology encompassing 4 key principles.


The principle of reality

You will be immersed in real-life situations, engaging with professionals in the field. Their firsthand experience greatly enhances the quality of the teachings.


The concept of reflection-action

The Executive Master's programme is designed to enhance your ability to navigate unfamiliar situations.


The principle of multidisciplinarity.

The disciplines of exact sciences and humanities complement each other and thrive together.


The principle of knowledge

The knowledge imparted within the framework of this Executive Master's aligns with current trends and aims for practical application.


What our participants say

Isabelle Linkens
Executive Director of the Lobbes, Nivelles and Tubize sites
CHU Helora
It is both dynamic and intense training which allowed me to better understand hospital operations. We start again from the study of organisations by quickly delving into the specificities linked to healthcare institutions, both in the financial, organisational, qualitative and managerial areas. A sample of the Belgian hospital world is represented both in the teaching staff and among the participants, leaving a prominent place for the multidisciplinary approach.”
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How do I finance my training?


  • Alumni of the Solvay Brussels School, Solvay Lifelong Learning, Université libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees


Subject to renewal of the regional agreements


  • Flanders region - SME Wallet: The SME e-wallet is oriented towards practitioners of ‘liberal professions’ and SMEs whose operational headquarters are located in the Flemish Region. You have to submit the subsidy application within 14 days of the start of the programme/module/course. (for more information: VLAIO)

Certificate Awarded

At the end of this programme, you will obtain a university certificate.