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Develop your knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills in your three roles as a people leader, manager and coach.







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Who is the programme aimed at?



Our Programme in People Leadership is designed for professionals wishing to learn the fundamentals of people management, as well as to evaluate and reflect on their leadership habits and practices.


Admission criteria

  • A formal or informal team responsibility.

“People managers have an impact on almost every aspect of their team members' working lives. It is therefore essential to be aware of this impact and to understand how it can be optimised.”

Valerie Vangeel

Valérie Vangeel

Academic Director | Programme in People Leadership

About the programme

Empower your teams, drive innovation

Humans are the lifeblood of every thriving organisation. Effective leaders empower their teams to unleash their full potential, fostering heightened engagement, productivity, and innovation. Our programme delves into the practical aspects, challenges, and real-world experiences of participants to equip them with the knowledge and skills essential for success as a people leader.

Practice-oriented and real-world based.

Organised in small groups of up to 16 people, this short programme is highly practical and interactive, focusing on the real-life experiences of participants who acquire the necessary frameworks to formalise their approach to people management.

Personal development through self-reflection and peer-to-peer coaching.

The programme offers a personal development plan, helping leaders understand, develop and adjust their posture in their three roles. By doing so, our participants increase their impact on their team, and through them on their results and organisation.

An opportunity to strengthen your network.
The programme emphasises interaction among participants and with trainers. This enables participants to enrich their own vision, exchange with specialists and other business leaders, and to expand their network.

Your Learning Path

The programme consists of 3 sprints of 3 weeks and a closing session. In each sprint, participants will go through the following steps:

  1. Theoretical concepts. Video clips and readings will allow participants to familiarise themselves with the concepts and frameworks used prior to the face-to-face sessions;
  2. Exercises and practice during the days in the classroom;
  3. Online collective supervision of your on-the-job practice;
  4. Personal development through self-reflection and peer-to-peer coaching.
Module 1
My role as a leader: vision, mission and values

Understand my Why and inspire my team's Why.

Date: 19 March 2024 (09-17h)

Module 2
My role as a manager I: delegation and empowerment

Define, adapt and lead the How.

Date: 16 April 2024 (09-17h)

Module 3
My role as a manager II: creating a motivating environment

Accompanying the What and developing talent.

Date: 21 May 2024 (09-17h)

Module 4
My role as a coach: coach for growth

The foundations of a high-performing team and a lasting commitment.

Date: 11 June 2024 (09-17h)

Module 5
Online supervision sessions

Allow participants to make concrete progress.

Dates: 9 April, 14 May, 11 June 2024 (12-14h)

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Who is the programme aimed at?

Our Programme in People Leadership is designed for professionals wishing to learn the fundamentals of people management, as well as to evaluate and reflect on their leader habits and practices.

No prerequisites are required, although a formal or informal team responsibility is a plus.

Is there financial aid available?


Alumni of the Solvay Brussels School, Solvay Lifelong Learning, Université libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel benefit from a 10% discount on tuition fees


  • Flanders Region - KMO Portefeuille: the SME e-wallet is a measure whereby you – as an entrepreneur – receive financial aid when purchasing services that improve the quality of your enterprise. These services contain training courses. More information.
  • Brussels SMEs can, under certain conditions, benefit from regional aid of up to 50% of the registration fees. More information.