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Who is this training for?



The Executive Master in Tax Management is designed for recent university graduates, tax professionals, or specialised professionals looking to refresh their knowledge or gain a deeper understanding in specific areas of taxation, as well as foreign participants who work in tax-related professions in their own countries or are part of international financial institutions.

Key Admissions Criteria

  • A university degree or a high school diploma from the ARES network is required.
  • French Proficiency
  • For candidates who do not have a university degree or possess a degree obtained abroad, approval from the Bureau of the Executive Master in Tax Management is required.
  • The number of participants is limited in order to maintain the programme's coherence.
Your benefits

A career boost in the field of taxation


A degree that supercharges your career

The Executive Master in Tax Management encompasses all aspects of taxation and empowers you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the sector, as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in tax professions. Additionally, this programme offers exemptions from ITAA entrance exams for those pursuing a more economic-focused career.


A competitive advantage in legal and financial circles

The Executive Master in Tax Management aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of tax management, both in corporate settings and for individual portfolios. With 350 hours of coursework per year, this programme requires consistent and dedicated effort while delivering a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of taxation. It serves as a strong and meaningful asset to support the advancement of your professional career.


A strong network in the legal and financial field

The professors invite renowned speakers to discuss current topics and provide you with opportunities for internships and careers in their firms and companies. Moreover, the Executive Master in Tax Management grants you access to an extensive alumni network, bringing together prominent figures in Belgian tax law from all universities. Multiple events are organised each year, allowing you to connect with them.


Practical learning

The faculty is composed of renowned tax practitioners. Their professional commitment allows them to illustrate the theoretical and regulatory teaching of the subject through practical cases derived from their personal experience. The practical exercises allow you to immerse yourself in the reality of the field, explore research tools, analyse legal texts, and develop directly applicable skills in the exercise of your duties.

The programme

A timely and up-to-date training programme.


The Executive Master in Tax Management spans over two years, with the second year dedicated to specialisation and offering three certificates:


  • Wealth and SME Taxation


  • Financial Taxation


  • International Taxation


For each course, you will have access to comprehensive course materials written by the professors themselves. Some of these materials are even part of the renowned "Fiscal Collection of the Solvay Brussels School" published by Editions Larcier. These resources are considered authoritative references in the field of taxation.

To explore the comprehensive program in its entirety, download the brochure at the end of this page.
Block 1

First-year courses

Duration : 100 hours - 6 courses

Gain a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of tax law through two essential pillars: legal concepts and accounting.
Depending on your profile and qualifications, the academic team may require you to complete a portion or all of the courses in this first block.

Block 2
The basics

First-year courses

Duration: 285 hours - 13 courses


Dive into the core subjects that form the foundation of taxation and directly engage with what defines the field of fiscal discipline.

Block 3
In-depth courses

Second-year course

Duration: 170 hours - 11 courses


Deepen your understanding of the previous year's subject matter with the core courses.

Block 4

Second-year course

Duration: Depends on choice


Begin your specialisation with two different certificates of your choice: wealth taxation and SME taxation, financial taxation, international taxation.

Teaching Methodology

An innovative tax programme

Fiscal concerns are constantly evolving and increasingly taking into account issues of fairness and sustainability. The Executive Master in Tax Management has always been able to adapt and evolve to meet current and future needs, such as creating courses on ESG, compliance, and CSR challenges. This dynamic approach is inherent to the program's DNA, as it remains attentive to the future challenges of taxation.

The Executive Master in Tax Management spans over 2 years and goes beyond a "vertical" division of the subject matter (direct taxes, VAT, other indirect taxes...). Instead, it takes a transversal approach to the profession, offering a more comprehensive and practical understanding of the situations you encounter.


Additionally, the programme allows you to specialise in three tax domains through certifications.

Many courses offer comprehensive overviews of tax disciplines related to specific sectors of the economy, such as estate planning, banking taxation, and real estate. Some courses focus on advanced finance techniques that cover all taxes associated with these activities.


Several courses are conducted in the form of seminars, utilising the renowned case method, which encourages active student participation and provides a direct application of acquired skills.

"Taxation is a global and crucial issue. Join a vibrant community of dynamic professionals in all areas of taxation."

Typhanie Afschrift and Colette Plasman

Typhanie Afschrift & Colette Plasman

Academic Directors

EMGF Statistics

The programme in numbers



is the average age of the participants.



of the participants have graduated from a Belgian university.



of the participants have pursued studies in a Master's programme in Law.



of the participants have pursued studies in Business Engineering.


What our participants say

Bastiano Ranalli
Lawyer Estate Planning

"By enrolling in the Executive Master in Tax Management, I was able to acquire considerable and in-depth tax knowledge while working at the same time. The practical and transversal learning as well as the experienced, specialised, and above all very accessible teaching staff allowed me to acquire the reflexes necessary to practice my profession as a tax lawyer.

The Executive Master in Tax Management allowed me to complete my civil training in law and notarial science and to acquire in-depth knowledge in all aspects of taxation, while developing a network and opportunities."

Chloé Godfroid
Tax Lawyer
Harvest Law Firm
"The Executive Master in Tax Management allowed me to have a global and transversal vision of taxation, which I lacked when I finished my master's degree. The training helped me to be rigorous and organised in my profession and to have good reflexes in my daily practice. From a personal point of view, the Executive Master in Tax Management also means great encounters and a close-knit and diverse group, which helps each other not only in the training but also in our respective practices."
Erel Cavit
ECE Accountancy & Tax
"Knowing and mastering each subject of taxation had become obvious if I wanted to professionally reach a very high level. The Executive Master in Tax Management allows me to remain competitive on a professional level. If I want to remain credible in taxation in in general and in expertise in particular, I must stay up to date and always add more arrows to my bow. The conference managers also push us in this direction by encouraging us to be creative in order to solve all types of cases. "

The Executive Master in Tax Management is proud to have privileged partnerships with oFFFcourse, IFA, and Larcier. Through these partnerships, you benefit from a premium access to oFFFcourses, the largest online training platform, and receive certain books from Larcier for free.

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Any Questions?

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What are the criteria for obtaining the certificate?

In order to validate and obtain their Master's degree in Tax Management, participants must have completed and passed all exams in the first and second year (common core and two certificates).

What is the selection procedure?

To ensure programme excellence, the Bureau carefully reviews the application files of each applicant. Our dedicated team then selects the most qualified candidates. Applications are accepted based on a complete online submission via our website, within the specified timeframe.


The programme capacity is limited to maintain its integrity.

Can I register for only one particular certificate?

It is possible to exclusively take individual courses from the certificate programme. This offer includes the certificate of your choice + one course from the catalog.


Candidates who wish to solely take certificate courses must submit an application in which they justify a specific background in tax law.


The courses can be taken as an independent student and a certificate of participation will be awarded upon completion of the courses.

What is included in the tuition fee?

The tuition includes the tax code for the Executive Master in Tax Management, access to the ULB library, access to the OFFF Course training platform, and attendance to select IFA conferences.

How do I finance my training?

Do you reside in the Flemish Region? The KMO-Portefeuille allows you, as an entrepreneur, to receive financial assistance for the purchase of services that enhance the quality of your business. These services include training courses. More information here.

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