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Advanced Master in Financial Markets

This programme seeks Master students or professionals in the early phase of their career with a degree in economics, management or finance (but also in other disciplines - such as law, maths, engineering - if willing and able to acquire basic proficiency in financial or economic matters), with a strong academic background, and the intellectual curiosity and discipline that are necessary to succeed in a very demanding environment.

Monday 17 June 2024

18h00 - 19h00


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What’s on the agenda

Join our online webinar on Thursday, 17th of June 2024 to learn all about the Advanced Master in Financial Markets: our postgraduate programme in finance for professionals and Master graduates willing to gain practical learning, connections and inspiration for success in financial markets and services.

18h - 18h30
Presentation of the Programme.

by Benjamin Lorent

18h30 - 19h00
Questions/Answers live session

with the academic team

About the speaker

Presented by Benjamin Lorent, Academic Director

Benjamin Lorent is a Professor in Finance and Financial Accounting at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Université Libre de Bruxelles), at University of Mons (Belgium), at Rouen University (France) and at Toulon University (France). He also teaches in numerous executive programs at Solvay and in Vietnam.


He holds a PhD in finance from Solvay and a Master in Actuarial Sciences. Finally, he is a finance consultant for financial services companies, SMEs and the financial management advisor of several institutions. His topics of interest include corporate finance and financial analysis, insurance regulation and risk management.

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About the programme

Acquire the competencies and the skill set that top financial firms are expecting from their young professionals thanks to:


    • your deep understanding of how financial markets work in practice,


    • the connections between theory and practice of the financial markets,


    • your mastering of sophisticated financial techniques,


    • your familiarity with sustainability and sustainable finance, what it is and why it matters for corporates, financial markets and services players.
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