Advanced Masters

Modular Programme in Financial Markets

Register to courses of the Advanced Master in Financial Markets to cater for your specific training objectives.


Location: Brussels

Language: English

Format: Evening (6-9 pm) and Saturday classes.

Starting date: September 16, 2024.

Price: 2,000 per course (degressive if more, see details below).
Length: For each 24-hour course: 8 classes of 3 hours over a period of 6 weeks (plus exam in the following two weeks).




Info session

Advanced Master in Financial Markets

18h00 - 19h00



Networking event

Solvay's Advanced Masters: Early Access Open Day

15h00 - 18h30
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Who is the programme aimed at?



Financial Markets courses are available for young professionals in the first phase of their career in the financial sector or mid-career seeking to strengthen their expertise in some specific areas or keen to direct their career towards the financial sector.


Different courses can cater to the needs of different professional profiles, such as valuation experts and risk managers to lawyers or public affairs officers.


Key admissions criteria

  • English proficiency
  • Master's degree from a recognised institution (you can apply during your final year of study) OR Bachelor's degree from a recognised institution combined with work experience

Strengthen your understanding and knowledge in financial markets

24 courses to choose from


You can design your own module by selecting as many courses as you wish among the 24 courses offered in the curriculum of the Advanced Master in Financial Markets.


You will follow the courses together with the participants of this Advanced Master and benefit from the same teaching support.  They may take exams at the end of the course like the Advanced Master participants.

At your own path


  • The courses give you a much deeper and more practical understanding of financial markets than the ones offered by classical academic programmes and many external training programmes.
  • Classes are taught after business hours (6 to 9 pm on weekdays and Saturdays) making it possible to combine them with a full-time professional activity.
  • Companies may register different staff to different courses if they wish as part of a single Module.


What's in it for you?

Take your career #ToTheNextLevel


The programme is designed for young or mid-career professionals who want to combine a full-time professional activity with a short-term, in-depth and practical training in specific areas as a means of bolstering their career and exploiting their full potential.




Upon completion of the module, participants will be awarded by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management - Université libre de Bruxelles a certificate of successful participation to the relevant courses and exams.

Career opportunities


Our graduates have been recruited by a range of firms in Belgium and abroad, including:


  • Banks and investment banks;
  • Asset managers and private equity funds;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Consulting or advisory firms;
  • Regulatory Agencies;
  • Industrial Companies;
  • Fintech, Trade Associations, Universities, etc.

You can choose the training that suits your career development needs among very practical courses delivered by senior practitioners who know what is expected from young professionals to succeed in today’s financial markets.


Benjamin Lorent_AMFM

Benjamin Lorent

Academic Director | Advanced Master in Financial Markets


What our students say

Galib Akash
Structured Finance Associate

“Coming to Solvay, meeting different people and enthusiastic professors who are looking to help candidates at a personal level helped me not only improve my finance knowledge but also change my approach, helping me secure a full-time job in investment banking. The reputation and the rigorous curriculum of the programme proved to be a key factor in my interviews as I was able to display my finance abilities and understanding of the current state of matters in the industry.”

Justyna Kaminska
Financial Markets
"I chose Solvay because of the location, the design of the programme, and the field visits that were very appealing. In my opinion, the  Advanced Master in Financial Markets leads to any job within the MNAIP or VC. However, from my personal perspective, you are also very well prepared for any job within the banking industry."
Julie Van Eeckhout
Financial Analyst
National Bank of Belgium

“The programme prepares you in the best possible way to enter the job market and this is also helped by the career coaching service, the interesting field visits and the networking possibilities. My job opportunities were much broader after this advanced master. It definitely helped me get a job right away at the European Central Bank.”


Ready. Set. Go.

Apply now. Learn tomorrow.

  1. Complete and submit the online pre-enrolment form herewith and attach your CV;
  2. Receive feedback on your eligibility;
  3. Have a personal interview with the Academic Director;
  4. Receive feedback on your admission.


Application deadlines
  • For courses in Term 1: August 2024
  • For courses in Term 2: October 2024
  • For courses in Term 3: December 2024
  • For courses in Term 4: February 2025


  • Candidates may apply on their own initiative or be sponsored by their employer.
  • Special arrangements are available for companies that would like to register several young professionals to different courses. 



Any Questions?
I'm here to help!

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Price per module

Engage in our comprehensive learning experience with our modular course offerings, starting at €2,000 per module.


For those eager to explore more, we provide a discounted pricing structure: 


Module of 2 courses: €3,750 
Module of 3 courses: €5,250 
Module of 4 courses: €6,500 
Module of 5 or more courses: €1,000 per complementary course