Company-Specific Programmes

Welcome to our corporate training programmes: designed to enhance management performance within your organisation.
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Empowering your teams

Whenever your teams need to acquire new skills or knowledge, gain experience and boost their leadership, customised programmes are the name of the game. Our added value is generated by our ability:

  • To translate your needs into a curated sequence of relevant content, ranging from case studies, articles, and videos to business games and field projects.
  • To provide participants with state-of-the-art knowledge, tools and techniques
  • To source the most suitable trainers inside or outside the school’s core faculty. Depending on your needs, we can either select one of our academics or provide training partner companies, other academic institutions, and training centres.
  • To make sure the programme is perfectly delivered and has an energising effect on your managers, powered by the right mix of group dynamics and individual coaching when needed.

The team of professors brings an exciting mix of theory and practice. They provide personal,
dynamic learning through real-life case studies, group work, and individual assignments.
Participants are encouraged to
ask questions, engage in meaningful discussion and bring new ideas to the debate.
The course offers a multidisciplinary perspective
integrating the study of leadership, strategy execution, resource management, and innovation.
Classes will draw from a wide
range of multimedia from various international sources. This ranges from journal articles to videos, documentaries, and business case studies.

Knowledge and experience fully adapted to your needs

Going further than "tailor-made"

We believe tailor-made programmes should be unique, which is exactly why no two company programmes ever resemble one another. Crafting an efficient training programme requires two elements:

  • Knowledge: we will assess with you the current knowledge level of your team and decide together which skills they should master by the end of the programme. We will then put together the topics that need to be covered and decide on the content of each session.
  • Experience: we always select the most appropriate trainers, experts and coaches to work with your team - those who have both the knowledge your teams need and the experience to help them relate that knowledge to your industry and their day-to-day working life.

In short, we commit to building your training programme from the ground up, and to tailor them to your needs. We will deliver a programme that responds to your sector as well as the needs of your organisation and your team, and select the best people to deliver it.

Anchoring the content

A well-suited management development programme is more than just a collection of training modules. A company programme is an agent of change and needs to be managed as such. Therefore, expect us to challenge you: not only do we want your teams to acquire the knowledge they need, but we also want to make sure they will act on that knowledge from day 1 and make a difference every day. 

All our programmes include:

  • Wrap-ups and takeaways during the sessions, and especially near the end. This helps the participants interact intensively with each other and progressively reflect on how they can incorporate what they learned in their daily work once they are back in the field;
  • Individual coaching sessions planned throughout the weeks and months after the formal training sessions. The coaches make sure that the participants constantly practice the skills and methods acquired to improve their work.

We look forward to working with you

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Company-Specific Programmes Team

Building bridges to create value

From general management to in-depth specific programmes

As a business school located within a university that has numerous partnerships with other institutions, we have developed programmes in many areas of management: Business Administration, Leadership, Sustainability, Finance, Pricing, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sales and Marketing, Strategy, HR, and many more.

We also draw on our unique position to:

  • Incorporate into our programmes the experience provided by relevant research production selected from all over the world
  • Capitalise on our broad and tight connections with the business and economic worlds.

From “in-company” to “cross-company”

Staying at the top also means finding new ways to deliver value to businesses and organisations. That is why we are now experimenting with multi-company programmes, in areas where interaction with other companies in the same or different industries will provide your teams with added value.

"In order to turn digital disruption into opportunities, businesses need to re-examine their business model to find how to boost their value proposition, create new services and target new audiences."

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