Executive Programme in Enterprise Risk Management

Manage uncertainty, take action and create value.
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
7 days
Online: 27 & 28 November On site: 4-8 December
5 days/week + online
Monday to Friday
€ 5.995 No VAT
Course material and catering included; 10% discount for IRM and Solvay alumni
Registration deadline: 20/11/2023 | Programme start: 27/11/2023

Who is the programme aimed at?


• Managers and senior managers with responsibility of risk management, risk advisors and consultants
• Participants from public or private sector organisations or non-governmental organisations, including those who do not have a specific risk management function, as there are elements of risk present in their role and organisation
• Entrepreneurs and leaders of startups or small organisations, managing the risks associated with establishing and growing their business
non-governmental organisation

Key admissions criteria

  • Basic Excel use
  • English proficiency
  • Significant work experience in a relevant role(s)

Your benefits

Understand and lead the implementation of risk management and governance best practices in your organisation

Gain the toolkit, leadership skills, and confidence to proactively mitigate risks across functions, projects and transformations.

Through a joint risk management training, together with The Institute of Risk Management, contributing to achieving technical specialist status (SIRM) or IRMCert status.

Join Solvay Brussels School's risk management community and the global IRM network.

From a diverse and small cohort (maximum 20 participants) of experienced professionals and leaders from a wide range of responsibilities, sectors, and countries.

Develop and implement a rigorous, holistic and effective approach to risk management across different disciplines and functions of your organisation.

Enhance risk decision-making capabilities, business performance and responsiveness by improving risk decision making.

Gain privileged access to the research, thought leadership and resources of the Institute of Risk Management, the world’s leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management, and the Solvay Brussels School-Economics & Management.

Overview of the Programme

IRM is the leading body for professional Enterprise Risk Management. They help build excellence in risk management to improve the way organisations work. High standards of quality and integrity are vital to the success of the risk profession, underpinned by their Professional Standards.

IRM is the leading body for professional Enterprise Risk Management. They help build excellence in risk management to improve the way organisations work. 
High standards of quality and integrity are vital to the success of the risk profession, underpinned by their Professional Standards. 

An extraordinary partnership & an exceptional risk management learning experience

This programme offers a distinctive approach that combines highly interactive learning within a small cohort of experienced professionals, practical application through real-world problem-solving, and academic rigor with a cutting-edge curriculum addressing the most pressing risk topics of today and tomorrow.

1 . Risk Management Essentials (1/2)

Date: 27 November 2023 

Duration: 4 hours (online)

2 . Risk Management Essentials (2/2)

Date: 28 November 2023 

Duration: 4 hours (online)

3 . Risk Management Essentials in Practice

Date: 4 december 2023

Duration: 1 day (on site)

4 . Financial Risk

Date: 5 december 2023

Duration: 1 day (on site)

5 . Sustainable Transition Risk

Date: 6 december 2023

Duration: 1 day (on site)

6 . Project Risk

Date: 7 december 2023

Duration: Half a day (on site)

7 . Industrial Risk

Date: 7 december 2023

Duration: Half a day (on site)

8 . Cybersecurity Risk

Date: 8 december 2023

Duration: Half a day (on site)

9 . Business Continuity

Date: 8 december 2023

Duration: Half a day (on site)

More programme features

Educational support

They include an array of exercises & real-life cases, videos, business and role-playing games.

Across each module, participants are provided with the tools and concepts to solidify their know-how in risk management. This is followed by discussions or real cases, hands-on application of tools and simulations of possible scenarios a risk professional may find themselves in.

1 training, 2 certificates

Attendants actively contributing during sessions and meeting the criteria laid out by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and Solvay Lifelong Learning (SLL) receive 2 certificates:

  • The Accredited Certificate Risk Management Essentials from the IRM; this enables graduates to apply as a Certified Member of the IRM and to use the title of Certified Risk Professional
  • The "Executive Programme in Enterprise Risk Management" Certificate issued by SLL


I attended the Solvay School of Economics Enterprise Risk Management Programme to further my knowledge of Risk Management as a new Risk Manager. The training was very well organised and conducted by recognised lecturers in the subject who relayed a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered in a manageable and structured format. I have been able to adopt all aspects of the course and successfully integrate them, which importantly has developed the Risk Culture in the business. I would recommend the course to other professionals looking to gain further knowledge of Risk Management and how to put it into practice.

As a worldwide renowned construction company, BESIX attaches great importance to Risk Management. From this perspective, the programme gives a comprehensive outlook on the different disciplines involved in Enterprise Risk Management. Besides the training modules, it also gives the opportunity to exchange with the other participants on how risk management is organised in their companies and enables to expand your global network!


Pierre Poncelet
ULB Solvay Brussels School & BDO
Professor of Enterprise Wide & Sustainability Wise Risk Management

Academic Director

Hugues Pirotte
ULB Solvay Brussels School & FinMetrics
Programme Academic Director & Professor of Finance, co-founder of FinMetrics


Frédéric Hoffmann
BNP Paribas Fortis
Project & Portfolio Business Asset Manager, Lecturer and coach at Solvay Brussels School


Risk management is an inherent part of the running of your business. An organisation that effectively and efficiently manages its risks and opportunities is more likely to achieve its business objectives at lower overall costs.
David Lannoy
Senior Risk & Process Manager

Leading Belgian business school

Any questions?

Programme Manager
Nina Fortier