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Executive Master in Sustainability Transformation

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Who is the programme aimed at?



This programme is intended for mid- to senior-level functional managers (e.g. supply chain, strategy, marketing, HR, production, finance), consultants and entrepreneurs faced with increasing demands and requirements related to environmental, societal, and governance challenges.

Key admissions criteria

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree and min. 2 years of professional experience
  • English proficiency
  • Strong personal commitment to deliver positive value for the planet, people, and business.



The programme that takes you from the why to the how of sustainability

Your individual and company benefits.


Understand the main sustainability challenges our society and our economy are facing (and the rationale behind the required transformation of our society and economy).



Master the main concepts, jargon and frameworks (standards, protocols,…) related to sustainability.

Learn from experts and leading companies and organisations integrating sustainability challenges into their strategy, governance business practices, and every business function.


Analyse, think critically and develop your own actionable business strategies integrating sustainable development. Become an agent of positive change for business and society.

Future-proof your organisation, embracing new business opportunities and models supporting the sustainability transformation of our economy and society.

Join a community of committed peers ready to support you in driving positive change and fostering a just transition towards sustainability.

“The programme will give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a proactive and efficient change driver with a critical, pragmatic, and bold approach. You will meet with the best practitioners in all facets of sustainability, and high-level academics, and discover pioneering transformational initiatives. With a disclaimer: this programme might occasionally upset business-as-usual habits and patterns of thought.”

Bernard Mathieu

Bernard Mathieu

Academic Director


Breadth or depth? You choose!

If you want: 

If you are a CSR or sustainability officer/ manager/ project leader or consultant seeking to reduce negative environmental and social impact through sustainable practices: Get the unique deep and transversal experience you require to build the business case and the action plan for the sustainability transformation of the organisation across key business functions, through an executive master including all core and specialised modules.

If you are a functional director/manager seeking to integrate sustainability within your function's strategy, governance, practices and mindset: Get a solid understanding of sustainability challenges, jargon and frameworks and deep-dive into the implications for your role and function, through our 4 core modules and your personal selection of up to 2 modules (minimum 10 ECTS in total). Learn from experts and leading companies having integrated sustainability challenges into the business function you focus onto successfully lead this transformation within your organisation.

If you are an entrepreneur willing to seize business opportunities resulting from the overall transformation of our economy and society: Understand how sustainability challenges can be turned into new business opportunities and models with lasting positive impact, through our 4 core modules, the specific module on "Sustainable Business Strategies" and another module of your choice.
Full length

Executive Master in Sustainability Transformation


  • Formule: all core + all specialised modules
  • Price: €12.500 (exempt from VAT)
  • Certification: Executive Master in Sustainability Transformation
Short track

Executive Programme in Sustainability Transformation


  • Formule: all core + 2 specialised modules
  • Price: €8.000 (exempt from VAT)
  • Certification: Certificate in Sustainability Transformation

Core Modules

Core Module 1
The Burning Platform

State of the planet, major sustainability challenges, definition of sustainable development

- Duration: 1 week | 16 hours

Core Module 2
Assessing Impacts, Measuring Progress

Monitoring and reporting performance and impacts (including LCA)

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

Core Module 3
Leading Sustainable Transformation

Leadership and change management

- Duration: 1 week | 16 hours

Core Module 4
Sustainable Business Strategies

Embedding sustainability in existing organisations, seizing new business opportunities.

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours


Specialised Modules

Specialised Module
Sustainable Supply Chain

Designing and deploying a sustainable procurement strategy in your organisation. 

-Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

Specialised Module
Sustainable Finance

Financing the transformation,  and managing investment portfolios.

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

Specialised Module
Sustainable Operations

Key enabling technological and ton-technological innovations to achieve environmentally sustainable operations. 

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

Specialised Module
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Designing and deploying a DE&I strategy in your organisation.

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours 

Specialised Module
Building a Sustainable Business Culture and Organisation

Governance, partnership, stakeholders' management, purpose and culture. 

- Duration: 2 weeks | 16 hours

Specialised Module
Sustainable Marketing & Communication

Enhancing market uptake of sustainable solutions, deploying a responsible and enabling corporate communication.

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

Specialised Module
Enabling a Regulatory Framework

Policy instruments, norms, voluntary schemes, just transition, sobriety, positive advocacy. 

- Duration: 2 weeks | 24 hours

More tools under (y)our belt. 

The Sustainability Transformation Tour

Get inspired by multiple visits to diverse pioneering initiatives in Belgium and surrounding countries, including, for example, a future-proof real estate project, a circular business park, a carbon capture project, a meeting related to regulatory developments at EU Commission/Parliament, a sustainable business incubator, a slow fashion designer/producer, a biomass-sourced building materials producer, a cooperative company, or a social enterprise.


Programme Ambassadors

Two Renowned Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors bring their extensive experience in the challenging transformation of business and society towards truly sustainable models and practices.


Advisory Committee

Member organisations include

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