Leading Authentically in Digital Times

Adopt a growth and agile mindset for more impact, meaning and balance in your life and organisation with the QiLeader course designed for busy leaders.
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Solvay Brussels School + Online
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 42 1050 Brussels
3 half-day workshops, +/- 15h online
The course is designed for busy leaders
May 2024 to October 2024
3.000 € VAT Excl.
Regions' Subsidies
Registration deadline: 22/05/2024 | Programme start: 27/05/2024
If you are interested by the programme for your company, please contact us!

Who is the programme aimed at?


The QiLeader online course is for C-level and senior leaders who are transforming their organisation in this dynamic, rapidly changing digital age. The course will help leaders who want to apply new principles like agility, increased empowerment, cross-functional teams, self-management and co-creation. Many of these principles require a new kind of mindset and culture.

The QiLeader course is also for every person operating in a fast-changing market: for people whose stress levels are high and who would like to feel more at peace; for people who are ready to adopt new habits better suited to our digital world; for managers who would like to increase their authenticity and impact.

Key admissions criteria

  • No prerequisites are required for this programme
  • An interest in leading (yourself or others) in a more human and meaningful way is best.

Increased impact

You will better understand what you truly want in your career and life. You will also master new habits and techniques to reach your desired outcomes in a fast, uncertain and digital world.

Increased energy

You will unlock the secret to transform pressure into power. Participants have more energy and peace after acquiring their new habits, especially since many reach better results with less effort.

Increased motivation

As you will better know who you want to be and how to reach your desired results, your motivation and sense of purpose will increase without changing jobs.

An agile culture

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast". Your organisation's culture is often a significant barrier to a successful transformation. When leaders and employees adopt the QiLeader habits, the culture of your organisation will shift, becoming more agile, and the resistance to change will decrease.

Increased empowerment

Over time, the mindset of the people in your organisation will shift toward growth mindset. The increased energy levels combined with less fear will allow employees to accept more challenge and for managers to let go when necessary. People will feel more empowered with this new balance and trust.

Increased financial results

Through a new mindset, an agile culture and the increased empowerment of your people, your organisation can reinvent itself for the disruption that lies ahead and capture great value. Trust will increase internally and will directly impact your bottom-line results, as research has shown.

The programme

This online course is designed to change leaders, teams, and organisations from within for lasting success. If you want follow this programme with your team or your whole organisation, please contact us. 6 modules (accessible for 18 months) and a live webinar every two weeks.

This programme has been developed as part of a partnership between QiLeader, a self-development organisation, and Solvay Brussels School.

The QiLeader is an online course which allows the participants to be fully flexible according to their scheduling needs. They will be able to revisit chapters whenever necessary to really master the material. The methodology is based on new research regarding neuroscience, ontological coaching principles, and on the latest research in business psychology. This course is not only about theory but also practice as our desire was to have it designed in an experiential manner. The participants will apply the principles to their own professional situations and within their organisations. The course has been designed to increase the participants' motivation and trigger their curiosity. 

This leadership course differentiates itself from more traditional courses through the inclusion not only of mental models but also of emotions and body dispositions. Many managers intellectualise things too much and spend too much time in their heads. By occasionally getting out of their heads and into their bodies, greater shifts will happen.

6 modules

Understand the most current changes in these digital and volatile times and adopt new habits that will increase your impact.

1 . Introduction

2 . Manage your interpretations before your actions

3 . Manage your energy and fears, not your time

4 . Focus on the right thing

5 . Build trust by listening and appreciating

6 . Let's practice

More programme features

Educational support

The dedicated learning platform will allow you to have online access 24/7 and see your progress. You will also be supported by Murielle through specific comment fields where you can ask questions. You may interact with other participants as well.

You will have access to a notebook for every module. The goal of the notebooks is to support you in your learning, your self-reflection, and building new habits. The notebook will also help you structure the content and keep everything in one place. You will receive a lot of information during this course. If the presentation of the content is not too long, you will be able to watch it via videos: at other times there will be a pool or test. When the information is more extensive, our brain digests it more efficiently by reading it instead of watching and listening. In the notebooks, you will find the reading materials, as well as questions and exercises.

QiLeader coaches will be at your service in case you wish to accelerate your learning through personal coaching. Through the platform, you can choose your coach and plan your sessions. The coaching is not included in the online course fee but can be paid directly through the QiLeader platform.

6 live webinars

Live webinars are planned every two weeks during the course so you can ask your QiLeader coach questions and delve deeper into subjects. Webinars will be recorded in case you miss the live conference.


Murielle Machiels

Academic Director

Manu Henrard
Executive Coach and Expert in Somatics


"This course is a gift. You become another person at the end of the course. You actually better cope with all the changes. Although it is online, you feel connected with the other learners. Also, I feel more balanced since following it. Take the opportunity to be surprised!”
Olivier Blanc
HR Director, Nestlé

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