Finance for Non-Financials

Reinforce your managerial efficiency by acquiring the foundations of financial management.
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10% discount upon registration to 5 modules
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 42, Campus Solbosch (ULB)
3 to 11 days
November > April
2- or 3-day modules
Friday and Saturday (+ one Thursday).
From € 2.400 No VAT
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 17/11/2023 | Programme start: 23/11/2023

Who is the programme aimed at?


The Finance for Non-Financials programme addresses people of various types, from all sectors of the economy. The knowledge of Excel is a plus.

Objectives of the programme

  • Improve your understanding of the impact your decisions will have on the financial health of your professional activity, project or company
  • Simultaneously raise your efficiency as a manager

A full grasp of accounting and financial operations

The programme will help you to hone your ability to take decisions by incorporating theories of financial planning. In addition, during the project assessment phase, you will learn to identify and manage risks as well as understand their potential ramifications for financial performance.

Complete command of financial language and concepts

The FNF programme provides the perfect way to raise your communication skills with the finance heads of your organisation, enabling you to identify more rapidly the key financial investment issues to be tackled. 

Financial assessment of a project and company

You will learn to incorporate your skill for identifying the components that help create value for a project based upon clear financial analysis, thereby enabling you to assess with greater accuracy projects or companies carrying such projects.

Understanding financial stakes

The programme will enable you to develop a heightened sensitivity for budgets and financial indexes. You will also improve your understanding of the demands of managing financial targets and investment plans.

Managing financial tools

You will improve your command of financial tools and boost the financial health of your organisation by applying the best management and financial policy practices.

Active networking

The FNF programme will provide you with access to an active professional network that will also open doors to other sectors.

The choice is yours.

The programme "Finance for Non-Financials" enables you to take the modules of your choice. You can therefore customise your training in relation to your level of knowledge and requirements.

5 modules. 5 key stakes.

The programme is split into 5 modules of 2-3 days each. It provides a blend of theory and practice, via case studies analysed individually and in a group set-up.

1 . Acquiring the Fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis

23-24-25 November 2023, Mathias SCHMIT.

2 . Making Successful Investment Decisions

12-13 January 2024, Benjamin LORENT.

3 . Company and Project Valuation and Financing

9-10 February 2024, Laurent GHEERAERT.

4 . Using Managerial Accounting and Budgeting Tools

15-16 March 2024, Jean-Philippe MICHAUX.

5 . Benefiting from Risk Management Awareness

19-20 April 2024, Mathias SCHMIT.

The FNF programme is also….

A unique approach

The programme will immerse you into an interactive teaching and learning approach based mainly on real-life case studies. Your experience and the issues that you face in your working environment will be taken into account via in-class discussions.

A programme of such high quality requires total personal dedication of all participants, including active involvement in all sessions.

End-of-year certification process

Participants who have taken the entire programme have the chance to carry out an end-of-year work project in finance plan format and therefore to be awarded the Certificat d’Executive Education en Finance pour Non-Financiers. This case study will enable you to apply the knowledge acquired during the training programme and is backed up by a business plan.


The programme is delivered in a highly interactive fashion via a very dynamic teaching style where you truly feel that you are at the real centre of a concrete and pragmatic learning experience. Light is shed upon often the most complicated economic and financial theories. As a result, I have learned to distinguish between finance accounting and incorporating the time variable into my way of doing business. I am now better prepared than I have ever been to take investment-related decisions.

The FNF programme offers the perfect balance between the theoretical concepts of finance and a pragmatic and useful approach to learning and applying them. The majority of the components presented during the training are quick and ready to use, which represents an additional and immediate professional plus to the programme.

In today's increasingly competitive economic environment, it has become imperative to make the right financial choices. I was looking for advanced, structured training that would enable me to have a clear understanding of the latest financial tools as used and recommended by the experts. I've found it!

69 %

Participants come from Belgium

11.5 %

Age < 30

20 %

Have the position of Top management


Mathias Schmit
ULB SBS & Sagora Risk Management
Academic Director and Associate Professor of Finance; Managing Director of SAGORA

Academic Director

Laurent Gheeraert
Professor of Finance & director of QTEM


Benjamin Lorent
ULB Solvay Brussels School
Prof. de Comptabilité et de Finance à la Solvay Brussels School et Consultant en Assurance et Finance.


Our aim is to help participants grasp the repercussions of their decisions on the financial health of their activity, project or company and, in so doing, improving their efficiency as managers.
Mathias Schmit
Academic Director

Leading Belgian business school

Any questions?

Programme Manager
Séverine Stoquart