Accelerated Management Programme

Fast Track for the next generation of managers.
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
17 days spread over 6 months
Starting dates: March 2019 & November 2019
2 or 3 days/month
Thursday, Friday, Saturday (day class)
€ 6.950 No VAT
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 04/03/2019 | Programme start: 21/03/2019
Registrations are now open for the March 2019 intake! Please check the module dates further below!

Who is the programme aimed at?


The participants are selected from a range of professional backgrounds, across various industries and sectors.
From international organisations and associations to small owned-companies and consultancies, the Accelerated Management Programme (AMP) attracts high-potential employees who have been recently appointed as managers as well as experienced professionals who are transitioning from a technical role (ex: engineering, IT) or staff position to a more supervisory or managerial role.

Key admissions criteria

  • Hold a university degree
  • Be proficient in English
  • A minimum of 2 years of professional experience

Deep transversal knowledge

Develop a deep understanding of major business concepts and acquire essential practical and theoretical management skills.

A personal development plan

Create a personal development plan to help you focus on your career vision, values and personal growth in order to make sounder career decisions.

An expanded business network

Build and maintain your future long-term professional connections.


A new set of management skills

Help your company apply our proposed strategic frameworks and tools to achieve your long-term objectives.

Improved leadership acumen

Learn to respond to the current market’s challenges while driving innovation and optimizing organizational change.

The ability to dialogue

Master the cross-functional management principles and gain a clear overview of the organizational challenges in several key functional areas.

Overview of the programme

The Accelerated Management Programme (AMP) comprises 17 days - spread over 6 months - of intensive general management training for working professionals with no previous training in management.

It provides a broad-based, practical introduction to the main concepts and practices of management, combined with practical insight that is ready to be applied directly to the workplace.

The modules

The Accelerated Management Programme provides you with fundamentals and core skills in 6 key areas of management:

More programme features

Academic tools

Solvay Brussels School’s Accelerated Management Programme is delivered by academics and experts in their field through a wide variety of learning practices including: self-awareness, interactive lectures, short classroom exercises, case studies, group discussions, role play, and many practical examples. Small groups (max. 25) are set up in order to generate optimal interaction amongst the participants themselves and with our professors.

During the Leadership & Self-Assessment module, you are invited for a 1-on-1 coaching session after submission of the final assignment. This is an opportunity to receive timely and pragmatic feedback on your Personal Business Plan.

At this crucial point in the leadership development trajectory, new managers need to develop an awareness of how their choices impact their ability to succeed in their professional life. As you build leadership skills and confidence to achieve your ambitions, you are coached on being intentional about where you focus your time and energy.

For each of the 6 modules, individual exams or group assignments are organised to enable you to check your personal progress.

The pillars of learning

All learnings of the Accelerated Management Programme are based on key characteristics. They involve maximum exposure to up-to-date fundamental management concepts and business trends, to help you understand everyday corporate challenges and needs.

A varied schedule of lectures, case-study discussions, and group exercises engage you in problem-solving, exploring new ideas, and developing your creative and critical thinking to craft the best solutions. A set of management tools and key resources (books, online references, cases, articles, etc.) are provided so that you can apply immediately and long after the programme’s completion.


“I hold a legal position, and I wanted to broaden my vision of the company, to better manage its components and better assist it via the opinions I give. The content of the AMP programme attracted me with its very rich content, its international dimension, the quality of its participants, and the fact that it was perfectly compatible with my professional life. I’ve been able to put directly into practice what I learned there as part of Sodexo's global expansion. The AMP has enabled me to better understand the philosophy behind this type of evolution and communicate it in a coherent way to my team.”

"For me, opting for the accelerated programme was a matter of timing. I was about to be promoted, and I wanted this new stage in my career to be accompanied by solid training. The Solvay programme, whith a proper evaluation at the end, offered more value than similar programmes on the market."

"The Accelerated Management Programme gave me a complete picture of the knowledge and qualifications needed to become a good manager. In addition, it gave me some great networking opportunities. My company has now asked me to start up a business in Africa − so I can definitely rely on the variety of skills learned during the programme."

“It’s important to keep learning if we want to be ready to act on the next challenges and career opportunities and bring added value to our employer. The AMP enables you to make the right decisions in order to meet performance ambitions. It helps you build full understanding of companies’ priorities and the impact on different departments within the current market situation. It helps you think long-term. Studying at Solvay was my own initiative. And now my manager has offered me a new job with more responsibility.”

57 %

of the participants are men.

16 %

of the participants have a profesional experience of less than 5 years.

25 %

of the participants are specialised in nonprofit / government.


Philippe Biltiau
Solvay Brussels School

Academic Director

Michel Verstraeten
Solvay Brussels School

Academic Director

Jean-Pierre Bizet
Partner at New Science Ventures, Professor of Strategy


The AMP provides a broad-based, practical introduction to the main concepts and practices of management, with practical insights ready to be applied directly to the workplace.
Philippe Biltiau & Michel Verstraeten
Academic Directors

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Programme Manager
Asja Kamenica

To enter the programme, participants must hold a university degree and be proficient in English. Candidates are selected on the basis of an application form and an interview.

Every candidate who has presented and succeeded, according to the sovereign decision of the jury, the 6 modules of the Accelerated Management Programme, will be awarded the AMP Certificate recognised by the ULB.