Executive Programme in Business Analytics

The knowledge, tools and skills to succeed in a data-driven economy.
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-10% until 30 of April 2019
18 days
September > March
2 days/ week
Friday & Saturday
€ 12.000 per participant
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 06/09/2019 | Programme start: 13/09/2019

Who is the programme aimed at?


The Executive Programme in Business Analytics has been designed for professionals with a business (marketing, finance, sales, fraud, risk,etc.), reporting or IT background needing to make a better use of the data available within the different departments of their company. Participants come from a variety of sectors (energy, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications, financial services, retail, etc.)

Key admissions criteria

  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience
  • University degree or relevant professional experience
  • Proficiency in English

Multidisciplinary approach

The Executive Programme in Business Analytics enables you to discover and practice the various aspects of business analytics (technical, analytical, the strategic and tactical, business facets, communication, and project management).


The programme has been designed to nurture a functional cross-fertilisation between the three members of your business-reporting-IT team, as well as a sectorial cross-fertilisation by collaborating with participants working in different industries.

Personal Coaching

Throughout the programme you receive coaching on an individual basis. This component of the training helps you to develop personally and gain full benefit from the programme.

Creation of a value chain

The Executive Programme in Business Analytics enables you to train three members of your organisation from three different departments to deal with the challenges inherent in business analytics and therefore put into place a value chain within your organisation.

Transversal project experience

The training programme involves the development of a business analytics project that is relevant for the company, both in terms of content and from an organisational perspective.

Identification of ambassadors

The programme will also help you identify and set in place analytics ambassadors within your organisation who are capable of introducing new ideas and providing convincing arguments in the area of business analytics.

Three talents from the same company to get the best of business analytics

The programme is delivered in a unique way: not to single individuals but to teams of three applicants from different departments within the same company: business (marketing, sales, finance, risk, fraud,...), IT and reporting. This multidisciplinary approach provides the key to a truly integrated business analytics policy.

6 modules to discover the different facets of the discipline

More programme features

The programme also includes

The programme also includes a business analytics project. Each team of three develops its project for its own company under the supervision of a project coach with experience in the relevant area.

Each participant receives individual guidance via three personal coaching sessions. These allow them to get the best out of the programme and more specifically discuss how to apply their learnings in their own department and company. 

Delivery of the Executive Programme in Business Analytics is based upon a blend of interactive theoretical courses, workshops and group work. All sessions are led by academics and/or business practitioners.

Some fields of application

The content of the programme can be applied to most processes and functions:
• Product Management
• Finance & Accounting
• Marketing
• Human Capital
• Sales Service & Customer Relationship
• Fraud, Compliance & Risk
• Supply Chain & Operations


The programme covers a very large scope. Solvay gathered all the specialists and subject-matter experts around each of the areas in this programme and that makes it very interesting. As an IT manager, I now better understand the different contexts and interests in the other domains such as data analytics, marketing or business.

I studied chemistry and the scientific approach is very important to me (gathering and analyzing data, defining models, creating insights, etc.) But when I started working in management I wanted something more actionable. And for me the programme in business analytics was the best way to combine these two things together: getting the scientific approach and the business impact that you can create. It gives you a broad view on what business analytics can be: the different tools, the different technologies, the right connections and how to leverage that in your own company.

I had very little experience with more advanced analytics, so for me the programme is an eye opener on the potential of this discipline. And more particularly it helped me to work better together with data scientists as I have now a better understanding of their language.

Registering with different members from your organization gives you the chance to look at the challenges of other departments, to have different perspectives on these challenges and to come up with viable solutions.


Martine George
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
Professor of Management Practice and Executive Coach

Academic Director

Kris Peeters
Data Minded


Davy Paindaveine
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Professor of Statistics


The programme comprises a blend of courses, practical exercises, and group and one-on-one coaching, enabling you to combine hard and soft skills, and tactical decision-making and strategic thinking whilst also providing insight into analytical and technical aspects, communication and leadership, project management.

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