Leading Through Empowerment

Build an agile, empowered, high-performing (hybrid) team
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Solvay Brussels School + Online
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 42 1050 Brussels
3 live workshops, +/- 10h online
The course is designed for busy leaders.
March to June 2024
Agile and personalised approach, Self-paced 24/7 access, Live coaching moments
with captions and subtitles
€ 2.500 VAT Excl.
Team empowerment assessment, 6 online modules, live coaching and event
Registration deadline: 06/03/2024 | Programme start: 13/03/2024

Who is the programme aimed at?


Team leaders looking to bring more empowerment and agility in their remote, hybrid and live teams.

You spend too much time in meetings and on emails. You feel that you’re all working very hard, but it isn’t sufficient to deliver the results you want, or the balance isn’t sustainable on the long term. You’re too operational or in firefight mode while you’d like to focus more on strategy and people.

You want practical strategies to engage and motivate your team even when they’re working remotely. And you want to measure your progress.

Key admissions criteria

  • No prerequisites are required for this programme
  • Some experience in working remotely or in a hybrid environment is a plus
  • Looking to empower and engage your (future) team is best.

Your benefits

You’ll start with an assessment of your team’s empowerment and receive a report of your team’s strengths & gaps. You’ll then follow your personalised steps to increase your team’s empowerment. The methodology has been tested and approved in over 20 teams already and based on the latest research.

Your team will be more empowered, engaged and ready to adapt more rapidly to all the changes!

Many organisations have understood that empowerment and agility go hand in hand but only few manage to succeed in the implementation. Agility starts with a new mindset and another culture, not simply using the tools & buzzwords.

Through this programme, you’ll uncover the strategies to actually become agile and reduce resistance to change in your team. You’ll understand the drivers and success criteria behind agile teams.

Our team empowerment assessments show a direct correlation between your impact as a team and your empowerment score. With high empowerment you have 5 times more chance of reaching your objectives.

Since Corona, many teams are working remotely and many will be hybrid in the future (working from home & from work). Understanding how to keep your team engaged and empowered even when they are not physically together anymore has become crucial. Research shows that what motivates people at work is:

  • Autonomy (organising your work like you want)
  • Mastery (having impact and becoming good at what you do)
  • Purpose (working towards something bigger than yourself)

All 3 aspects are building blocks of this programme with an extra module on remote and hybrid teams.

Our research shows that workload and stress decrease tremendously with empowered teams. People complaining about high workload decrease from 44% to 8% with high empowerment. High stress goes from 44% to 18%.

As a team leader, you’ll be able to focus more on the long term, strategy and people rather than spending your days solving your team’s problems. It’s a win-win for the team members and team leader. Your team’s mood will be boosted from 11% of people evaluating your team atmosphere as great with low empowerment to 77%!

A great leader makes himself unnecessary.

Empowerment is a process, and your team will slowly grow. As a leader, you’ll go from being unmissable to unnecessary over time. This will allow you to take more responsibility or move to your next step.

During our live moments and in your mastermind group, you’ll meet great leaders. The programme emphasises interaction among participants and with trainers.

They will allow you to:

  • Enrich your own vision.
  • Exchange with specialists and other business leaders.
  • Expand your network.

Our Methodology

1. Discover the "Why?" & Success Criteria
2. Evaluate Your Team
3. Remote & Hybrid Teams

This programme focuses on the practice & challenges of the participants. It starts with an online assessment of your team. The results will show your team’s strengths & gaps. It’ll result in a personalized program. The approach is agile with incremental improvement steps.

We know how busy you are and want you to get the most out of this program in the shortest time possible.

The programme consists of a mix of theoretical concepts, self-reflection, research articles, cases, exercises and practices.

The content has been divided in short videos, exercises, live coaching moments, masterminds to exchange and a classroom moment to boost your on-the-job practice.

Research has shown that empowerment is not simply about a team that takes more responsibility, there is a systemic approach to increasing your team’s empowerment.

Your Learning Path

Discover the 7 modules of the programme

1 . Your team empowerment assessment

2 . Your results and personalised transformation path

3 . Inspire through purpose and clarity

4 . The agile systemic approach to boost autonomy

5 . Transform from Alpha to Authentic leader

6 . A safe environment for a fearless team

7 . High-performing remote and hybrid teams


Murielle Machiels

Academic Director

“I evaluated my team with the team empowerment assessment, then applied what Murielle suggested and it really worked! So much in fact that my boss and other teams joined the program as well to get the same result.”

“I feel more confident and found my motivation back. And now my team is more empowered and reaches better results.”
Alumni of the Programme

A partnership

This programme has been developed as part of a partnership between
QiLeader (that helps leaders to build meaningful lives & organizations) and Solvay Brussels School


Take the free team empowerment quiz and discover in a couple of minutes how empowered your team is.


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Programme Manager
Rosanna Belmonte