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Solvay Brussels School Advanced Masters

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Have you recently earned a Master's degree and are looking for a new challenge?


An Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School is an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and acquire the skills that will allow you to launch your career in high gear!

Advanced Masters are postgraduate programmes for Masters' graduates of any discipline who want to gain the knowledge and skills for a career in business and beyond. An exceptional cast of experienced professors and professionals will accompany your personal learning

journey and growth by helping you develop high-level problem solving, decision-making, and leadership skills, as well as building confidence.


Through interactive, practice-based learning, you'll learn how to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and confidently face future daily challenges in the working environment. 


Exposure to an international environment will allow you to broaden your horizons and know how to interact with cultures and points of view different from your own, an essential skill in the real work environment. 

A realistic career plan
More than 90% of our graduates are employed within 6 months from graduation
International exposure
Build valuable relationships with people from all over the world in our international classrooms
Lifelong learning mindset
Continue evolving in the future to keep up with the fast-paced changes of the workplace
Top-ranked programmes
You will find our Advanced Masters in the TOP 50 of QS World University Rankings


All About Solvay Brussels School

Founded in 1903 by Ernest Solvay, renowned Belgian chemical industrial, Solvay Brussels School is the faculty of Economics and Management of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, one of the largest universities in Belgium. Ever since, the school has built up a tradition of excellence and innovation in business and economics learning, fuelled by deep connections within Brussels' multi-national entrepreneurial network. Today, SBS is the best known and trusted business school in Belgium by both students and employers. Followingly, the quality of learning at our school is both certified by and benchmarked against the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS label), the leading worldwide business school accreditation system. 


Every 3 or 5 years, the school is subjected to the most demanding independent evaluation - research, quality of programmes, infrastructures, commitments to innovation, the inclusion of the business world in the school's management: EQUIS examines every aspect of what makes a top business school.

Last but not least, as one of the largest universities in Belgium with around 24,000 students every year, the ULB offers a campus with numerous facilities and functions: sports, libraries, health services, restaurants, concerts, conferences, and many other cultural events throughout the year. All this is perfectly backgrounded by Brussels' spirited cosmopolitan environment, home to some 300.000 ex-pats, the EU and NATO headquarters, and thousands of international corporations. 


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Programme Manager Advanced Masters
Practice Director
Nicolas HENRY
"The courses that I studied were not just theoretical, they were directly applicable to the job. We did a lot of case studies, modelling, forecasting; this prepared me for the job I am doing now. And more importantly, the professors and directors were very approachable. I discussed my career ideas with them and they were all very helpful. Focus on employment was from day 1 and that's a very good value add that the programme brings"
"Solvay Brussels School's Advanced Master got me a taste of the real world. During the programme you talk to industry experts, do company visits, meet professors from the industry, work on case studies, and, in the end, there is the opportunity to do an internship in really big companies. It prepares you really well for what comes next!
"The reputation of the university, the rigour of the programme, the knowledge acquired and the huge support I received both from the staff and the academic faculty made it possible for me to rise to the occasion and successfully tackle this new challenge in my professional life"

Céline Vaessen
SFPI/FPIM (Belgian sovereign fund)
Chief Investment Officer


Arnaud Devleschauweer
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management & ENGIE Electrabel
Academic Director & Strategy Manager

Sandra Rothenberger
Professor of Strategic Marketing

Alumni network of the Solvay Schools

Our alumni represent a network of more than 25.000 and are present in all sectors of activities in more than 65 countries worldwide. Each year the School, which is EQUIS- and AMBA-accredited, welcomes more than 4.200 students, participating in over 30 programmes, including Bachelors, Masters, MBAs, Advanced Masters…

Scholarships for the Advanced Masters

We know that postgraduate education presents a significant financial investment - for this reason, we want to encourage and facilitate participation in Advanced Masters programmes for talented students that we believe can make a significant contribution to our programmes, school, and above all, our society as a whole.

To help them make their enrolment in an Advanced Master's programme possible and alleviate the financial burden of executive education, we offer reductions of up to 50% on tuition fees for qualified candidates