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At Solvay Brussels School, we know that our Advanced Masters will take your career and personal life to the next level.

"How exactly?", you might wonder!

To answer this vast question, we have asked our alumni to share their experience with you. What are they doing now? How did the Master help them achieve their career and personal goals? What did they enjoy the most during their year at Solvay Brussels School?...

Today, Sheeshum Galle, Alumna of the Advanced Master in Financial Markets, now Investment Management Analyst at Goodman, shares her experience.

How did the Solvay Advanced Master help you achieve this position?


Oh, it was really helpful! In fact, a lot of the courses that we studied here were not just theoretical, they were directly applicable to the job. So, we did a lot of case studies and a lot of modeling and forecasting in the class itself, which helped me prepare for the job that I’m doing now. And more importantly, the professors and the director were really approachable. The focus on employment is from day 1 and… I went up to them and I asked… I discussed my career ideas with a few of them and… They were all really helpful, and they were all very approachable and clarified my doubts about which career path to choose from the different fields within finance. So, that definitely helped me get this job.


What did you enjoy the most during your study at the Solvay Brussels School?


It’s hard to pick. It was quite a fun year, quite a fast year, in fact. In one of the course, we had a trading game so that was quite fun because I actually earn my first Belgian earnings from that trading game, so that was quite fun.


Is there something you enjoyed less during your study? Something you would change or add?


I wouldn’t change much, actually anything. But I can say that the winter season was a bit hard on me. I hadn’t seen such a cold weather before! I was also doing my internship at the same time so, it was quite an intense period! But as for the programme, it was very good, very well organised.


According to you, why should somebody follow an Advanced Master at the Solvay Brussels School?


It’s very current, it’s very relevant. What a batch studies in one year, it may not be 100% the same next year because the market keeps on evolving. New topics keep becoming more and more interesting so, that was very important to me.

And another thing that I noticed was that focus on employment was from day 1. So, from day 1, we are encouraged to make our resumes ready, start applying… And, in fact, I got my opportunities quite early on. So, employment was the main focus. That’s, I think, a very good value add that the programme brings.


What is the weirdest or funniest thing that happened during this year?


I would say weirdest: it’s been the COVID-19 crisis. We had our last term of studies online, from home, and, of course, we also had our exams online. The programme was able to make sure that the exams could be conducted in a very well organised manner and it was a little bit funny as well to pass exams from home. It was very well organized but at the same time it’s a bit weird, but that’s how it is at the moment!


Can you give us 3 adjectives to describe your one year at the Solvay Brussels School?


I would say energetic, active and hands-on.

Watch Sheeshum Galle's video interview:


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