Gaining Deeper Insight and Inspiration: My Experience with the Solvay Sustainability Fundamentals Programme

Didier Bernardi | Client Development and Go-To Market Advisory - Sustainable Business Catalyst | Alumnus 12/10/2023

Embarking on a sustainability journey is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges at hand and finding inspiration to contribute to positive change. In this blog post, I will share my experience with a sustainability programme that provided me with an enriching and impactful learning experience. From the deep knowledge and academic rigour to the inspiring connections made, this programme has equipped me to make a difference and integrate sustainability into my professional life.


Deep Knowledge and Academic Rigour:

One of the standout features of the programme was its commitment to providing deep knowledge and academic rigour. Through intensive study, I gained a deeper understanding of the pressing issues related to climate change and the critical importance of preserving biodiversity. The programme gave me valuable insights into the concept of "no return challenges" and shed light on the urgency of taking proactive action to address these issues.


Burning Platform and Systems Thinking:

The programme also expanded my perspective on the burning platform and how individuals and businesses can play a role in addressing them. I learned that tackling sustainability challenges requires a holistic approach and system thinking. Through a captivating business game, I realised the significance of collaboration and the role that regulation plays in creating a sustainable future. This experience opened my eyes to the interconnectedness of various stakeholders and the need for cooperation to address sustainability challenges effectively.


Becoming Carbon Literate Certified:

One of the highlights of the programme was the opportunity to undergo a deeper dive into carbon-related topics and become certified as Carbon Literate. This certification not only added credibility to my knowledge but also empowered me to contribute meaningfully to the conversation around carbon emissions and climate change. The skills and understanding I gained in this area have enabled me to play an active role in shaping sustainable practices within my consulting and business practice.


The Sustainability Fundamentals programme provided me with a deeper understanding of critical issues at stake , especially the "no return challenges" related to climate change and biodiversity preservation. The Business Game highlighted the importance of systems thinking and collaboration to address these issues, as well as the role regulation has to play. The programme also helped me become Carbon Literate... and certified!


Inspiration and Network Building:

The programme not only broadened my knowledge but also inspired me to take action as a citizen and business leader. I met fellow students who were equally motivated by the sustainability journey, and their dedication and passion provided immense inspiration. The connections made during the programme have not only deepened my professional network but also opened doors for future collaborations and ongoing support.


Using Newly Acquired Knowledge:

The knowledge I gained from this sustainability programme will serve as a valuable complement to my existing understanding of sustainable practices. I am confident that integrating this newfound knowledge into my consulting and business practice will enable me to develop future-proof strategies that incorporate sustainability as a fundamental element. By aligning my business strategies with sustainability goals, I can contribute to positive change and make a meaningful impact.


In Conclusion:

My experience with the Sustainability Fundamentals was both enlightening and empowering. I now possess the tools necessary to address sustainability issues in a holistic manner, and I am excited to apply my new skills to my consulting and business practice, creating strategies that integrate sustainability considerations. This programme has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in equipping me with the skills and inspiration needed to contribute to a sustainable future.

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