Teacher's Interviews: Executive Master in International Association Management

Susan West, Frédéric Hoffmann | Lecturers EMIAM 04/10/2023 Management

Frédéric Hoffmann, the Project & Portfolio Business Asset Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis, and Susan West, Managing Director at SJ West HR/Leadership Consulting, both esteemed lecturers within our Executive Master in International Association Management programme, offer insights into their classroom experiences! Susan takes the helm of the Leadership & Change module, while Frédéric brings his expertise to Project Management.


Question: Why have you accepted to participate in this programme?

Susan: The work done by associations is so important and far-reaching, it just makes sense to support the professional development of the people making it all happen. In the Leadership and Change class, we explore among other things, how leaders who may not have the hierarchical authority can inspire people to act together on behalf of a greater good. Participants never cease to inspire me

Frédéric: What attracted me in this programme are the associations’ challenges to evolve in their fast changing ecosystem. This leads to continuous need to adapt, transform and anticipate market and stakeholders requirements.


Q: What do you think this programme brings to participants?

S: First and foremost the inspiration and tools to be part of making meaningful change in the world. We all have a part to play no matter our job title. The EMIAM helps you gain increased self-awareness, develop well-rounded business skills and gain deeper insights into mobilizing people from various stakeholder groups.

F: In order to face the challenges [mentioned above], the programme provides the future leaders the necessary methods and tools to drive, govern, and transform the associations. Leaders will successfully bring their associations to the next level.


Q: What did you think about the participants during your class? Were discussions lively and the exchanges fruitful?

F: For certain! The participants’ seniority and diversity creates a great discussion forum where inspiring ideas, reflections and solutions are discussed with passion.

S: Participants in this Executive Master are here with a purpose and goal -- to grow personally and professionally. That growth mind-set means people get out on their learning edge. I invite them to challenge me (and they do!) and each other. Participants actively discuss, debate, problem-solve, peer coach and experiment through role plays. This is also how we bring the collective and diverse knowledge in the room to life.


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