Embracing Learner-Centred Education: Insights from Solvay Lifelong Learning's Learning & Development Day 2023

Karin Doguet | Managing Director Solvay Lifelong Learning 10/07/2023 solvay lifelong learning

Today, we will take you behind the scenes! Solvay Lifelong Learning is committed to educational excellence. To reach this objective, we launched a new department in 2022: the Learning & Development Hub is here to challenge the status quo in both adult teaching and learning. The way we do this is by enabling the potential of our educational community and programmes. The L&D Hub powers our quality management process, or Assurance of Learning, supports the continuous professional development of our teaching and administrative community with the Teaching & Learning Center, and ignites educational novelty with the Educational Innovation Studio. On 20th June 2023, Solvay Lifelong Learning's Learning & Development Day 2023 brought together administrators and educators to engage in inspiring discussions on best educational practices and trends. The event was filled with thought-provoking workshops and a panel discussion, aimed at exploring innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Explore with us in this article the key takeaways from the event, focusing on the workshops that delved into our five principles for teaching & learning! 


Learning & Development Day 2023 - After Movie


The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Prof. & Dean Bruno Van Pottelsberghe, setting the tone for an exciting day of exploration and learning. The 4x5’ session provided concise insight regarding on-going activities at university- and school levels. Those brief, impactful presentations showcased the institution's commitment to providing quality education and staying at the forefront of educational practices. The talks covered topics such as:

  • Solvay Lifelong Learning Horizon by Deputy Dean Lifelong Learning Laurent Hublet
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles Continuing Education Perspectives by Head of Lifelong Learning Christelle de Beys
  • Assurance of Learning by Head of Quality Assurance & Business Accreditations Jean-François Desoutter
  • Learning & Development: A tool for continuous improvement by Head of Learning & Development Benoît Masset


The first workshop conducted by Prof. Philip Vergauwen engaged the participants on active learning, focusing on the transition from case-based learning to problem-based learning (PBL). Participants gained insight into the importance of creating an environment that stimulates, supports, and encourages optimal learning outcomes. The workshop emphasised the need to align instructional strategies with learners' needs, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills and apply knowledge effectively.


Later in the day, Prof. Alexandre Papanastassiou led a fast-paced and interactive workshop that explored the effective integration of technology into courses to enhance learning and engagement. The session emphasised a thoughtful approach to utilising digital technologies, avoiding counterproductive methods, underpinned by insights from neuroscience and cognitive research. Participants discovered practical strategies for designing courses, delivering content, and assessing learner progress using digital tools.


A highlight of the event was the panel discussion on designing teaching and assessments that encourage learning with and about ChatGPT. Educators explored the possibilities and challenges associated with leveraging AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT in the educational context. Our speakers, Profs. Patrice Latinne & Alexandre Papanastassiou, discussed ethical considerations, potential use cases, and the importance of balancing AI's capabilities with human interaction to create a supportive learning environment.


Solvay Lifelong Learning's Learning & Development Day 2023 showcased the institution's commitment to educational excellence and innovation. Through interactive workshops, insightful discussions, and networking opportunities, educators and administrators gained valuable insight into active learning, technology integration, and the role of AI in education. By embracing learner-centred education, Solvay Lifelong Learning continues to empower learners and equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving world. See you in 2024 for the second edition, or earlier during our line-up of continuous professional development activities (CPDs)!

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