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Digital Transformation Masterclass

How Digital Transformation will influence the strategy of your business
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Solvay Brussels School (in class)
2-10 days
May > June
2-day masterclass (every week)
Thursday & Friday (9am>6pm)
€ 1400 per masterclass VAT Excl.
Subsidies KMO Portefeuille & Brussels-Capital Region
Registration deadline: 14/05/2021 | Programme start: 20/05/2021

Who is the programme aimed at?


The Digital Transformation Masterclass - 5 workshops “à la carte” - is aimed at Project and Team Leaders who need to know more about the impact of digitalisation for their organisation and prospects.

Key admissions criteria

  • 3-5 years of work experience
  • Be proficient in English

Discover the challenges of digitalisation

Discover what digitalisation can bring to business models, work environments and innovation processes.

A toolkit to better manage the digital transformation

Deepen your knowledge in Strategy, Data Analytics, Business Model, Go to market and Governance, to achieve the digital transformation of your organisation.

Exchanges with experts, academics and peers

Thanks to its participative methodology, learn how to define and modify your digital strategy.

Development of a digital terminology

Develop within your organisation the knowledge necessary for your digital transformation.

Boost your organisation

Diversify and develop your organisation's activities through the creation of new digital initiatives and keep one step ahead of the competition.

Preparing for today's challenges

The methods and tools acquired during these masterclasses will enable the company to have a more effective mind set, focused on the definition and implementation of a coherent strategy.

Explore major digital technologies and their impact on business models

Explore in a small group up to five key topics for implementing digital transformation in your company: Strategy, Digital Business Models, Data Analytics, Go to Market and Digital Governance.

Each masterclass is based on an interactive pedagogy, using a wide variety of methods and situations. It alternates real case studies, role-playing and group work.

5 "à la carte" masterclasses to succeed in the digital transformation of your organisation

Pick and choose the you need to achieve your goal

1 . Masterclass in Digital Business Models

Led by Benjamin Beeckmans & Omar Mohout
20 & 21 May 2021 (9am>6pm)

Prepare your response to today’s digital challenges to your business model. Identify the structural changes that will generate more value. Build your next-generation enterprise.

2 . Masterclass in Strategies For The Digital Age

Led by Nicolas van Zeebroeck
27 & 28 May 2021 (9am>6pm)

This masterclass focuses on the strategic and organisational implications of digitalisation, based on a common understanding of the main features and capabilities of the technology.

3 . Masterclass in Data Analytics

Led by Martine George
3 & 4 June 2021 (9am>6pm)

The masterclass will enable you to discover and practice the various aspects of business analytics and bring value and insights to your organisation, data and prospects.

4 . Masterclass in Digital Governance

Led by Georges Ataya
Postponed - Next date to be defined.

Succeeding the transition involves mastery of various governance skills in the plan, build, run and monitor series of activities. Mastering the 7 maturity enablers. It also requires diving into evolving technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Blockchain or Cybersecurity.

5 . Masterclass in Go To Market: Strategy & Execution

Led by Alex Papanastassiou
Postponed - Next date to be defined.

In this hands-on masterclass, we seek to shape the understanding of digitalisation of your industry, how it affects your go-to-market approach and what practices you can use to be successful in this new context.


Omar Mohout
Sirris and Solvay Brussels School
Entrepreneurship Fellow and Professor of Entrepreneurship


Martine George
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
Professor of Management Practice, Data Science expert and Executive Coach


Benjamin Beeckmans
Solvay Brussels School (ULB)
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director Company Specific Programs


Most companies use digitisation to only optimise and improve the business rather than leverage technologies for reinvention and disruptive purposes.
Nicolas van Zeebroeck
Professor of Innovation, IT Strategy and Digital Business at Solvay Brussels School

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