Advanced Programme in Entrepreneurship

Acquire knowledge in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurial Ventures and Financial Analysis for Entrepreneurs.
Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Solbosch Campus (ULB)
8 weeks
February > April
3 days/week
Thursday, Friday and Saturday (24 sessions of 3 hours)
€ 5.100*
*Price for the 3 courses; you can also follow 1 or 2 courses (à la carte)
Registration deadline: 15/01/2021 | Programme start: 18/01/2021

Who is the programme aimed at?


This program seeks dynamic and specialised professionals from any academic background who wish to develop their ability to spot new market opportunities, to design suitable innovation strategies and to build a new organisation, while experimenting with their skills and creativity in very different settings.

Key admissions criteria

Eligibility criteria
  • Master's degree
  • Basic knowledge of Business & Management
  • Proficiency in English

Your Benefits

With the Advanced Programme in Entrepreneurship, you develop new business ideas, from the concept design to the execution. This is your opportunity to learn how to assess costs and risks, and manage a project effectively and sustainably.

Experience our teaching methods which are very hands-on and participant-centred. Courses are mainly structured into real case studies, workshops, seminars, simulations, presentations, group work, field projects, company visits and on-the-job learning

Entrepreneurship Certificate delivered by Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management – Université libre de Bruxelles. Designed for professionals wishing to pursue a successful career as an Entrepreneur or a Consultant in charge of innovative projects.

Become part of one of the largest business networks in Belgium, members of which are actually present in more than 65 countries around the world. Participate in the events organized, expand your network and never stop learning and evolving.

Diversity in class in terms of gender, academic background and culture enhances your learning experience. Benefit from our international faculty, international case-studies, and the multicultural environment you will be studying in, right at the heart of Europe.

The faculty comprises Solvay and ULB professors bringing in their theoretical insight and the latest research expertise from their respective fields, as well as top-level practitioners driven by a real passion for education bringing in their practical insight and on-the-field experience. Top-of-the-line guests are also invited for additional workshops or sessions.

Overview of the programme

The Entrepreneurship participants are stimulated to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, to experiment with new ideas and techniques, to identify unique opportunities, assess the associated costs and risks and design viable business solutions for corporate or new businesses.

Get a broader market perspective and leverage your capability to network and interact with diverse businesses environments!


The Advanced Programme in Entrepreneurship consists of 3 exclusive courses:

1 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

To realize growth and innovation, mobilizing an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a must to leverage your resources.

2 Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures

What does it take to start and grow a business? What are the best practices?

3 Financial Analysis for Entrepreneurs

This course develops the students' capabilities to conduct critical financial statements analysis.

More programme features


1- Complete and submit the online application form together with the required documents.
2- If eligible, you will have a short interview with the Admission Manager.
3- Receive feedback on your admission. If positive, finalize your registration by paying the programme fee.


To earn the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, you must complete the 3 courses detailed previously:

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Financial Analysis for Entrepreneurs

You can also follow the courses à la carte.


"Apart from the countless group projects, presentations and company visits, the program has allowed me to develop essential entrepreneurial abilities, master key managerial concepts and build the right team-player mindset to cope with a continuously changing environment.

I've had the honour to be carefully guided in creating my own venture with a fellow student, to lead a group-based three-month internship at a fast-growing digital marketing scale-up in Brussels and to be part of a consulting project for EY. Still, one of the most important skills the program has taught me is how to give proper presentations, how to pitch in front of investors. It has already proven to be very useful in my professional life."

"The network you build among your classmates during the Advanced Master is as much valuable as the network you build with the faculty or the guest speakers.

The name of Solvay Brussels School on my CV was honestly a fast-forward ticket into the company I just got hired.

Last but not least, I also feel confident with the way I tackle projects, proposals and business cases which is now much more structured and more in line with what executives expect."


Benjamin Beeckmans
Solvay Brussels School (ULB)
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director Company Specific Programs

Academic Director

Bruno Wattenbergh
Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Belgium Innovation Board


Olivier Witmeur
Solvay Brussels School Lifelong Learning
Professor of Entrepreneurship


"My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had -- everyday I’m learning something new."
Richard Branson
Founder of the Virgin Group

Career Opportunities

With the skill and knowledge acquired during the programme, here are some of the careers that you could undertake after certification:

  • Entrepreneur or employee in a start-up,
  • Consultant or corporate entrepreneur in charge of innovative projects,
  • Advisor in venture capital funds, business angels funds or in a bank,
  • Chief Design Officer.

Any questions?

Programme Manager Advanced Masters
Anna Vitiello