Data Analytics Fundamentals

6 days to step into the Analytics & Big Data era
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Solvay Brussels School
6 days
May - June 2020
2 days/week
Thursdays & Fridays
€ 4.450 VAT Excl.
Course material and catering included
Registration deadline: 30/04/2020 | Programme start: 07/05/2020

Who is the programme aimed at?


Functional leaders in areas such as marketing, finance and other operational fields who would benefit from a better understanding of how to use big data and analytics to improve their decision-making process. You are: Middle Manager, Business Unit Manager (marketing, sales, finance, operations, innovation...), Product Manager, Board Member.

Key admissions criteria

  • A higher education diploma or
  • 3 years of professional experience

Exploration of new data processes & technologies

Explore the challenges and impact of data science in a fast changing environment.

Talk with real experts

Meet with experts and practitioners in the field who have managed a data-driven change in their company in an effective way.

Peer-2-peer networking

Thanks to a participative methodology, you are able to build a strong network of professionals.

Develop a 'data analytics' fluency

Increase and implement analytics and big data knowledge within your company.

Manage data projects

Define and run data analytics projects with more vision and understanding of the impacts of data.

Boost your organisation

Formalize a roadmap content to activate within your company.

An exploration of data analytics and its impact on organisations, processes, and projects

Approach business problems analytically

Think carefully and systematically about whether and how data can improve your business performance (strategic & tactical level)

Interact competently on the topic of data analytics for business purpose

Discuss data science intelligently with data analytics and with other stakeholders

Better understand proposals for business data analytics projects and investments

Solvay Executive Education is caracterised by its interactive and participative methodology : Challenge-based Learning « 30-30-30 »

7 Modules

This programme presents a set of fundamental principles for extracting useful knowledge from data. These fundamental principles are the foundation for many algorithms and techniques for data analytics, but also underlie the processes and methods for approaching business problems data-analytically, evaluating particular business data science solutions, and evaluating general action plans.

1 Introduction - Data Analytic Thinking

2 From Business Problems to Data Analytics Solutions

3 The Process of Data Analytics

4 Gathering the Right Information and Data Experiments

5 Analyzing the Data

6 Setting your Organisation up for Success

7 Analytics Masterplan

"The programme will teach the fundamental concepts and tools in data analytics that equip business professionals to make use of these new opportunities effectively."
Martine George
Academic Director

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