Executive Programme in Retail & Consumer Goods Distribution

14 days to master your success in retail & consumer goods.
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Solbosch Campus (ULB)
6 months
2 or 3 days/month
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Passive French and Dutch
€ 6.950 VAT Excl.
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Who is the programme aimed at?


The programme is open for high potentials within large companies or SME with actual positions as middle management in retail or consumer goods industry, management in retail or consumer goods companies or experts looking for a jump in their career.

Key admissions criteria

  • University degree
  • At least 3 to 5 years profesional experience

The reference programme in Europe in retail and consumer goods business

Retail and consumer goods are changing. And will always be. But how can you grow your business in a sustainable way? By focussing on what really matters, with the right resources, and the right expertise. The Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution is the only programme in Europe that brings answers to all the questions that echoes in today’s retail and consumer goods business.

The Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution focuses both on physical retail and digital retail but also brands, with special attention to digital, marketing and e-commerce subjects. The Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution also focuses on the resources you need to manage in order to reach success: people, finance, and a focus on “change” in retail.

  • Best academic knowledges in retail and consumer goods
  • Exclusive best practices brought by (inter)nationally renowned experts
  • Selected team of participants, fostering peer to peer interaction

14 days. 6 modules.

The Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution offers you 14 days spread in 6 modules to reach out to the highest level on retail & consumer goods management.

More programme features

Our promise

For every module, a professor will give the academic perspective of the topic.

The best (inter)national guest lecturers will bring you real cases as they did it. 

As a participant you are expected to share your experience with your peers. The interaction between participants is key to the understanding of falls and tips, but is also a great business opportunity. 


The Executive Programme in Retail and Consumer Goods Distribution is organised by Solvay Brussels School in partnership with Gondola and The Retail Academy


“Het programma biedt een goede mix tussen theorie, van professoren die zelf ook uit het bedrijfsleven komen, en parktijk aan de hand van echte business cases en ondernemers die hun ervaring delen. Door het ene aan het andere te koppelen, maakt dat dit een unieke manier van leren is die erg natuurlijk aanvoelt.”

35 years

It is the average age of the participants.

100 %

of the participants are involved in retail.

50 %

of the participants are managers.

Academic team

Philippe Biltiau
Solvay Brussels School

Academic Director

Claude Boffa
Coach Europe ; Solvay Brussels School
Partner ; Professeur, Directeur Académique

Academic Director

Pierre-Alexandre Billiet


Would you like to grow in the ever-changing world of retail and FMCG? Then join us on board this complete and practical training programme! We'll help you be better prepared to tackle the fast turns you need to face in this field.
Claude Boffa
Academic Director

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Asja Kamenica