Programme in European Data Protection (GDPR)

Blended Learning leading to certified DPO
Solvay Brussels School
Up to 4 months of education
Distance learning (streaming videos) & face-to-face classes
Online Learning & 3 days face-to-face classes
Lectures, case studies and workshops
€ 3.400 No VAT
Course material and catering included
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Who is the programme aimed at?


The Programme in European Data Protection is dedicated to Data Protection Officers (DPO), legal experts and Lawyers, Information Security and Information Technology experts, enterprise and external auditors, Compliance Officers, General Managers and Financial Officers, Data Scientists and Data Management Professionals, Projects Managers, Enterprise Architects, Public Service personnel, Marketing Managers, Business Managers and Consultants that must comply with the GDPR regulations.
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Key admissions criteria

  • Master degree
  • And/or proof of senior professional experience

The knowledge

Acquire essential knowledge in the five domains of practice necessary for managing and implementing GDPR compliance and for accomplishing various DPO activities.

The quality of the lecturers

Benefit from leading practitioners and legal experts who share their wealth of knowledge. 

A significant career boost

Boost your career trajectory with the knowledge acquired and the contacts established throughout the programme.

Accelerated GDPR compliance

Enterprises require cost-effective implementation that focuses on the essentials and that build sustainable compliance.

GDPR implementation cycle

Beyond the legal requirements, a GDPR implementation requires a collection of multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities to develop and execute on the GDPR roadmap.

GDPR body of knowledge

The essential GDPR domains of knowledge are covered for meeting GDPR compliance in all industries including public services, NGO and private enterprises.​


The objective of this education is to develop knowledge and expertise in all facets related to the implementation of GDPR.

The Programme in European Data Protection covers the five domains of knowledge through lectures, workshops, case discussions, group/personal work and personal essays.

From 2020, the programme will be accomplished through a blended learning: a face-to-face and distance education via a Learning Management System and a new eLearning Tool!

During designated periods, participants study on their own based on suggested plan and online material made available to them (pre-study programme, pre-reading documents, etc.). Participants also have access to streaming videos with GDPR legal fundamentals, Digital information processing and information security.

The programme requires to physically attend classes. Participants get to see and interact with the lecturer and peers. Those who completed online and distant learning find themselves able to take most advantage of lectures and usually display a more profitable interaction with lecturers.

Education structure

1 - eLearning Pre-Study

Starts anytime

2 - Module A

Duration: 1 full day + 5 mornings

3 - Self Study 2 + Business Case

4 - Module B

Duration:1 full day + 4 mornings

5 - Self Study 3 + Business Case


The five domains of knowledge

More programme features

The programme backstage

The core team is composed of Georges Ataya, Frederic Roos, Alain Cieslik, Nathan Vanhellepute and Carolina Foglia.

The Academic and Certification Board advises/approves the academic content, the operating and training centres, and the criteria for the lecturers. It also advises on the position of the certification at the European and International level.

An Advisory Committee has business and legal representatives motivated in supporting the education and the promotion of Data Protection methods, education activities and the personal certification process.

Certification Process

Participants with passing examination results receive the Executive Education Programme in European Data Protection (GDPR) certificate.

This certification is delivered by Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, a major business school with the EQUIS and Qfor accreditation.


The Education at Solvay Brussels School gave me the chance to open a new paradigm in my professional career. I would recommend to anyone interested in the challenge of a new DPO role.

The "Information Security Management" module is the core of the security management practices; it provides the major frameworks and bodies of knowledge, very useful in regards of GDPR Art32. The “IT Risk and Legal Concerns” module is fundamental for the DPO role.

The “Business Transformation” module enhances the skills for business transformation, change management and project/program management, definitively a solid and complete background for the DPO daily activities.

In addition to my DPO education at Solvay Brussels School, I was enrolled in the Executive Master in Information Security and Cybersecurity. It enables me to join the cybersecurity team of Deloitte Belgium and to integrate the International Privacy Professional Members of the firm.

Moreover, I strongly believe that the synergy between those two tracks gave me enough confidence to engage more amongst both security and privacy experts.

I am glad to notice every day that the knowledge acquired during the sessions help me constantly addressing accurately my client expectations.

The GDPR DPO education from the Solvay Business School has given me a solid background to enable me to best deploy my organization on May 25th, 2018.

The course was given by experts that highlighted the different aspects of the impact of the GDPR.

The wide range of topics covered Information Security, GDPR articles, Marketing, Cross-Border information flows and more. I strongly recommend this course to anyone needing to acquire practical insights, as it combines theory and practice on both the legal and operational needs for a successful implementation.

The strong partnership between Solvay and the Privacy Commission gave me as a student the all-around view I expected.

I recently completed my IT Management Education at Solvay Brussels School with the DPO education.

Two specific IT Management Education modules have brought to my knowledge and expertise in Compliance, Governance, the G2-IT Governance workshop and in IT Risk the G3-IT Risk and legal concerns.

These modules structures very well the approach to follow when facing major compliance transformation programs and fulfilling the need to have a methodology to the identify the gaps and in reaching defined protection targets which any DPO is facing in his day to day activities.


Georges Ataya

Academic Director

Frédéric Roos
Academic Programme Manager

Academic Director

Jan Leonard
Orange Belgium
Data Protection Officer


This hands-on training will enable participants to acquire sufficient cross-functional knowledge to efficiently perform their role when processing personal data. The education contains insights of the GDPR not only in terms of management programmes and IT implementation. Through concrete cases, intensive education will give tools to ensure efficient ways to be compliance with the GDPR.
Joëlle Jouret
Counsel, Belgian Data Protection Authority (CBPL/CPVP)

Any questions?

Programme Manager
Rosanna Belmonte

This education is developed with the following target audience in mind:

  • Data Protection Officers (DPO), professionals and those aiming at getting involved in the data protection field;
  • Legal experts and Lawyers wishing to understand, beyond legal aspects, all facets related to the implementation of GDPR across various disciplines, supporting activities and functional areas;
  • Information Security and Information Technology experts wishing to master Privacy and Data Protection disciplines across various enterprises and IT Architecture layers;
  • Enterprise and external auditors, Compliance Officers involved in the review and/or implementation of privacy controls;
  • General Managers and Financial Officers of organisations that are embarked on large scale or mission critical implementation of Data Protection, Data Leakage Protection, Privacy Requirements or wishingto protect Intellectual Property or client data;
  • Data Scientists and Data Management Professionals focusing on Data Protection while creating value from information;
  • Projects Managers and Enterprise Architects involved in privacy compliance transformation;
  • Public Service personnel involved directly or indirectly in implementing or advising on privacy and information security (for instance, the Belgian law of 15 august 2012);
  • Marketing Managers, Business Managers and Consultants that must comply with the GDPP regulations.

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De Riemaecker

ENGIE Benelux

Head of Ethics, Compliance & Governance and Data Protection Officer


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