Digital Impact for Finance Professionals

10 days to future-proof your financial decision-making.
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Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 42, 1050 Bruxelles
9 months
February > December
One friday afternoon/month
From 1 to 9 PM
€ 9.995 No VAT
Registration deadline: 02/02/2024 | Programme start: 16/02/2024

Who is the programme aimed at?


This Executive Programme is specifically designed for finance executives and key decision-makers from all industries and sectors, with 10+ years’ experience and strategic responsibilities.

For whom?

  • Key decision-makers: CxOs, Directors, and Board Members, interested in leveraging their finance strategies with digital technologies;
  • Finance professionals who are looking to advance their careers and move into a leadership role;
  • Current and aspiring CFOs, such as finance managers, finance directors, auditors, and controllers;
  • Other executives and consultants eager to better apprehend the changing financial services landscape.

The “Digital Impact” difference

The main objective of this programme is to provide you with the most impactful knowledge and experience sharing that will allow you to maximise your effect in your organisation. We achieve this through:

  • Your personal interaction with academic experts and accomplished practitioners in their respective specialties
  • Course content tailored to be immediately applicable at your function, with an extensive use of real-life case studies
  • A blend of delivery formats (classroom + video) adapted to the content
  • A cohort of experienced professionals sharing diverse perspectives

A combination of essential concepts & practical applications for finance professionals

1 . Pre-start: your self-assessment

An online assessment of your organization’s digital readiness, in the finance function and beyond. You will be able to link back to this...

2 . The Digital Building Blocks

The digital building blocks are the essential concepts you will need to understand before diving into their applications to the finance function.

3 . Digital Impact In Practice

Once you master the building blocks, it is now time to apply those to the main functions of the CFO office.

Meet your Faculty

Julien Theys
Managing Partner

Academic Director

Georges Ataya
Professor at Solvay Brussels School and Vice-President of the Cybersecurity Coalition


Martine George
Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
Professor of Management Practice, Data Science expert and Executive Coach


Technological breakthroughs are radically changing how the CFO office operates. This presents exceptional opportunities through, for example, AI or automation. But this is also a challenge, as proficiency in digital topics will increasingly become a key source of competitive advantage, and career advancement.
Julien Theys
Academic Director

Leading Belgian business school

Any questions?

Programme Manager
Manon Van Eeckhout