Digital Impact and Leadership

Deep dive into leadership styles, and their implications. Foster growth, trust, and innovation within your organisation.

Friday 07 June 2024

9h00 - 17h00

On-site | Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 42, 1050 Brussels

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What will you learn? 

In an age where businesses are rapidly evolving, effective leadership is paramount. Our intensive 8-hour masterclass on "Leadership" is tailored for forward-thinking professionals eager to master the art and science of leading in the digital era.

Dive deep into varied leadership styles, understand their implications, and discover the fine balance that fosters growth, trust, and innovation within your organisation.

Topic 1
Strategic vs. Operational Styles

Grasp the nuances between strategic foresight and operational excellence. Discover the crucial balance that drives consistent success.

Topic 2
Supportive vs. Directive Behaviour

Analyse when to guide and when to let go. Learn the significance of fostering both autonomy and competence in your teams.

Topic 3
Evaluating Risks

Develop a structured approach to assess the potential impact and likelihood of identified risks.

Topic 4
Self-Reflection: Preferred Leadership Styles

Engage in introspective sessions to understand your natural leadership inclinations.
Discover what your style implies for your team dynamics and effectiveness.

Topic 5
Leadership that Builds Trust

Delve into behaviours that cultivate a culture of trust and reliability. RecogniSe the cornerstone of trust: consistency.

Topic 6
Building Purpose Beyond Numbers

Understand why mere figures don't inspire long-term dedication and motivation.
Learn the art of creating a genuine connection with your team through purpose-driven leadership.

Topic 7
Taking Care of Your Remote Team

Explore strategies to maintain presence and support for dispersed or virtual teams.
Discover the tools and practices to ensure your team feels valued, even from a distance.

About the speaker

Presented by David Ducheyne

One thing intrigues David and that is why people do what they do. And by extension, it could be why people don't do what they are supposed to do.
Strategies never fail. People do.

And when strategies succeed, it's also because people do.
Both strategy definition and execution are a matter of human behaviour. We design, decide, and deliver through purposeful human action.

And that's what he is working on. David founded Otolith after more than 25 years of corporate life to help organisations and leaders with their strategies by radically focusing on human behaviour.

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