Why you should study an Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School?

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If you're in your final year of a Master's degree and you're wondering what you'll do next year after the long awaited and sweaty degree, considering an Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School before you immerse yourself in the world of work might be a great idea!

What is an Advanced Master?  

An Advanced Master's degree is a lesser-known qualification than a Master's degree, but just as valid and recognized, which is halfway between a Master's degree and an MBA.

It is an official and accredited postgraduate diploma issued by an academic institution which, unlike the MBA, does not require a minimum of professional experience.

Why studying an Advanced Master?

Pursuing an Advanced Master is the optimal choice if you want to enter the professional world with an extra gear and accelerate your climb to managerial positions.

By the end of this one-year programme, you will increase your chances to find not just any job, but an exciting one and build a brilliant career!

85% of our graduates succeed in finding a job within 3 months after completing the programme in the top and best known companies in Belgium and even abroad!

You don't have any professional experience? Good!

Advanced Masters are designed for students who are about to graduate and who do not yet have professional experience, so you can apply after obtaining your Master's degree and also during the final year of your studies before obtaining your degree.

What will you learn?

Regardless of the specialisation you choose, all Advanced Masters provide you with tools that are indispensable for any type of managerial position and that will be useful for your entire career. Solvay's programmes are regularly reviewed and updated with the skills required by the current job market and provide students with all the knowledge they need to excel in the globalised professional world.

Each Advanced Master is focused on a specific area:

  • Financial Markets (and not just Finance!): so that students can understand how financial markets work in practice.
  • Innovation & Strategic Management, to develop management, innovation and leadership skills with specialisation in:
    • Business Analytics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Strategy

And if, while acquiring managerial, innovative and leadership skills, you also have the desire and time to improve your French, you can take the language courses organised by ULB!

Interactive teaching and hands-on learning!

Unlike the large audiences you have known at university, these Master programmes are taught in small classes allowing you will to have a personal and interactive relationship with the lecturers! The faculty is a combination of professors and high-level professionals who share their experience and knowledge of real-life situations and case studies. 

The teaching methods aim at a maximum of practice: case studies, seminars, homework, presentations, group work, etc. You will have the opportunity to do a 3-month internship if you choose the Financial Markets programme or to do real consulting work or even carry on your business project if you choose the Innovation & Strategy programme.

You will also have the chance to visit companies, meet with CEOs and learn more about their own practices and ways of doing things.

“On many instances, we were already thinking as managers because we had so many business cases to solve with the professors, which are also professionals and industry leaders, and this really helped me to get the big picture and stand out from an early on in my career” - Anthony Rus, Account Director at TeleSign, Greater Los Angeles, USA

All academic backgrounds are welcome!

The diversity of academic backgrounds we have each year in our programmes is exceptional, as are the careers chosen by our students after graduation.

Every year we welcome students from the most diverse faculties: Business, Engineering, Law, Political Science, Economics but also Languages, Chemistry and Biology, Medicine and even Art!

Regardless of the degree course, what really counts is the willingness to get involved, to learn and grow personally and professionally in a stimulating, multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

An international experience

We offer you the opportunity to evolve within a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. 46 nationalities are represented in our classes which will give you the opportunity to work with people having other ways of thinking and acting!

We will also take you to Berlin and Paris on our European Innovation Tour or to London to visit the world's top financial institutions!

The Solvay Alumni network

Last but not least, you will become part of the incredible Solvay Alumni network who is active all over the world in all sectors of economy!

The Solvay alumni association brings together all the students of the Solvay Brussels School and the academic body and counts about 25,000 people who are really eager to help each other.

Very active, the network organizes many activities and conferences every year. It is an opportunity for members to meet, exchange, network and cross-reference career development opportunities.


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