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Anna Vitiello Admission Manager 24/07/2020 Innovation, advancedmasters, Solvay Executive Education, postgraduate, Strategic Management, alumni testimonials

At Solvay Brussels School, we know that our Advanced Masters will take your career and personal life to the next level.

"How exactly?", you might wonder!

To answer this vast question, we have asked our alumni to share their experience with you. What are they doing now? How did the Master help them achieve their career and personal goals? What did they enjoy the most during their year at Solvay Brussels School?...

Today, Raphaël Mathieu, Alumnus of the Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management, now CEO We Invest, shares his experience.

How did the Solvay Advanced Master help you achieve this position?

I’m convinced that you cannot change your inner skills, but what Solvay definitely gave me was the strategic and global business approach, I would say, needed for the real business world.


What did you enjoy the most during your study at the Solvay Brussels School?

As I did a Master in Engineering before, it was really interesting for me to study in a more multicultural environment at Solvay. I also really enjoyed the quality of the teachers and the lectures you can get, but also the strong network, who is always available for you, to help you.


According to you, why should somebody follow an Advanced Master at the Solvay Brussels School?

Really to kick-start your career but also to give you the opportunity to have a better understanding of how the professional world is working, as an employee or as an entrepreneur.


Can you give us 3 adjectives to describe your one year at the Solvay Brussels School?

‘Intense’, definitely. ‘Business-minded’, of course, and the last one could be ‘crazy’, in a good sense


Watch Raphaël Mathieu's video interview:


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