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Deciding to pursue an Advanced Masters at Solvay Brussels School is a big decision. Luckily, there’s plenty of information available about the programme, what classes you need to take, who the teachers are, etc.

But what about those questions that keep you up at night? You know, the questions that you feel might be a bit too “silly” to ask: What will my classmates be like? What’s there to do in Brussels? Will I like the programme?

Guess what? Everybody has the same questions! But as nobody seems to be asking them, we decided to do the asking for you!

Today we sit down with Benita Lukusa, a Congolese social entrepreneur who is pursuing an Advanced Master’s in Innovation and Strategic Management.

Solvay: What was your biggest fear about enrolling in the Advanced Masters programme?


Benita: My biggest fear was being able to afford the tuition fees by myself. In fact, I originally decided not to pursue the programme due to costs. However, thanks to a scholarship from Solvay Brussels School and by taking advantage of the early bird enrolment discount, I was able to enrol in the Advanced Masters programme. 


What’s the most exciting part of studying at Solvay Brussels School?


What makes this programme stand out is the school’s international and multicultural environment and the fact that our lecturers are people with outstanding experiences. The studying is not just theoretical at Solvay, you get to put your hands in the clay and actually make the pot.


On the night before your first day of class, what kept you awake at night?


Like any first day, I was so excited! I was curious how the day would go... and this not knowing kept me awake. To be honest, I was as excited as a little girl waiting to get her gifts from Santa on Christmas!


What was your best experience so far?


Together with three of my colleagues, we are creating a company that aims to simplify the daily routines of blind people while making them feel socially included. This project, which started in a marketing class, has been granted an incubation programme from Strat.LAB. It is definitely something that we plan to continue even after we finish our Advanced Masters.


What advice would you give to someone considering the programme?


This program will equip you with both the confidence and skills you need to work in any kind of environment (start-ups or big companies). The group work gives you a keen sense of how working in a business environment will be. Knowledge is not only developed by focusing on books and lectures but also by sharing with classmates.


What’s the best part of getting to live and study in Brussels? 


The best part for me is the ability to get a prestigious international education. I also appreciate the fact that I can be home away from home and reconnect with members of my family who have been living here for more than a decade.


Solvay Brussels School and the city of Brussels are very international. With so many different languages and cultures, have you ever found yourself ‘lost in translation’?


This is a good one! Solvay is a very international and multicultural place, and at times I haven’t been able to understand what some people were saying. I also realise that sometimes others can’t understand me, and I have to repeat myself two to three times to be understood... Everyone has their own accent, but that's what makes it an even more beautiful experience!


When not studying, what’s your favourite activity to do or place to go in Brussels?


Every weekend I visit Belgium's touristic places such as Bruges, the Grand Place, Atomium, Parc du Cinquentenaire, Citadelle de Namur... I also enjoy walking in the forest that surrounds the city.


If you had to pick just one, would it be waffles, frites, or chocolate?


Waffles every time! 


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