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Deciding to pursue an Advanced Masters at Solvay Brussels School is a big decision. Luckily, there’s plenty of information available about the programme, what classes you need to take, who the teachers are, etc.

But what about those questions that keep you up at night? You know, the questions that you feel might be a bit too “silly” to ask: What will my classmates be like? What’s there to do in Brussels? Will I like the programme?

Guess what? Everybody has the same questions! But as nobody seems to be asking them, we decided to do the asking for you!

Today we sit down with Ramsey Chahine, an Advanced Masters student from the USA with a background in business.

Solvay Brussels School: What was your biggest fear about enrolling in the Advanced Masters programme?


Ramsey: My biggest fear was that I was putting all my savings into this Master’s programme, so I wanted it to be the best value for money I could get.


What’s the most exciting part of studying at Solvay Brussels School?


I would say the most exciting part is the great atmosphere at the university. The staff are amazing and so helpful, it is very international, and you have the potential to meet students from all around the world. 


On the night before your first day of class, what kept you awake at night?


What kept me up was the excitement that I will be starting a new programme the next day, meeting a bunch of new people, getting to socialise, and broaden my network. 


What was your best experience so far?


My best experience so far is definitely the Christmas dinner we had at the university. The student representatives prepared it and we invited all the AMISM students, as well as the programme director, to enjoy dinner and drinks on campus. A lot of us then continued the party at a neighbouring bar. It was a great way to really connect with my classmates on a more personal, fun level!


What advice would you give to someone considering the programme?


My advice would be to go for it. 


What’s the best part of getting to live and study in Brussels? 


Obviously, the fries, beer, and chocolate!


But if you had to pick just one?


Beer, hands down! For me, you can’t beat a Duvel Triple Hop at Cafe Belga in Place Flagey.


Solvay Brussels School and the city of Brussels are very international. With so many different languages and cultures, have you ever found yourself "lost in translation"?


Personally, I understand one of the two languages spoken in Belgium. I am trilingual, so I never found myself ‘lost in translation’ in that sense. However, it is very nice to be able to experience the different cultures and learn how to adapt your actions to take into consideration the sensitive issues regarding different cultures and nationalities. 


When not studying, what’s your favourite activity to do or place to go in Brussels?


My favourite activity is to go challenge basketball players playing in public courts and then invite the guys for a beer afterwards. It’s a fun way to socialise, stay active, and drink responsibly!

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