Why pursue an Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School?

Vasiliki BOUKOUVALA, Marketing Officer Solvay Advanced Masters 04/07/2019 advancedmasters

Learn more about the practical and intensive one-year postgraduate programs offered by the Solvay Brussels School.

You are finishing your studies, you have no (or little) professional experience? Are you looking to give your career a good start by building it on a solid foundation? Solvay Advanced Masters provide you with learnings based on tomorrow's practice and new skills. At the end of this one-year programs, you increase your chances to find not just any job, but an exciting job and build a brilliant career.

You don't have any professional experience? Good!

These programs have been developed for students who are currently completing their studies and do not yet have any professional experience or for those who have already completed their studies, have started working for a maximum of 3 years and want to boost their career as it takes off. 

It is not by chance that 82.5% of our graduates succeed in finding a job within 3 months after completing the program in the top and best known companies in Belgium and sometimes even abroad!

What you will have to prove to get your place in one of these exciting programs is to show that you have a solid academic background and the motivation to take up the challenge.

Skills that will enrich your entire career

The five Advanced Masters are designed to enrich your knowledge but also to develop targeted skills: presentation skills, self-confidence, leadership and teamwork skills, to name a few. You will leave with a toolbox that will serve you throughout your career. These skills will allow you to approach future interviews with recruiters with confidence and quickly obtain a position of responsibility.

An international experience

We offer you the opportunity to evolve within a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment. 46 nationalities are represented in our classes which will give you the opportunity to work with people having other ways of thinking and acting.

In addition to the multicultural experience in the classroom, the advanced masters in political economy and innovation and entrepreneurship give you the opportunity to spend part of the curriculum in a partner university abroad: you will thus benefit from an enriching experience in other institutions, just as renowned as Solvay Brussels School!

Finally, within the framework of some of the five advanced masters, educational trips are organized. For our advanced masters in finance students, a trip to London is organized to discover important financial institutions such as Bloomberg, Standard & Poor's, Deutsche Bank etc. For students in innovation & strategic management, three trips to Milan, Paris and Berlin are organized to discover innovation centres and leading companies in the market such as Chanel, Audi, RATP, etc.

Interactive teaching in which you are involved

Unlike the large audiences you have known at university, these Master programs are taught in small classes of up to 30 students. In a small class like this, you will have to participate! You will also have a more interactive relationship with the teachers and the solvay advanced masters administrative team. The faculty is composed of professors both from Solvay and ULB. This team is complemented by high-level professionals who share their experience and knowledge of real-life situations and case studies. 

The teaching methods aim at a maximum of practice: case studies, seminars, homework, presentations, group work, etc. You will also have the chance to visit companies, meet with CEOs and learn more about their own practices and ways of doing things.

If you choose the Quantitative Finance or Financial Markets programs, you will have to do a three-month internship in a company, in Belgium or abroad; these internships are often a springboard to secure job opportunities. On the other hand, if you choose the Innovation programs, you will have the opportunity to carry out a field project within a company or start-up: it will be a question of working on a specific project for this company as a consultant and putting into practice the knowledge acquired during your studies at Solvay. Finally, especially for the Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you will benefit from the New Venture Lab project: more specifically, you will work on a new idea and on the creation of a new company (startup). 

Become part of Solvay alumni network

It is one of the largest networks in Belgium: it brings together all those who studied at Solvay, but also the academic body. Solvay's Alumni are 23,000 and come from 85 countries around the world. Very active, the network organizes many activities and conferences every year. It is an opportunity for members to meet, exchange, network and cross-reference career development opportunities.

Source: student.be

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