What is it like to be an Executive Master student in International Association Management?

Asja Kamenica, Programme Manager EMIAM, Solvay Executive Education 27/06/2018 Management

Master the international association management techniques with Solvay Executive Education!

Following an Executive Master in International Association Management (EMIAM), you will have the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills required to face the daily management challenges, and to grasp the main fundamental strategic and functional areas in management. The programme also allows you to share the best practices across the association sector.

The HQ Magazine, our trusted partner, interviewed a couple of 2018 EMIAM participants in their February issue. Gabriela Diezhandino, Director of Public Policy, European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) and Javier Garcia Gomez-Die, Executive Director, SEPA - Spanish Society of Periodontology, were keen to share their first impressions after attending the first module in "Leadership & Change".

To read their full interviews, click on this link to access pages 21-22 of The HQ Magazine.

More info on the programme : Executive Master in International Association Management

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