Cybercriminality: From rule-based to anomaly detection

Sandro Sinigaglia, Former Head of Cybercrime at ING Belgium 01/12/2022 IT

Data has become the "new oil" and can be found everywhere in the business world. But, while data represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses, it also represents a risk: data can be compromised by hackers, criminals -and sometimes even nations.

To protect themselves against these cyber-attacks, security managers often struggle to know where to start. There are 3 key steps:

  1. Prevent: The first step is to understand what could attract a hacker to your company and - accordingly - prepare in advance a defense model
  2. Detect: Next, detect where the attack might come from - you cannot handle what you cannot see.
  3. Respond: And finally, the last step is the response to an attack.


Finally, my last advice is to know your company and its threats well enough to be able to focus on them. It's a bit like in martial arts. It's about knowing yourself better: your weaknesses, your strengths so you can deal with your opponents. 


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