Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: The Power of Company-Specific Programmes

Patrick Ceulemans | Academic Director for General Management 22/03/2023 Management

The Company-Specific Programmes (CSP) are developed by Solvay Lifelong Learning with a precise aim: to get as close as possible to companies and to define their training needs with them. The fact that these programmes are anchored in the reality of the company, guarantees their effectiveness and relevance.


The rapid evolution of management techniques and the acute competition in the market is such that it is impossible to imagine not developing the skills of managers today. Professional training throughout one's career has become essential to adapt to ever-changing challenges. 


We met with Patrick Ceulemans, CSP's Academic Director for General Management, to find out more about the specificities of these pieces of training. 


Made for companies

The CSPs, which have been in existence for about ten years, are constantly adapted to the characteristic needs of each company and the latest advances in academic research. These programmes are developed according to the concrete priorities of the companies but are also continuously improved by integrating feedback from participants and dynamic learning techniques.


This design of the content is the philosophy of these courses, which accompany companies in their response to management challenges. The goal is to enable trainees to acquire or develop knowledge and skills based on their professional practice and then apply the new concepts and tools in their daily activities. "This desire to take root is a fundamental priority for these training programs," says Patrick Ceulemans.


Training in close proximity

During the CSPs, the groups of participants are formed in such a way as to be able to create interactions and exchanges between them, without losing a close link with the trainers. These programmes are personalised, with individual coaching provided to assess the trainee's knowledge at the beginning and to evaluate their progress at the end. The training starts with materials that aim to improve the entry-level and continues after the end of the course with access to online content. The courses last from one to ten days and are grouped in blocks of a few days. They are compatible with the continuation of professional activity.


An opportunity for executives

These training courses play a key role in the internal mobility of executives, whether by allowing them to evolve in their core knowledge or by enabling them to acquire transversal knowledge. For example, taking on additional responsibilities may require learning about several disciplines, such as finance, marketing or human resources, a.o.


"Lifelong learning is one of the main challenges for companies,"

explains Mr Ceulemans, for whom "adapting the skills of managers is a fundamental issue".  In addition to facilitating the evolution of executives towards higher hierarchical positions, training allows them to respond more flexibly to new management methods. Truly, executives are increasingly required to manage cross-functional projects that require them to acquire broad knowledge. Identifying these new needs has become crucial.


Anchored in the professional environment

The CSPs are taught by both university professors and professional speakers. This blend makes it possible to combine a research-based approach with practical field knowledge, thus combining theory and practice to achieve a global vision of the disciplines. This comprehensive teaching format  is one of the particularities of Solvay Lifelong Learning.


The CSP methodology is agile, combining different teaching techniques to make the transmission of knowledge more dynamic, including lectures, seminars, site visits, etc. Coaching and work groups allow participants to put into practice what they have learned, by anchoring the newly acquired knowledge in their daily professional practice.

 The CSPs in brief - six main areas:

  • General management
  • Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation
  • Leadership


Our CSP Team is available to discuss your company needs and propose the training project that will empower your people to evolve and put their best foot forward - shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start your company journey! 

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