The Solvay Entrepreneurship range: Developing your SME from start to finish.

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Entrepreneurship is a complex and dynamic process that requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. As a professional, you likely have a deep understanding of your industry and the market, but starting a business venture still requires a different mindset and approach.


Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out,  you may be looking to fortify your skills, understanding, and resources needed to successfully launch and grow your ventures - and this is exactly what our Entrepreneurship range was made to achieve! In this article, we present you the main objectives of the 3 paths you can choose from, depending on the state your SME is at.


1. Boost & Get Ready

Are you ‘itching’ to start your own project or enrich your business idea, as well as have the unique opportunity to run it by specialists and other entrepreneurs? The Boost & Get Ready path is for you, for any sector of activity you are interested in. 

Within the course, you will also be able to identify your challenges and the dimensions essential to the success of your launch, as well as how to develop your business model canvas and pitch your project successfully. 

“We come out of this training with new objectives and equipped with the necessary tools to achieve them! Nothing is more rewarding than being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, it allows us to create links, learn and share a lot through everyone’s experience.” - Roxane & Agathe Gernaert, Founders of Knees to Chin

2. Start & Succeed

Have you created your SME in the last two years, or is it in its starting stages? If you want to ensure the success of its launch, refine its business model during the launch phase, and develop your roadmap as well as your financial plan - all these things can be done under the guidance of experts while building up your entrepreneurial network. 

“This programme was a real asset to get me started. I didn’t just receive an effective toolbox to think about my project in a solid way. I was able to benefit from practical advice and tailor-made coaching… Being part of a network as stimulating and active as the Solvay Entrepreneurs network allows me to progress successfully at each stage.”  - Yeba Olaye, Founder of YEB


3. Lead & Grow

Lastly, perhaps you have progressed beyond the two stages outlined above, and your SME is at a phase where it needs to have its future ensured and its growth kept up in a sustainable, long-term way. 

If you want to implement your strategic vision and account for the chalenges of tomorrow in a long-term plan, as well as develop your leadership as your SME grows to occupy more people, Lead & Grow is the perfect training path for you. 

“Where to find growth? How to manage it? How to be agile in the face of new challenges? It was the managers of SMEs who asked us to design a programme that allows them to take a step back without overloading their agendas and to support them in a personalized follow-up. The speakers have the common objective of sharing the tools that generate answers to these questions.” - Daniel Spindler, Academic Director Lead & Grow


Whichever path you choose, with few classes per week between October and December, you will enjoy training and support from seasoned entrepreneurs while still being able to focus on your ongoing activities - and most importantly, applying your learnings directly! In addition to classroom-style lessons, our programmes include hands-on exercises and real-world case studies to help you apprehend what you've learned and train your critical reflexes as an entrepreneur. You also have the opportunity to obtain certification for any of the paths by combining the core of the programme with two additional modules!


So why wait? Contact us today to learn more and reserve your spot in our next training programme. Our team will be delighted to answer all your questions: 

Manon Van Eeckhout
Programme Manager
+32 2 894 13 38

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