Solvay Lifelong Learning: The Change Starts Here

Marianna Rousaki | Content & Social Media Coordinator 12/12/2022 solvay lifelong learning, Who we are

This article first appeared in the Brussels Times - Winter 2022 print edition.  We happily quote it below for our blog readers. 

In the heart of busy Brussels operates a school supported by a strong history, and which propels itself into the future with even stronger ambitions: Solvay Lifelong Learning, part of ULB’s Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, positions itself as an entrepreneur for postgraduate business and management education as it aims for nothing less than a transformative impact on society.

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The mission at hand? To empower people through lifelong education and tangibly teach them how to meet current and future challenges through sustainable practices.


The school’s continuous education programmes address young professionals as well as experienced managers and entrepreneurs committed to the logic of lifelong development. They cover essential management practices to more specialised disciplines related to sustainability, entrepreneurship, technologies & digital transformation, leadership, finance, and innovation. 

SLL’s academic ‘signature’ is the strong emphasis given to practice-based, case-supported, interactive learning, fostered by a pool of more than 60 lecturers and 400 seasoned executives and field professionals – expertise that they also offer through their customised corporate training, the Company-Specific Programmes.


With the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals scholarships (Executive MBA), sustainability-focused modules across courses, the facilitation of accessible learning via partnerships with Perlego and Coursera, and the launch of programmes entirely focused on sustainable development (Executive Master in Future-Proof Real Estate, Fast-Track to Sustainability), the school continually curates and develops its portfolio to reflect the needs of tomorrow – or shall we say now? – and serve at the vanguard of professional and social growth. 


As a result, SLL’s efforts have been recurrently recognised, with the school’s latest celebration being its Executive MBA ranking 1st in Belgium and 3rd in the BENELUX, as scored by the QS Quacquarelli Symonds network. Outside and away from the campus, the global, robust community of more than 35.000 alumni appears to apply itself with the same dedication; just a few weeks ago, a Solvay Lifelong Learning alum receives the Chief Digital Officer of the Year Award for the second year in a row. 


The Solbosch Campus of ULB, where the school is located, is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary: a token of the influential history SLL expands upon. But history alone is rarely a transformation-maker. The school understands that its ambition to continue evolving into a reference point for lifelong education depends on continually leading by example, in learning as much as teaching about the forthcoming challenges in society and business – a journey that it is, resolutely, passionate about sharing with all change-makers that pass through its halls.

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