From graduates to business leaders: How I became a winning candidate thanks to the Solvay Advanced Master

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If you're an ambitious graduate with a clear goal in mind, or even if you are not sure of the professional path you wish to follow an Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School is one of the best ways to acquire an advantage in the job market and launch your career in the most meaningful way – and for us, this is a priority we practically support our students with from the first moments of the semester. But actions speak louder than words! Today we report the stories of alumni and students of our current cohort, who have (already) discerned their ideal career path and/or been offered a position at one of the organisations of their choice! So without further ado, let us hear it from the graduates themselves: 


Today more than ever, we are consistently shown that there is a discrepancy between industry expectations and empirical skills among graduate students – and too often, our participants make it clear: it is time that they walk the walk, after spending years in passive lecture-hall learning. Which brings us to our first question: how have the skills you learned with us served you thus far


“The way classes are taught at Solvay is very hands-on, meaning that you will have to actually do something, rather than just talk about it. Other than solving business cases, Solvay also prepares you very well for recruitment processes. You will learn to present yourself, be confident, not panic, be creative and critical in your answers and ask better questions. Having obtained these skills, thanks to my year at Solvay, is what helped me to stand out amongst other candidates during recruitments and helped me to get the job.” – Margaux Rahier, Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management class of ’21/22.


“As the program is designed to make students develop skills that are needed in their future careers, the assignments that were given in class are very similar to real-life cases. This makes AMFM students stand out in their future careers.” – Rita Antar, Advanced Master in Financial Markets class of ’21/22.


“Of course, from being an engineer with no background in business. I gained a complete other set of competencies, which is very much appreciated in corporate life. Being polyvalent is a real asset.” – Max Lootens, Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management class of ’21/22.


“The extensive group work with people from other backgrounds, guest lectures or real-life cases made for a very tangible and inspiring experience. Solvay is very facilitating and gives you access to lots of extracurricular activities which build your experience… The scope of the AMISM program is very broad and was able to strengthen my interests in subjects most important in today's society. I also noticed the Solvay network to be of great importance. You'll notice not being the only one having done an advanced master!” – Vincent Cloetens, Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management class of ’20/21.




Granted, expanding and becoming secure in your competencies, as well as learning within a safe environment are one of the most crucial pit-stops in a young graduate’s career development – but jumping into the job market is always nerve-racking, even for the more experienced among us. Could you talk to us about the process of venturing out on the market while studying at our school? 


“Next to networking events organized by Solvay, I retrieved the most information out of the professional experience and the network of professors. I got in contact with companies that suited me best and a month later, I had the choice between 3 companies to start working. I learned that having a good network is key in the application process.” – Max


 From the beginning of our year at Solvay, we came in contact with professors, who themselves are from the business world…[They] will encourage you to start looking early for the types of companies you are interested in and will help you get in touch with those companies you want to work for. There are also student clubs, such as the Solvay Student Consulting Club, that offer students the possibility to solve real-life cases and get in touch with well-known companies.” – Margaux 


“Solvay Consultancy Club stood out as being a nice experience. Furthermore, the different business games I did with other students made for a nice challenge where we could compete with other schools and put our knowledge into action Besides the internship, Solvay also did a good job in facilitating companies contacting us - frequent job postings were shared with us. Alumni are also engaged to look out for the current students and provide them with information, insights or relevant jobs.” –Vincent 


It seems that the professors play an active role even outside of the classroom! How so?


“Professors were supportive in the job search/recruitment directly and indirectly. As the professors are all senior practitioners and experts in their fields, they can provide us with all the information needed to make our decisions regarding getting into a certain field or not.” – Rita


Professors had a huge influence on my job search. I approached a professor for advice, talking about my interests and ambitions. He listened carefully and wrote me an email with 15 different companies within my field of expertise/interest + contact persons in case he had one. Next to this, I got coached to stand out in application processes (e.g. CV, motivation letter, interviews, contract negotiations).” – Max


“The professors at Solvay were able to help students with their extensive network by reaching out to key stakeholders or just helping you look in the right directions. They were motivating and always supported you through the different steps of the application process. Here, the personal assistance provided by the academic director helps you during the whole process, from exploring your interests in relation to your background to the very last step of getting a job before or after graduating.” – Vincent 


We also have a coach dedicated to helping us every step of the way. Most of the time there are two situations: students that know what they want to do and students that don’t know it yet. In both cases, the coach will help you find the job and the company that fits you best. Because I knew very early on in what type of company I wanted to work for, our coach helped me during every step of the recruitments process by giving me tips and tricks for the different interviews and tests I was about to get.” – Margaux 


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