"Get ready to shape the future!"

Anke Sieg Global Early Commercial Strategy Director at UCB, Graduated in 2015 16/08/2021 Management, Executive MBA, Témoignage, solvay lifelong learning

"Learn to evolve in parallel with your field, understand the big picture and get ready to shape the future!". Anke Sieg, Alumna since 2015 and now Global Early Commercial Strategy Director at UCB, shared her experience of the Executive MBA programme with us :

How did your MBA shape who you are ?

I realised my personal limits and how to define my bottom-line. With every step I am taking in my personal development, I am now able to push this even further. In today’s VUCA world, it is key to know your own core from which you can navigate, regardless of what life throws at you.

At business schools, you learn a lot of concepts and drivers for businesses and functions in the decision-making process. It is an eye opener and provides the toolkit to become a great leader. The key is to apply them every day, going beyond your comfort zone, standing for what you believe in and inspiring other people to join your cause for the greater good.


How would you describe your MBA experience at the Solvay Brussels School?

It was a very enriching experience to go back to school, to take some quality time for personal development and to deeply immerse myself in a new environment, new context and new personal network. I made great friends and gained more experience. Although it was very challenging besides working and having a family, I enjoyed it a lot.

I definitely learned to prioritise and balance my responsibilities.


Do you have any advice for people who want to start an MBA?

Establish and engage your support network before you start (in particular when you have a family!). It will sustain and support you during this remarkable experience.


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