Accelerated Management Programme: Evolving to a world of opportunities

Marianna Rousaki | Content & Social Media Coordinator 19/08/2021 Management, Solvay Brussels School, Executive MBA

Solvay Executive Education’s Accelerated Management Programme has for many years now fast-tracked professionals from various backgrounds through the fundamentals of management, and it continues to do so with excellent and proven results. In times of transformative change, we make sure that our programmes acutely reflect the needs of the market by continuously fine-tuning and evolving them accordingly.

Today, we talk with Programme Manager Benoît Masset who gives us the latest from the Accelerated Management Programme, which is fast becoming a true gateway to the EMBA. 

What can one expect from Solvay’s Accelerated Management Programme? / What are some unique characteristics of the programme the participants can anticipate?

The Accelerated Management Programme is a unique, lifelong learning journey fueled with the essentials of management. In less than 6 months, learners are equipped with the latest best practices on the 6 core pillars of management: Leadership & Self-Assessment; Accounting; Finance; Marketing; Strategy, and Project Management! The AMP stands out from the competition as it is truly made to be combined with professional activities, its active learning method based on cases allows participants to directly apply knowledge right after leaving the lecture hall. On top of this, the AMP gives access to the Solvay network of over 30,000 alumni.

How does the AMP relate to the EMBA? What do they share programme/knowledge-wise?

A unique feature of the AMP is that it is fully integrated with the Executive MBA (EMBA). Actually, the AMP is the first level of our EMBA. This means that AMP participants enjoy the same high-level academic staff and get the opportunity to network with our EMBA participants. We are pleased to have reinforced the AMP this year with additional perks such as access to refreshers in mathematics and statistics as well as optional tutorials for the courses of accounting and finance. Would this not be enough, AMP participants get the “extra smile” support from the EMBA Front Office during the programme.

What are the benefits of an AMP participant to continue with an EMBA?

As the EMBA is structured in 3 levels, it is very easy for AMP participants to continue with the next two levels of the EMBA when they wrap-up the Accelerated Management Programme. When they continue the journey, they can deep-dive into leadership essentials, where they continue the transformation by expanding their knowledge and skills with mandatory leadership and elective courses.Then during level three, Leading Innovation, participants bridge theory and practice by learning how to lead innovation and change. It is worth mentioning that the EMBA focuses on sustainability, an ever-important field of knowledge for all 21st century leaders in the world.

Considering the above, what are the benefits for graduates from the AMP, if they do not wish to follow it up with the EMBA? Do they still come out with merits they would not have acquired from other Management programmes?

Of course, the Accelerated Management Programme on its own allows learners to acquire deep transversal knowledge taught by a leading business school. Would the need for an EMBA not appear right at the end of the AMP? AMP alumni still can get a fast track in the EMBA within 2 years following their graduation. 

Do you have more questions about the Accelerated Management Programme or the Executive MBA? You can book a call with Benoît Masset via this link. 

More info on the programme : Accelerated Management Programme

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