How to fund your Executive MBA

Benoît Masset | Solvay Executive MBA Admissions Manager 28/07/2021 Management, Executive MBA

Are you looking to start an Executive MBA (EMBA)? Then, you must have already asked yourself, how do I fund this lifelong learning programme?

An MBA is an investment in yourself. In this article, you will find our tips and tricks to help you find some ways to reduce the cost of your tuition fee. 

Your employer can invest in you

One way to fund your EMBA is through the support of your employer. Around 60% of our participants get the financial back-up of their employer each year - most companies contribute fully or partially to the cost of the programme. Remember that the learning journey that you will embrace will be beneficial to you as well as to your employer. At Solvay Brussels School our aim is that the knowledge and skills you acquire in the classroom are directly applicable the next day at the office. Successful participants who have been supported by their employers usually build a strong case prior to discussing the topic with their management - would you be interested in our guide on how to get your employer’s support? You can contact our admission crew at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may be eligible for a training scheme

Another solution is through the various Belgian training schemes. In Belgium, two main schemes  are available: KMO or the Walloon Sodexo Training Vouchers. If you work for an SME or are self employed then you might be eligible for these solutions. In short, you will be receiving a financial contribution from either the Flemish or Walloon region, depending where your job is based. For example, if your company is based in Wallonia, for each voucher of 15€ purchased, its value will be doubled. For the terms and conditions you can directly check the respective websites. It is advisable to check your eligibility prior or as soon as you receive your admission letter, as this process might take some time.  

Our scholarships, discounts, and payment plans

Scholarships and discounts is another path that you might want to consider. At Solvay Brussels School, we offer scholarships anchored on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We reward change makers who contribute to making our planet a more sustainable place. Recently, we’ve rewarded participants who submitted projects such as teaching coding in refugee camps, the development of affordable medication to eradicate child diseases in developing countries, or the creation of a platform facilitating a circular economy, and many more. Our scholarships range from 2,500€ up to 7,000€.

Furthermore, do keep your eyes open for the various discounts available. For those of you  applying early, each year we offer a 10% discount on all applications received before May (01/05). Would you be an alumni of the VUB or ULB? Let us know as we are fully part of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) - our admission team will be delighted to offer you 10% off your  Executive MBA. Lastly, you can always decide to spread the payment over the course of your learning journey. We  propose the possibility to pay your tuition fee in up to five installments spread over your 18  months of learning. 

To sum it up, many options are available to help you fund your EMBA. Nevertheless, for all of  them we advise you to start your application early. This way, you can benefit from advantageous  reductions without the hustle and bustle of rushing the start of your transformation.  

Are you all set? Apply today and start your EMBA this November 2021!

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