Solvay Brussels School, ICHEC, and UNamur launch Master Class in Sustainable Finance

Marek Hudon Professor at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management 14/07/2021 Finance, Sustainability

Today, the challenge for decision-makers of all sectors is to implement the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and truly sustainable economy within a short time-frame - which requires fluent literacy in sustainable finance. This Master Class aims to attract the most influential leaders of today and deliver a distinctive experience which equips participants with both the knowledge and networks to integrate sustainable finance in their daily decisions.

A unique Master Class for today's leaders

The course was designed and developed by a consortium of sustainable finance academics from the ICHEC Brussels Management School, ULB, and UNamur, supported by an advisory board composed of sustainable finance experts from the field. It is an introduction to sustainable finance for high level professionals working in a range of sectors: from political leaders, university deans, and public figures to directors of associations, European commission technocrats and executive directors willing to transform their practices towards improved sustainability - and who realize that, to do so, they need to understand how finance impacts the climate, food, housing, biodiversity, culture, or energy, to name a few.

We came to the realisation that there was a lack of bridges between the various players. We said to ourselves that it was now or never that we had to offer this type of training. We can see more clearly than ten years ago...with new instruments such as European taxonomy and new regulations 

The masterclass consists of six half-day workshops held in Brussels. The educational objective is to equip participants with the knowledge and networks to integrate sustainable finance into their daily decisions. Participants will engage critically with practices and theories in sustainable finance and develop knowledge by building on their own expertise and that of the group, and confronting it with real-world cases presented by field experts. They will also discuss and consider the implementation of concepts such as active ownership, engagement, divestment, ESG, green bonds, inclusion, microfinance, taxonomies, impact measurement, risk assessment, labels, benchmarks and indices, and systemic thinking.

Professors come from the three founding universities, but also other Belgian universities such as KULeuven, UAntwerpen, UGent, and UMONS, as well as networks of practitioners.

The three co-founders of the course are Prof. Sophie Béreau (UNAMUR), Prof. Christel Dumas (ICHEC), and Prof. Marek Hudon (ULB).


For more information about the course, visit the dedicated web page.

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