The Advanced Masters Programme: Your Ticket to Personal and Professional Growth

Anna Vitiello Programme Manager 15/06/2021 Finance, Stratégie, Management, Advanced Master

Although everyone has their own personal reasons for enrolling in an Advanced Masters Programme at Solvay Brussels School, all participants agree: it’s a transformational experience.


Over the course of the one-year Advanced Masters Programme, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the leading minds in academia, get hands-on experience working with a range of business leaders, and interact with students who come from all over the world.

As a result, by the end of your programme, you can expect to have grown both personally and professionally.


Take for example Dalil Djinnit, one of our Advanced Master in Innovation & Strategic Management students. Looking for an opportunity to change career paths, he was attracted by the programme’s focus on innovation and strategy management.

The programme provided me with a mix of everything I needed to kick start a career in business management,” he says. “Thanks to the highly interactive classes and hands-on internship opportunities, I now have the skills and knowledge needed to start a new career with confidence.”


Dalil also notes that the programme allowed him to discover his true strengths and where his passion lies.

“As I progressed through the course, I came to the realisation that a key strength was my agility,” he adds. “This course helped me leverage this strength and apply it to the field of strategic management.”



An extremely enriching experience


Echoing Dalil’s experience is Catherine Baggio, a graduate of our Advanced Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme.

After completing her undergraduate studies and obtaining a master’s in applied communication, she felt something was still missing.

“I felt that before I could enter the professional world, I first needed to complement my knowledge and skills with a business-oriented degree,” says Catherine.


To fill this gap, Catherine turned to an Advanced Masters from Solvay Brussels School.

“One of the key advantages is that the majority of our courses are taught by professors who are still active in the working world,” she says. “This makes a tremendous difference in being able to connect classroom theory to real-world challenges.”


According to Catherine, even five years after graduating, she still benefits from her Advanced Masters.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the unique skills and practical knowledge I acquired at Solvay Brussels School. “Add to this the many life-long friends I’ve made, and it’s easy to see why the programme was an extremely enriching experience at all levels.”



Positioned to succeed in the job market


For Gergana Velichkova, pursuing an Advanced Master in Innovation and Strategic Management was an opportunity to study abroad, expand her horizons, acquire new skills, and position herself to land a dream job.

The biggest challenge for me was moving to a new country and adjusting to the cultural differences,” she says. “But this was also one of the biggest advantages, as it allowed me to learn to work with different people, which in turn helped me grow as a person.”


Gergana says that with its focus on covering the latest business trends and teaching practical skills in innovation and business development, she will graduate better positioned to succeed in the job market.

“I already feel more confident about my knowledge and ability to adapt to new challenges,” she adds.



A life changing experience


Despite the challenges and work that an Advanced Masters requires, Dalil, Catherine, and Gergana all agree that the growth one experiences makes it well-worth the effort.

“It will be tough, but with the support of your classmates and the expertise of your teachers, you will persevere and, ultimately, thrive,” says Gergana.


If you’re on the fence about enrolling in an Advanced Masters programme at Solvay Brussels School, don’t hesitate,” adds Dalil. “Speaking from experience, I can say without hesitation that it will be a life changing experience.”


Success and growth come through lifelong learning and by continuing to challenge yourself – and the Advanced Master’s degree checks all the boxes,” concludes Catherine.



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